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Nick's math project

by: Nick Tang

What I did first was that I started measuring the width, height and the length for my wolverine figurine. The length is 20cm, the height is 20.5cm and the width is 9.5cm.

My net for the box

My Container

Volume and Surface Area

Volume= width x Height x Length v= 9.5cm x 20cm x 20.5cm 3895 cm cube= 9.5cm x 20cm x 20.5cm Total Surface Area= A= 9.5 x 20= 19 x 2= 38cm squared B= 9.5 x 20.5= 194.75 x 2= 389.5cm squared C= 20 x 20.5= 410 x 2= 820cm squared 38+389.5+820= 1247.5cm squared Ratio: TSA/V= 1247.5/3895= 0.32028241cm

I think that my container is pretty economical looking and that people would decide to buy it. The container is shaped so that it can be placed upright on a shelf. I believed that the container should be placed in the middle of the shelf so that it attracts the customer more. I put a transparent plastic sheet in the middle of the front of the box so that you can see the product inside. I also put a price tag there so that people can see the price of the object. I have also placed the title of the object in an angle across the container so

Finished product