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L 3 Version No.: 1.00 Course Prerequisite: Nil Objectives: To Expose the Students to the concepts of Business Management. T P C 3

To understand the interdisciplinary nature of Management.

Expected Outcome:

The Students will be familiar with basic concepts of Management and able to apply the concepts of Management to various kinds of Organizations.
CONTENTS Unit Description Concept of Management Management Definition Science or Art? Functions Evolution of modern management Scientific management development of management thoughts different schools of management thoughts Management Process Hours


Essentials of Planning - Types, steps, objectives of planning how to set objectives strategies , policies & planning premises strategic planning process decision making nature and process.
Organizational structure Formal & informal organization Re-engineering the organization structure and process of organizing Departmentation Matrix organization strategic business units (SBUs) Authority, Power & Responsibility Line & staff authority, Empowerment and decentralization Delegation of Authority Effective organizing & organizational culture. Staffing Selection & Motivation process techniques and instruments training placement, performance appraisal motivation & controlling techniques - system & process. Management Tools


15 Management by Objectives (MBO) principles and steps advantages and disadvantages, Management by Exception (MBE) strategic management planning for future decision SWOT Analysis Organizational change and development change process . Text Books : 1. Koontz, Weihrich & Aryasri, (2004), Essentials of Management, Tata McGraw Hill. Reference Books:

1. Koontz, Weihrich & Aryasri, (2004), Principles of Management, Tata McGraw Hill 1. Dr. S.C. Saxena, (2003), Principles and Practice of Management 2. L M Prasad, (2004), Principles and Practice of Management, Sultan Chand & Co,
Mode of Evaluation: Written Examinations and any of these: Term Paper, Mini Projects, Quiz, Group Discussion, Case Study Analysis, Seminar, Assignments etc.

Recommended by the Board of Studies on: Date of Approval by the Academic Council: 16-07-2009 (18th AC)