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INSIDE THIS WEEK: TECHNOLOGY QUARTERLY The Economist One question, Mr President... ...just what would you do with another four years? LG Do era Dea eRe eet Ate eee es ee ae eee oe including wallabies, ospreys, and perenties. We've been producing energy there for more than ete Learn ee aics Cree t ar es Proving that with the right management, industry and the environment can co-exist. eee ee res PROTECTING THE PLANET IS EVERYONE'S JOB. Heres dhe Australian Naturalist Rasell Lagden Russell Lagdon Environment Manager Chevren Onthe cover After patchy frstterm, Barack Obama now needsto make a convincing casefora second one: Woes of the economy suggest, pages 24-26) Caution among Republicans, page 29, Ron Paul's chaotic lasthurrah, page 30. How conservative, elderly, ur North Dakota mirrors the ‘mood of the country: Lexington, page 36 The Economist ontine Daily analysis and opinion from ‘ur 19 blogs, plus audio and video content, debatesanda daily chart E-mailznewslettersand mobile edition Print dition: available onlineby Jpm Londontime each Thursday Fconomistom/print ‘Audio edition: available online ‘to dowmload each Friday otume 40s umber 800 ‘aad september 7 The world this week Leaders 11 President Obama Fourmore years? 32 China's economy Slow boats 12 Apple vSamsung iPhone, uCopy, Sue 14 Africa, oil and the West Show us the money 416 Central banking Te England jod Letters 38 Onthe Catholic church, the Scottish Enlightenment, ‘carbon capture and storage, notaries, children Briefing 24 Barack Obama's economi¢ record End-of-term report United States 29 The Republican ‘convention Roused, but wary 30 [Ron Paul's campaign The bitter end 32 Hurricane Isaae Beyond the walls 32 [Education Move over, Dalton 34 The West Nile virus, Uninvited 36 Lexington ‘As North Dakata goes... The Americas 37 Mexico and justice The trials of Emesto Zedilla 38 Colombia and the FARC Talking about talks 39 Venezuela's refinery disaster Atragedy foretold Asia 41 Polities in Kyrgyzstan ‘Another faller 42 The war in Afghanistan Green-on-biue blues 42 (The Pacific Islands Forum More stars than cars 43 Sri Lanka’s universities Shuttered 43 Politics in India Coalgate brushesdirtier The Bankoof Englands boss Cee ee ret, _Thesearchfora new governor 44 tni'svanishing Pasty ede hod It y Britain: leader, page 15, The 46 Banyan bank's widening powers, page Asia and the Arctic, 571 Don’texpect the European dragons Central Bank single-handedly tosavethe eur: Charlemagne, Technology Quarterly _(9ag256,A biography ofPaut After page 46 Volcker, page 8 China 47 Official di Policing the party 48 Labour camps Demanding justice 48 International tourism Have yuan, will travel Middle East and Africa 49 The conflict in Syria Worse and worse Ghina’s economy 3 The governmenthas proved 50 Egypt's foreign policy —_ancharacterstcally hesitant Independent—or not? torevive growth in China. 51 Yemen and drones That’sa good sign: leader, Questionable results page 12, China's new middle 51 The United Nations lass goes farther forits Promoting radio holidays,ipage 4 52 Angola's election... By hook or by crook 52 |..and its heir apparent Trcould bea long wait Europe 53 Turkish politics Erdogan’s counte productive ambition 54 French politics La rentrée politique 54 The euro crisis The trials of EmestoZedillo Another southern front An American courtis ussia and Ia preparing tojudgetheman P Ndentetstnsand MO boughtaemecacya Salafists, Mexico fora crime against humanity. Teevidence s6(Gademagad suggests the case might bea High gloom fortheeuro setting of politcal scores, page? >> Contents continues overleaf