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Instructions: Please click on the 'highlight fields' on upper right hand corner and fill up the form on computer, take a print & submit the same to the NATA test center to get registration and appointment for the test. Alternatively, You may print blank form, fill it up with hand & submit the same to the test center for registration & appointment. Please fill up your Postal address carefully. Your score card will be sent to the address provided by you. It is essential that you provide your personal email address in the appropriate space given below in case you do not have one, we recommend you to create a email account using free email providers such as gmail, yahoo, rediffmail, hotmail, etc. and provide email address in the form.
Paste your 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm size photo and sign as shown in example below after you print the form

Name of the Candidate

Surname / Family Name

First/ Given Name

Father's/ Husband's Name

Mother's Name

Postal Address for Communication

Example of Signing Sign Across the photo within the black box with half of the sign covering the photo as shown above Town /City District State

Date of Birth (Mmm DD, YYYY)

Postal Code Telephone No.

email address SSC (Std X) Board Name SSC (Std X) Exam Seat No Primary Identification Document Test fees Rs. 800 paid by d/d No. drawn on SSC (Std X) Year of Passing

D/D shall be drawn in favour of 'Council of Architecture' payable at New Delhi. The D/D shall be submitted to the Test Center at the time of Registration along with this form & other documents. Please write your name on reverse side of D/D.

Print Form

SIgnature of the candidate Date:

For Test Center use

Candidate ID Allotted Date & Time of Test Appointment No. Sign of Test Centre Incharge