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Tennessee Department of Correction

The Tennessee Department of Correction works to build safer communities in Tennessee through the incarceration and rehabilitation of felony offenders during their confinement in the departments institutions and through supervision of offenders in the community. The department fulfills its obligations to
the courts through the incarceration of inmates in a variety of secured institutional settings. All individuals are assigned to the department by the criminal courts of Tennessee and managed in accordance with Department of Correction policy and procedures. The department is committed to operating safe and secure prisons,

providing effective community supervision, reducing recidivism, and never compromising public safety.
Presenters: Derrick D. Schofield, Commissioner Wes Landers, Chief Financial Officer Emily Gibson, Director of Budget and Fiscal Services Media relations contact information: Dorinda Carter, Communications Officer, (615) 253-8144 (office) (615) 495-9742 (cell) Budget summary: Actual 2011-2012 Recommendation Estimated 2012-2013 6,878 1 $ 833,752,200 600,000 18,819,100 $ 853,171,300 0 $ 103,159,900 0 2,147,400 $ 105,307,300 $ $ Cost Increase 2013-2014 0 Total 2013-2014

Employees: Full-time 6,527 6878 Part-time/Seasonal 0 0 Funding: State $ 771,144,100 831,467,000 Federal 630,500 600,000 Other 15,002,900 18,413,100 Total $ 786,777,500 850,480,100 Management and Accountability

Obtained national accreditation by the American Correctional Association (ACA) for all 14 prisons, Central Office, Training Academy, and the Chattanooga Release Center Established quarterly facility inspections Adopted Customer Focused Government as an accountability measurement system Reorganized central office divisions

Created new curriculum for staff working with mentally ill offenders Partnered with colleges and universities to further the education of our employees Supported the passage of legislation to transfer adult offender community supervision from the Board of Parole and Probation to the Department of Correction.