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Shaiesh Yogeswaran A1 Ms. Lanich AP Eng Lang/ Catcher In The Rye Project 11/28/12

Holden Caulfield In elucidation, Holden is the main protagonist and person responsible for the first person narration in the novel, The Catcher in the Rye.Despite his resources, his family’s wealth and the manor of which he was brought up, he still manages to get expelled from quite a few boarding schools due to lack of appropriate behaviour and passing grades. Based on his soliloquies and multiple journeys in the book, it appears that Holden is that of a cynical teen who views the world as a mere nuisance and a lie, which can be supported by his usage of the word, “phony” when describing those he finds unfavorable. An example of this is when Holden says, “. I mean if a boy's mother was sort of fat or cornylooking or something, and if somebody's father was one of those guys that wear those suits with very big shoulders and corny black-and-white shoes, then old Haas would just shake hands with them and give them a phony smile and then he'd go talk, for maybe a half an hour, with somebody else's parents. I can't stand that stuff. It drives me crazy. It makes me so depressed I go crazy. I hated that goddam Elkton Hills(13). Into more dept, it seems that Holden’s social conflicts and strifes can stem from the death of his younger brother, Allie, which was a traumatic moment in his life. In scrutiny, it can be said that innocence, the striving for maturity, and confusion are all things revolving around the mentality of Holden Caulfield. Phoebe Caulfield A very smart and talented girl, as implied by one of the soliloquies of Holden, who is Holden’s nine years old younger sister. She is actually one of the few characters who understands the confusion and sadness Holden faces in the novel. Phoebe is also one of the only characters who is treated with kindness and respect by Holden, since she recognizes how strenuous Holden's link with reality is. Evidence that supports this can be

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seen when Holden says, "She's very good in spelling. She's very good in all her subjects, but she's best in spelling"(65).. Allie Caulfield Allie was Holden's younger brother, he died from symptoms of Leukemia. Allie’s baseball mitt is something he reminisces about often and also chooses to be the topic of Stradlater’s essay. The trait of having fear when expressing true love came into Holden’s mentality after his Allie’s death. The emptiness Holden feels due to this traumatic event. Mr. Antolini Former English teacher at Elkton Hills school, NYU is where is now teaches. He provides Holden hospitality when he needed a place to stay and lectures him about the possible foreshadowing of his self inflicted downfall. Despite all the positive traits and things that revolve around him, Holden comes in terms with his inappropriate side when Holden awakens to find Mr. Antolini making homosexual advance. Ward Stradlater Holden’s former roommate who was characterized as vain and selfcentered. Holden gets into a physical battle with Stradlater after he deduces that Stradlater seduced Jane Gallagher, with whom Holden is in love with. Carl Luce An intelligent person Holden knows, Luce was a student at Whooton Prep. When Holden attended, he then attended the prestigious Ivy League institution, Columbia University. He meets Holden at the Wicker Bar, where he scolds Holden for his immature behavior and recommends that he gets assisted by a psychiatrist. Robert Ackley A creepy and obnoxious student as Pencey who annoys Holden, he lives in a dorm room connected to the one where Holden lives. He is socially awkward and physically atrocious, due to Holden suspecting him of never brushing his teeth. Sally Hayes Holden goes out on a date with Sally, whose characteristics indubitably made Holden to jeer her. Despite his lack of favorableness for her, Holden asks her to run away with him to New England, a place that would deem appropriate for him to live in a cabin in the wilderness together, an idea Sally found ridiculous. Mr. Spencer Mr. Spencer was Holden's history teacher at Pencey, he discusses Holden's expulsion from Pencey with him before he leaves the school, and tells him to find a better suiting direction for life. Maurice A violent pimp and elevator man at the hotel Holden was staying in, Maurice strikes Holden after his refusal to pay a ten-dollar fee to the prostitute, Sunny, he has arranged for Holden. Maurice told Holden the charge would only be five dollars, but he later cheats him on the price and beats him to pay more. Sunny A prostitute whom Holden hires for the evening but instead stops himself from advancing. This act is an example of Holden’s striving for maturity.

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Bernice Krebs A blonde woman from Seattle whom Holden meets at the Lavender Room, a club in New York City. Holden dances with Bernice but grows to dislike her because of her traits and attitude. Faith Cavendish A call girl who Holden calls late at night to set up a date, to, which she refuses to go. Lillian Simmons One of D.B.'s old girlfriends. Holden meets her at Ernie's and promptly leaves to avoid her and her new boyfriend to escape the social awkwardness. Lillian Antolini Mr. Antolini’s wife, she is older than Mr. Antolini. Horwitz A cab driver, who Holden argues with on his way to Ernie's. Jane Gallagher Jane was friends with Holden several summers before and Stradlater’s date for the evening when Holden’s expulsion related news first came to his attention. Caulfield often reminisces about spending more time with her. Jane is one of the few people whom Holden speaks about in entirely positive terms, the other being Phoebe; he believes that his love for her is true. D.B. Caulfield Holden's older brother, D.B. is a veteran of a previous war and is currently a screenwriter in Hollywood. Selma Thurmer Selma is daughter of the Pencey headmaster, she is characterized as unattractive physically but kind. Dr. Thurmer He is the headmaster of Pencey, Dr. Thurmer gives Holden metaphorical advice pertaining to him saying, "life is a game" when he expels Holden from the school. Mr. Haas Mr. Haas is the Headmaster of Elkton Hills who, according to Holden, ignores parents of Elkton students who look “different” and favors more elite parents. Ossenburger A wealthy funeral undertaker and graduate of Pencey Preparatory School who gives a speech to the student body of Pencey revolving around his relationship with Jesus which is supposedly fraught with love and obedience. Edgar Marsalla A Pencey student who farted during the speech by Ossenburger. Mr. Hartzell The only teacher at Pencey who did not fail Holden during the previous semester. Mal Brossard Brossard accompanies Holden and Ackley into the city to see a film the night before Holden leaves Pencey Prep. Ernest Morrow Holden characterizes him as one of the biggest jerks in the school, he doesnt admit this when he meets his mother on the train to New York. Correspondingly, he lies about how well respected and popular he is at the school, something his mother finds joyous to hear.

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Rudolf Schmidt The janitor at Pencey, Holden uses his name as a pseudonym when he talks to Mrs. Morrow, Ernest’s mother, on the train to New York. Raymond Goldfarb Holden remembers how he and Raymond student at Elkton Hills got drunk together one time. Dick Slagle Dick is one of Holden's former roommates at Elkton Hills. Holden remembers him primarily because he had decrepit suitcases. Al Pike A former boyfriend of Jane Gallagher. Holden characterizes him as an arrogant student at Pencey who is very “narrow minded”. James Castle James Castle, a student at Elkton Hills, committed suicide by jumping out of his window after an argument with Phil Stabile. Phil Stabile James Castle committed suicide after an argument with Phil, which is according to the thought by Holden.

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