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I’m sharing the information. Creating this blog is not just a hobby it’s a partnership to grow together.

Oracle R12 Internal Requisition and Internal Sales Order Process Flow. Oracle R12 Internal Requisition and Internal Sales Order Process Flow.

In this blog I will explain the Process flow and Setup required to create Oracle Order Management Internal Sales order (ISO) from Internal requisition (IR) What is internal sales order A request within your company for goods or services. An internal sales order originates from an employee or from another process as a requisition, such as inventory or manufacturing, and becomes an internal sales order when the information is transferred from Purchasing to Order Management. Also known as internal requisition or purchase requisition. Oracle Purchasing uses Order Import to transfer requisitions for internally sourced products to Order Management. Once imported, the internal sales orders are processed similar to regular sales orders. Note: You can create requisitions (with same number) in two different operating units. You can partially or fully cancel the line quantities on internal sales orders. You can make the following attribute changes after an internal sales order has been generated: Update Scheduled Shipment Date Decrement order line quantity



▼ 2011 (952) ► March (1) ▼ April (452) ► Apr 06 (48) ► Apr 07 (92) ► Apr 10 (49) ► Apr 11 (20) ► Apr 12 (22) ► Apr 13 (3) ► Apr 14 (15) ▼ Apr 16 (15) Sample Code for oe_order_pub.Process_Order( API)

..Create Internal Sales Order in M2 1# Create Item IR Item4 .. Query to display Sales Order Line Number Query to check all the Picked Delivery Deatils whe...Note: If you cancel an internal sales order.. Queries to connect RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL and OE_ORDE... What is ERP? What will ERP fix in my business? Order Header is in Closed Status . Steps Required to Close Inventory Period in Oracle. ► Apr 21 (27) ► Apr 24 (5) ► Apr 25 (16) ► Apr 26 (9) ► Apr 27 (4) ► Apr 28 (25) . Oracle 11g Database (Complete Story) 2# Mark Item as Internal Order Enabled. Test Case – Item – IR Item004 Assign to Inventory Org M1 and M2 Create Requisition with Destination Org M1 and Source Org M2. Item not available in the Price List ► Apr 17 (20) ► Apr 18 (14) ► Apr 19 (26) ► Apr 20 (40) 3# Assign Item to M1 and M2 Inventory Orgs.. Oracle Order Management DropShip Flow for R12 Query to get Customer Role in TCA Query to get Contact Assocaited with Party ID and .... Sample OE_ORDER_PUB to Create Order with 1 Ship li.. or backordered order line that is linked to an internal requisition.. Oracle R12 Internal Requisition and Internal Sales... The order cancelProcessing issues a reminder. even when all t. order line. in Oracle Inventory Management. Sample OE_ORDER_PUB to Create and Canel Order Line. manually cancel the internal requisition. with “Purchased Item” as template .

AP. Creating this blog is not just a hobby it’s a partnership to grow together. India I’m sharing the information.4# Define Cost for Item Navigation >Costs >Item Costs ► Apr 30 (2) ► May (409) ► June (54) ► August (30) ► October (3) ► December (3) ► 2012 (19) VISITORS Free Hit Counters ABOUT ME Boge Prasanth Kumar Reddy Hyderabad. View my complete profile LINKWITHIN 5# Update the cost Navigation Costs Update Standard Costs Update Cost FOLLOWERS NEOCOUNTER .

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Inventory > Setup > Organization > shipping Network 8# Define Purchasing Option Setup for Internal Sales Order and define Internal requisition Order Type Internal requisition Order Source. .7# Define Shipping Network setup Between M2 and M2 in Oracle Shipping.

.in Oracle Purchasing Module 9#Create & Approve Requisition in Oracle Purchasing Save and Approve Requisition. 10#submit “Create Internal Order” Concurrent program in Oracle Purchasing.

12# Progress the Sales Order from Awaiting Shipping to Close. .11#Submit Order Import Query for Sales Order based on requisition Number.

.You might also like: INTERNAL SALES ORDER 11i & 12i Queries for Internal Requisition and Internal Sales Order ORDER MANAGEMENT(USEFUL INFORMATION) LinkWithin Posted by Boge Prasanth Kumar Reddy at 4/16/2011 11:28:00 PM Labels: Oracle R12 Internal Requisition and Internal Sales Order Process Flow.

.. The environment is OPM enabled organization. 12 January 2012 07:19 Post a Comment Newer Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Home Older Post SLIDESHOW .Reactions: usefull (0) helpful (0) cool (0) 2 comments: sap support packs said. Best Regards. I really like your work. Prashanthi Chennupati. Thanks for collecting all the information. Hey Prashanth: Good Morning!! I'm having issue with the price default on the Internal requisition. Test cases are very well explained yet I find it tough..$0 price is getting defaulted on the IR item lines. This concept of Oracle R12 internal requisition and internal sales order process flow is bit difficult to understand. 31 October 2011 12:29 Shanthi Chennupati said. Any advise in this regard? OPM costing is enabled. item is costed and cost type is standard cost and the cost of the item is active in the current period. If you know the solution then please advise..

Data conversion (3) FNDLOAD (3) GL Tables (3) Order to Cash (O2C) Cycle (3) PURCHASE ORDER INTERFACE (3) Profiles (3) Report Questions (3) Supplier Conversion in R12 (3) 3-way (2) AP Invoice Interface (2) AP Invoice Types (2) API to cancel AP Invoice (2) API’s to Create User (2) AR Profile Options (2) Autonomous transaction (2) Calculating Weekdays between two dates (2) Chart of Accounts Implementation in Oracle Apps R12 (2) DFF CUSTOMIZATION STEPS (2) Database Structures FAQ's (2) Descriptive Flexfields (2) FLEXFIELDS (2) FND TABLES (2) Few Important AP Tables (2) GENERAL LEDGER (2) GL Budget Interface (2) GL Setups (2) GL interface (2) HZ(TCA) tables in Oracle Receivables (2) How to Set R12 Supplier Page in Read Only Mode? (2) Interfaces (2) Interfaces in Oracle Application: An Introduction (2) KEY FLEX FIELDS (KFF) (2) Key FND Tables in Oracle Application (2) List of Receipts API in Oracle Receivables (2) Multi-Org or multiple organization access (MOAC) in R12 (2) PL/Sql script to add System Administrator responsibility (2) PO Conversion (2) PO Interfaces (2) PRICING (2) Query : Get the Account Description (2) Query to extract Employee Contact Information (2) Reset Password and Add Responsibility (2) SQL * Loader (2) SQL Loader (2) Scheduling the Concurrent program (2) Script to delete the concurrent program from Oracle (2) Simple Script to load the HR Locations using API (2) Trading Community Architecture (TCA) in Oracle Apps (2) Unix Commands (2) What’s New in R12 Financials? (2) (ORACLE EBS SUITE RELEASES) (1) 10 Tips for Project Success (1) 10 things Oracle Developers should never do (1) 100 Key shortcuts (1) 11i AR SETUPS (1) 11i Documents Library (1) 11i Oracle General Ledger Technical Document (1) 11i Oracle Purchasing Technical Document (1) 11i and 12i Queries for Internal Requisition and Internal Sales Order (1) 12 Steps for Enabling Flexfields in Oracle Report (1) 2-w ay (1) 2011 (1) 3 w ays or 4 w ays (1) 4-WAY) (1) 4-w ay (1) A comparative analysis betw een SQL*LOADER and UTL_FILE utility (1) A single Query covering P2P life Cycle (1) ABOUT INTERFACES: (1) ACCOUNT ANALYSIS REPORT (1) ACCOUNT PAYABLES (TOTAL TABLES INFORMATION ) (1) AIM Documents (1) AIM's deliverables during conversion (1) .Scraps by Smskid LABELS AP (4) AR (4) OM (4) Data Migration vs.

PLL (1) CUSTOMER INTERFACE USING SQL LOADER (1) Calling a PL/SQL Concurrent Program in Real-Time (1) Can w e Update An Already Created Invoice Through Autoinvoice Program (1) Cannot create reservation for a closed sales order (1) Category Number and Cost of item based on the Item ID (1) Certification for E-Business Applications(OracleApps) Consultant?? (1) Changes in OE_ORDER_PUB in R12i (1) Changing Oracle Applications LOGO (1) Chart of Accoutns (1) Check if the application is setup for Multi-Org (1) Combo Responsibility : (1) Common Profile Options in APPS (1) Common Reporting Tools (1) Companies providing Oracle Apps and Oracle BI Consultancy services in India (1) Comparing Purchase Orders (1) Concatenating Multiple Row s into single row (1) Concurrent Program (1) Concurrent Program (CP) Phases (1) Concurrent Program Parameters (1) Concurrent Program Submission Through Backend (1) Concurrent Program etc from backend (1) Concurrent Program output in MS Excel format (1) Concurrent Programs (1) Concurrent Request Status (1) Concurrent program Scraps123 . (1) API to Convert UOM(INVENTORY) (1) API to Purge an person from Oracle HRMS (1) API'S IN ORACLE APPLICATIONS(AR (1) API’s or Open Interface (1) APPS ALL QUERIES (1) APPS DBA FAQ's (1) APPS Queries (1) AR Adjustments Explanation (1) AR Aging Report (Query) (1) AR COMPLETE MANUAL (1) AR Conversion (1) AR FAQs (1) AR INTERFACES (1) AR Invoice Interface (1) AR Query to get open invoices for single/All customers (1) AR R12 Tables (1) AR Receipts API Single Insert Creation Script (1) AR Reconciliation Report (1) AR TABLES AND FLOW DIAGRAM (1) AR TRANSACTION MODEL (TABLE LINKS) (1) AR Tables Info (1) AR Tables:A Diagrammatic Relation (1) AR invoices and Sales Orders (1) ASM (1) Accessing PO Reports from INV (1) Account Receivables (1) Accounts Payable (AP) FAQ'S (1) Accounts Payables Frequently Asked Questions (1) Accounts Receivable (AR) (1) Accounts Receivables useful information (1) Add Responsibility using Sqlplus (1) Adding Item Quantity (1) Adding Multiple Request Groups to the Responsibility (1) Adding a New Line is Order w ith OE_ORDER_PUB(API) (1) Adding and Updating Customer Accounts in R12 (1) Advanced PL/SQL (1) Appliocation Menus (1) Apps Initialization using API (1) Apps Tuining (1) Are Oracle Apps departments over staffed in Indian IT companies? (1) Asset Migration (1) Assets Frequently Asked Questions (1) Attachment in Oracle Application (1) Auto Invoice Interface and receipt API (1) Auto Invoice Script (1) AutoInvoice Overview in Receivables (1) AutoInvoice in Oracle Apps R12 (1) BACKUPS (DBA) (1) BARCODE in XML Reports (1) BIND Vs LEXICAL (1) BOMS (1) Bank Account Model in Release 12i (1) Bank details finding query (1) Base Tables of O2C Process: (1) Base tables for Procure To Pay (1) Benfits of XML Publisher (1) Best Practices in Report Development (1) Bind AND Lexical Parameters in Reports (1) Bulk Inserts w ith Oracle (1) Buyer Setup (1) COMMON GLOSSARY USED IN ORA APPS (1) CREATING CUSTOM TOP IN ORACLE APPS (1) CUSTOM.ALL MODULES STANDARD REQUEST GROUPS NAMES (1) ALL TABLES 11i AND R12 PART-2 (1) AOL FAQ'S (1) AOL : Valueset – A Beginner’s Guide (1) AOL Terminology (1) AOL frequently asked questions (1) AOL – Descriptive Flex Field ( Deep Drive) (1) AP INTERFACE (1) AP Invoices conversion process (1) AP Module 12 Release New Features (1) AP Payments (1) AP Periods and Period Types (1) AP SETUPS (1) AP Tables (1) AP-SLA-GL LINK QUERY (1) AP: Invoice Aging Report (1) API (1) API : User Creation (1) API Avability of HRMS (1) API to Check Status of Purchase Order in Oracle Applications.

Queries (1) Concurrent program name based on the request ID (1) Copying Files using PLSQL (1) Count of Orders cancelled by reason (1) Create Oracle FND_USER w ith System Administrator (1) Create Organization API (1) Create Request Group using oracle api (1) Create Trace File for Concurrent Program (1) Credit Memo Creation via API (1) Cross Validation Rules Vs Security Rule (1) Customer API -Create a Location (1) Customer Conversion (1) Customer Conversion and Customer API (1) Customer TCA Architecture And API (1) Customer Tables Understanding (1) Customizations in Oracle Applications .Purchase (1) DATE FUNCTIONS IN SQL: (1) DBA View s (1) DECODE (SQL) (1) Data Access Sets (1) Data Flow Among Applications (1) Data Flow betw een Receiving Transactions (RCV) – Sub ledger Accounting (XLA) – General Ledger (GL) (1) Database and Application (1) Default username/passw ords in Oracle Applications (1) Defining Bank Transaction Codes in Cash Management (1) Defining Purchasing Options (1) Defining Request Groups (1) Defining Request Sets (1) Delete Duplicate Records in Oracle (1) Delete concurrent program from backend (1) Department Number (1) Descriptive Flex Fields (1) Descriptive Flex Fields (DFF) (1) Development (1) Diff Betw een InboundInterface and Conversion: (1) Diff bet ad_bugs and ad_appiled_patches tables (1) Difference Betw een 11i and R12 Accounting (1) Difference Betw een Application and Responsibility (1) Difference Betw een Lexical and Bind Variable (1) Difference betw een "Internal" and "External" Drop-Ship (1) Difference betw een Interface and API (1) Difference betw een Party and Customer (1) Difference betw een R11i and R12i Inventory (1) Difference betw een data conversion and data migration (1) Difference betw een multiple databases (1) Different Types of Table in Oracle Apps (1) Discoverer Advantages (1) Dow nload links (1) Dual Table (1) Duplicate Vendor List (1) Duplicate row s in the table (1) EBS R12 New Changes (1) EBS R12 set the problems and solutions for collecting Matelink (1) EXP (export) and IMP (import) in Oracle (1) Employee Creation (1) Enabling / Disabling buttons / functions in custom forms.APPS_INITIALIZE for initializing session in Oracle Ebusiness suite (1) FND_USER Script for Techies (1) FORM PROCESS (1) FSG report issue (1) FSG – What Is It? (1) FTP (FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL) (1) Few Interesting Questions on Oracle GL Journals Entry(GL FAQS) (1) Few Oracle Apps Technical Terms (1) Few Questions to have a look (1) File Types and Extensions in APPS (1) Files (1) Find Order number based on receipt number (1) Find Responsibility name by Concurrent program name (1) Find out the URL of the Application in the database (1) Find out the URL of the Application in the database: (1) Finding SQL Queries on Java Page in oracle apps (1) Fixed Assets (1) Flexfield Concepts (1) Flexfields avilable for your Oracle Application Version (1) Flow of Order Management (1) Forms FAQ'S (1) Fun w ith Apps URL (1) Functions in Oracle AOL (1) GENERAL Interview Questions apps (1) GENERAL LEDGER (GL) (1) GL : FSG Report and Components Overview (query) (1) GL Features in R12 (1) GL Flow (1) GL INTERFACE CODE (1) GL INTERFACE Mandatory columns and Pre . (1) Enabling DFF In Oracle Standard Forms (1) Enabling Report Trace via User Profile Option (1) Encumbrance / Budgetory Control in Oracle Applications (1) Encumbrance Types (1) Example of $FLEX$ Syntax (1) Exception Handling (1) FA (1) FA Query (1) FAQS in GL (1) FAQs in Account Payable (1) FAQ’s in SQL AND PL/SQL (1) FINANCIALS Interview Questions (1) FLEX FIELDS (1) FNDLOAD Examples (1) FNDLOAD in Oracle Apps (1) FND_GLOBAL.

1] (1) General Ledger Journal Interface (1) General Sql Queries (1) Generating Excel Outputs from existing standard Oracle Reports 6i Output (1) Get Applications Version and Patch Information Get Product Version (1) Get On Hand Quantities Through API (1) Get On_Hand Quantities through API (1) Get the Cost of an Item (API) (1) Get the Inventory code and Inventory Name/description (1) Getting the Rtf file from the Database w ithout Accessing (1) HELP-MENU (1) HOW TABLES ARE EFFECTED (1) HRMS (Human Resources useful information) (1) HRMS Interface Employee Creation and updation (1) HRMS Window s and their Navigation Paths (1) HRMS(TABLES (1) HRMS) (1) HZ TABLES (1) Hard Reservation for Standard Sales Order line against Purchase Order (1) How To Identify All Requisitions And Purchase Orders With Errored Activities (1) How can you query the bank account associated w ith a Supplier Site in R12? (1) How is the Tax code derived in AutoInvoice? (1) How to Assign Catalog Group to an Item (1) How to Cancel PO Requisition created (1) How to Create Supplier List and RFQ (1) How to Create/Pick/Ship Confim Sales Order (Youtube Video).requisites (1) GL Interface Tables (1) GL Module USEFUL INFORMATION (1) GL STANDARD REPORTS (1) GL Tables w hich stores parent and child segments information (1) General Ledger Calendar FAQ [ID 134362. (1) How to find Descriptive FlexFileds Segments defined for paticular Application (1) How to get Version of Programs (1) How to get the create statement of sql view (1) How to join GL tables w ith XLA (SubLedger Accounting) tables (1) How to modify the Oracle EBS Home (1) How to run Discoverer Reports in Multi-Org Environment? (1) How to setup Oracle streams betw een tw o data bases (1) How to track Current Apps Versions (1) IMPORT EXTERNAL BANK ACCOUNTS R12 ORACLE APPS (1) IMPORTANT APPS QUERIES (1) INTERFACE OR CONVERSION PROCESS (1) INTERNAL SALES ORDER (1) INTRO TO INTERFACES(For Freshers to oracle Apps) (1) INV (1) INV ETC) (1) INVENTORY (INV) FAQ'S (1) INVENTORY INTERFACES (1) INVENTORY QUERY (1) ITEM IMPORT BASED ON TEMPLATE R12 (1) Implementation (1) Implementation Documentation (1) Implementation considerations for R12 General Ledger setups (1) Important Tables and colums in GL (1) Importent FAQs (1) Importing Blanket Purchase Aggrements(BPA) (1) Importing Journal Entries (1) In R12 w hat is MO_GLOBAL. (1) How to apply a credit memo (from a legacy system) against an invoice using AutoInvoice: (1) How to close/respond to a FYI notification from PL/SQL (1) How to delete stock locators by using API (1) How to disable prompting the passw ord for diagnostics/examine/personalization for forms (1) How to execute VIEWS (AP_INVOICE_V) and see data in toad for R12.INIT (1) Incompatibility and :$FLEX$ and :$PROFILES (1) Information – Help Menu (1) Install 11i (1) Instructions for GL interface (1) Integration w ith In Oracle Purchasing (1) Interface Tables of GL (1) Interfaces and Conversions in Oracle Applications (1) Interfaces and conversions process (1) Interview Questions (1) Intransist Report (1) Introduction of SQL LOADER (1) Introduction to LINUX (1) Introduction to TOAD (1) Inventory Flexfield Structure Definition FLEX FIELDS (1) Inventory Outbound Interface (1) Inventory Setup Document (1) Inventory . (1) How to Define Expense Item (1) How to Fetch Data Using Cursors in Packages and Procedures (1) How to Remove Existing Oracle Applications Environments From an NT Platform (1) How to Search Apps Documents in Google (1) How to Set MOAC Context in R12i (MOAC .Enabled) (1) How to add comments on a table or a column.

A Simple Way (1) Oracle Applications Interface Programs (1) Oracle Applications R12 Architecture (1) Oracle Applications Video Clips (1) Oracle Applications Videos (1) Oracle Applications Vision Instance 11. DFF: Comparison (1) Key Flexfields (1) Key Words Used in Oracle (1) Know the Changes because of R12 Oracle Payment Module (Fund Disbursement) in EBS (1) LIST OF USEFUL QUERIES IN ORACLE APPLICATIONS (1) Learn using Sub Ledger Accounting (SLA) in R12 Oracle Payables (1) Ledger Sets (1) Link Purchase Order and Requisition (1) Link XLA Tables With AR Tables To Get Information From GL (1) List Freight charge Details for an given order (1) List of Program and Request Set attached to a Responsibility (1) Locate Trace file and Enviroment files from Front End (1) Log file location for Oracle EBS R12 (1) LookUps (1) MOAC in R12 (1) MO_GLOBAL-Dive into R12 Multi Org Design (1) Make the concurrent program to complete w ith w arning (1) Mandatory PL/SQL Parameters in Concurrent Programs (1) Match Approval Level (Matching of Invoices w ith Purchase Orders) (1) Menus (1) Migrating Reports from 11i to R12 (1) Migrating Reports to Release 12 Co-Existing and Obsolete Table details (1) Miscellaneous Transactions . (1) Oracle 10g New Features (1) Oracle 11g Database (Complete Story) (1) Oracle 11i Account Receivabls(AR)Key Reports (1) Oracle 12i .10 (1) Oracle Applications Vision Instance R12 (1) Oracle Apps Basic Modules (1) Oracle Apps Concurrent Processing:An Introduction (1) Oracle Apps HRMS Interview Questions (1) Oracle Apps Implementation Methodologies (1) Oracle Apps Inventory .Org Setup (1) Multi Org Structure Table (1) Multi-Org 101 (1) Multiple Currencies (MRC) (1) Multiple Operating Units. DFF: Comparison (1) KFF and DFF (1) KFF vs.Overview (1) Multi .How to create accounting and transfer JE's to GL using SLA (1) Oracle AIM Document Templates (1) Oracle API Availability -Purchasing (1) Oracle APPS Concurrent Processing (1) Oracle APPS Passw ord Security (1) Oracle APPS interview Recievables Tables (1) Oracle Application questions (1) Oracle Accounts Directory Structure (1) Oracle Application:Data Model (1) Oracle Applications .Transactions(USEFUL INFORMATION) (1) Inventory and PO Interface Tables (1) Inventory and Payables (1) Inventory related Queries (1) Invoice Reports In Oracle Payables (1) Item Categories and Catalogs (1) Item Import (1) Item Import Program Using API in 11i (1) Item not available in the Price List (1) JOIN CONDITIONS USED IN ORACLE APPS(GL (1) KFF AND KFF vs. (1) Multiple Reporting Currencies (1) Multiple oraganizations Access control(MOAC)-R12-Part1 (1) New Accounts Payable architecture for 12i (1) New Invoicing related Features (1) New Terminologies in R12 (1) New features in R12 from 11i (1) OM Flow and table level Information (1) OM INTERFACES (1) OM Questions (1) OM Related Queries (1) OM Tables (1) ORA-04091: Table is Mutating (1) ORACLE 11G INSTALLATION (1) ORACLE APPLICATIONS FUNCTIONALITY (1) ORACLE APPS ALL QUERIES (1) ORACLE APPS FAQ'S (1) ORACLE APPS INSTALL (1) ORACLE Applications 11i FAQ'S (1) ORACLE CASH MANAGEMENT (1) ORACLE ERROR CODE COLLECTION (1) ORACLE INVENTORY TRAINING INFORMATION (1) ORACLE SQL DEVELOPER (1) ORDER MANAGEMENT Interview Questions (1) ORDER MANAGEMENT(USEFUL INFORMATION) (1) OUTBOUND INTERFACE(INVENTORY) (1) Onhand Quantity at given date (1) Open Periods in the AP Calendar (1) Operating Unit and Inventory Organization link (1) Operating Unit name based on the Operating Unit ID (1) Oracle 10g BULK Binding for better Performance.5.

(1) Oracle Receivables Transaction Types R12 (1) Oracle Reports 6i (1) Oracle Reports FAQ's (1) Oracle applications Products short name list in R12 (1) Oracle app’s technical FAQ's (1) Order 2 Cash Cycle (1) Order Header is in Closed Status (1) Order Management (OM) FAQS (1) Order Management Profile Options (1) Order Management flow (1) Order by clause for column datatype as character (1) Order to Cash .Queries (1) Oracle Apps R12 Schema Analysis (1) Oracle Apps Reporting Tools (1) Oracle Apps Reports (1) Oracle Apps Shortcut Keys (1) Oracle Apps Standards in Reports Registration: (1) Oracle Apps Stuff in Net (1) Oracle Apps Training Videos (1) Oracle Cursor variables (1) Oracle Database Links (DB Link) (1) Oracle E-BUSINESS SUITE R12 Installation (Demo Environment VIS) (1) Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.Technical Flow in R12 (1) Order to Cash Cycle (1) Orders w ithout holds (1) Organization Setup (1) Organizations in Oracle Apps (1) Overview of Inventory Transactions (1) Overview of Multi-Currency Accounting (1) Overview of Oracle HRMS (1) Overview of PL/SQL Program Units (1) Overview of Procure to Pay Cycle in Oracle Apps (1) P2P and O2C: Procure to Pay and Order to Cash Cycles (1) PAYABLES Interview Questions (1) PAYABLES(ABOUT INVOICES USEFUL INFORMATION) (1) PDF Document Dow nloads (1) PL SQL Interview Questions (1) PL/SQL FAQS (1) PL/SQL -Advantages (1) PL/SQL Cursors (1) PL/SQL Faq's (1) PL/SQL Packages (1) PL/SQL Scripts for oracle apps (1) PL/SQL Wrap Utility (1) PL/SQL compiler directives (1) PL/Sql Script to assign responsibilities to Oracle Users (1) PO (1) PO Blanket Releases Single Insert script (1) PO Matching: 2 w ays (1) PO Receipt interface (1) PO Receiving Types. (1) PO Requisition (1) PO SETUPS (1) PO and HRMS (1) PO: P2P Query based on the Purchase Order Number (1) POSITION DEFINE IN HRMS (1) PO_AP LINK QUERIES (2-WAY (1) PRAGMA(Pragma Autonomous_transaction) (1) PREVIOUS ASKED FAQ'S (1) PROFILE OPTIONS IN ORACLE APPS R12 .OVERVIEW (FND PROFILE) (1) PURCHASE ORDER QUERY (1) PURCHASE ORDER USE FULL INFORMATION (1) PURCHASING (PO USEFUL INFORMATION) (1) PURCHASING END TO END SETUP STEPS: (1) PURCHASING Interview Questions (1) Package compilation commands (1) Passw ord Policy and profile options (1) Payables Open Interface Import Parameters (1) Payables Reports Listing (1) Payments details (1) Payroll Table Name and Description (1) Period Status Validation Query (1) Period closing Process for Payables (1) Period status in General Ledger (1) Personalization and Profiles (1) Pl/Sql FAQs (1) Positions in Oracle .Setup checklist (1) Oracle Purchasing Flow (1) Oracle Purchasing Tables (1) Oracle Purchasing Terminology (1) Oracle R12 GL/AP Certification FAQs (1) Oracle R12 Internal Requisition and Internal Sales Order Process Flow .Tables (1) Oracle Implemenation Stages not taught in training (1) Oracle Implementation Methodalogy (1) Oracle Instances: Vision (1) Oracle Inventory (1) Oracle Inventory Profile Options (1) Oracle Inventory Reports and Processes (1) Oracle Open Interface (1) Oracle Order to Cash Queries (1) Oracle Payable Accounting Events (1) Oracle Payable R12 (1) Oracle Payables Technical Information (11i) (1) Oracle Pricing API (1) Oracle Pricing Module – A Note (1) Oracle Procure to Pay Technical Flow (1) Oracle Purchasing (1) Oracle Purchasing .1 Now Available (1) Oracle EBS R12: General Ledger and Payables Fundamentals (1) Oracle EBS R12: General Ledger and Receivables Fundamentals 1Z0-216 (1) Oracle EBS: Key Flexfield Segment Value Set (1) Oracle FAQs (1) Oracle Forms (1) Oracle GL Important Tables (1) Oracle General Ledger .

How to link GL data to the subledger data or vice versa (1) R12 : SLA (1) R12 AP (1) R12 AR Credit Memo Creation Single Insert (1) R12 AR Customer Account Site Creation (1) R12 AR Email Contact Point Creation (1) R12 AR Fax Contact Point Creation (1) R12 AR Invoice creation Script (1) R12 AR Org Contact Creation (1) R12 AR Person Creation (1) R12 AR Phone . (1) Query to Check if Closed line stuck w ith MTL_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE (1) Query to Display Module Wise Reports (1) Query to Join Delivery Details and MTL Material Table (1) Query to List all the responsibilities attached to a User (1) Query to check all the Picked Delivery Deatils w here Reservation not exists (1) Query to display Sales Order Line Number (1) Query to fetch Responsibilities attached to a user: (1) Query to find Parameters and Value Sets associated w ith a Concurrent Program (1) Query to find accounting flexfield structure (1) Query to find w ho and w hen update an Oracle Application user's profile (1) Query to get Contact Assocaited w ith Party ID and Account ID (1) Query to get Customer Information in R12 (1) Query to get Customer Role in TCA (1) Query to get Request Group Details Responsibility w ise: (1) Query to get UNPAID Invoices (Oracle Payables) (1) Query to link a Responsibility to a Set of Books in Oracle (1) Query to link a Responsibility to a Set of Books/Operating Unit in Oracle (1) Query to print the calender for the year (1) Query: Find scheduled or on hold concurrent requests (1) Questions on Forms (1) Quick note for Supplier in EBS (1) R 12 CASHMANAGEMENT CHANGES (1) R 12 GL CHANGES (1) R 12 PA (1) R 12 TAX CHANGES (1) R12 Documents Library (1) R12 .HRMS (1) Prepayment Invoices(AP) (1) Print Oracle Apps versions (1) Printer and Pasta configuration on Oracle Applications (1) Priority for Concurrent Program (1) Procedure (1) Procedure Registration Steps: (1) Procedure for GL Interface (1) Procedures %TYPE and %ROWTYPE Attributes Usage (1) Procure To Pay Cycle (1) Procurement Card Processing in Oracle Apps (Credit Card Transactions to Invoices) (1) Procurement to pay cycle AND Order to cash (1) Procurement/Purchase – Requisition take a look (1) Publishing FSG Reports Using XML Publisher (1) Purchase Order Approval hierarchy (1) Purchase Order tables (1) Purchasing FAQ’s (1) Purchasing and Inventory Accounts commonly defined during Setup (1) QUERY FOR UNPOSTED JOURNALS IN R12 (1) QUERY: Which Oracle Apps Version i am using (1) Queries to Drive price List /Qualifiers/Modifiers/Conext/Segments (1) Queries to connect RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL and OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL/LINES_ALL (1) Query (Order Management and Inventory) (1) Query : Get Inventory Accounting Entries linked to GL (1) Query : INVENTORY and ORDER MANAGEMENT (1) Query : Purchase Order and Requisition (1) Query : Query to find receipts against a PO shipment line (1) Query : Sales Order Details After Pick Release (1) Query : Sales Order Hold and Release (1) Query : Supplier Invoice Details (1) Query : To Check w hether Periods of AP/AR/GL/FA/PO is closed? (1) Query : To find PO returns (1) Query : To find an PO details (1) Query : To get the calendar information (1) Query : To get the fiscal year name (1) Query : Verify that Multi Org is Installed (1) Query :Requisition Number from PO Number (1) Query Tips and Tricks (1) Query for Customer Address Details (1) Query for Customer Receipt Details (1) Query for Sales Order Details (1) Query for Subledger Transfer to GL (1) Query for Supplier Bank Details (1) Query that show s all the repsonsibilities and w hat functions are attached to these responsibilities (1) Query that show s all the repsonsibilities and w hat functions are attached to these responsibilities.

features and benefits (1) R12 Multi-Org Access Control MOAC (1) R12 Oracle Payables Management Fundamentals (1) R12 SLA Subledger Accounting (1) R12 Supplier Bank – Techno Functional Guide (1) R12 Suppliers Query (1) R12 Suppliers ‘How To’ documents (1) R12.Process_Order(API) (1) Sample OE_ORDER_PUB to Create Order w ith 1 Ship line and 1 RMA Line (API) (1) Sample OE_ORDER_PUB to Create and Canel Order Line(API) (1) Sample Script 2 for Anonymous Blocks (1) Script To find Oracle API's for any module (1) Script for Creating Unplanned Depreciation (FA) (1) Script to Cancel AP Invoices (1) Script to create a FND user using PL/SQL (1) Script to display status of all the Concurrent Managers (1) Script to get all the Concurrent Program Request details (1) Script to print the Oracle Apps Version Number (1) Secondary Tracking Segment (1) Security Issues (1) Seed Data Concurrent Program (1) Segments and valuesets (1) Sending EMail from oracle application (1) Set Profile Option Value using PL/SQL (1) Setting Up Cash Management System Parameters (1) Setting Up Depreciation (1) Ship .An Overview w ith Example (1) REPORTS (1) REPORTS Interview Questions (1) REPORTS) (1) RETCODE and ERRBUFF Parameters in Concurrent Program (1) RFQ to PO Receipt Cycle (1) RFQ – REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (1) Random Questions From Apps (1) Read Only Schema in Oracle APPS 11i (1) Receipt API's (1) Receivables Application Rule Sets (1) Recurring Journals (1) Register TABLE in Oracle APPS (1) Register the table in Application from backend (1) Registering Custom Table (1) Registering Executable (1) Registering Reports in Oracle Application (1) Registering SQL*Loader as a Concurrent Program (1) Relation betw een AR invoice and Sales Order (1) Report Registration Steps: (1) Reports FAQs (1) Reports and Listings in account payables (1) Reports in Purchase Order (1) Request Set (1) Requisition Interface (1) Reset Application Passw ord (1) Resolving ORACLE ERROR:ORA-28000: the account is locked (1) Responsibilities (1) Retainage and Retainage Release in Oracle Payables for a Complex Purchase Order (1) Retirement of Oracle Application Implementation Method (AIM) Advantage and Oracle AIM for Business Flow s Planned for January 31 (1) Retrieve Incomplete invoices before month end (1) Retrieves all PO transaction quantities (1) SLAM (1) SMSing using PL/SQL (1) SOME ORACLE APPS DFF'S (1) SQL Loader Case Studies (1) SQL Loader Program (1) SQL Queries for checking Profile Option Values (1) SQL Query to get Oracle HR Organization Hierarchy (1) SQL TUINING (1) SQL*Plus FAQ'S (1) STEPS FOR XML REPORT (1) STEPS TO REGISTER XML REPORT IN APPS (1) SUBSTR And INSTR String Functions (SQL) (1) SUPPLIER AND SITE CREATION API (1) SUPPLIER PHONE DETAILS QUERY (1) SUPPLIER QUERY (1) Sales Invoice Report (1) Sales order headers and lines information queries (1) Sample Accounts Payable Questionnaire for Client (1) Sample Code for oe_order_pub.Preferences (1) R12 Multi-Org Access Control .Contact Point Creation (1) R12 AR customer Party Site Creation (1) R12 Banks Queries (1) R12 Customer Account and Party Creation (1) R12 FA AND AR (1) R12 Financials Overview and new features (1) R12 INVENTORY FEATURES (1) R12 INVETORY FEATURES (1) R12 Legal Entity Configurator (1) R12 Location Creation (1) R12 MOAC (1) R12 Multi-Org Access Control .1.1 Decrypt Oracle Apps Passw ord (1) R12_Oracle_Purchasing_Fundamentals_Student_Guide (1) R12_System_Administrator_Fundamentals_Student_Guide (1) RECEIVABLES Interview Questions (1) REF Cursors in Oracle PLSQL .Setups (1) R12 Multi-Org Access Control .

.. (1) What is “Order To Cash” in Oracle? (1) Which FND_USER is locking that table (1) Which User is . (1) Single Record script to load Customer item Cross Reference (1) Some Of Frequently Asked Questions in Interview s (1) Some Typical Profile Option Modifications (1) Some importent API's regarding Concurrent Program (1) Some questions Third Party Payments on R12 Oracle Payables (1) Special Calendar in Oracle Payables (1) Spliting One row into Multi row s (1) Sql Query for Operating unit (1) Standard Line status flow s in OM (1) Standard Reports and Listings in GENERAL LEDGER (1) Standard Reports and Processes in Purchase order (1) Standard Request Submission (1) Standard reports and listings IN APPS (1) Step by Step Using Receipt API Create Cash Receipt (1) Steps Required to Close Inventory Period in Oracle Application (1) Steps to Create Report in Oracle Reports Builder 10g (1) Steps to Schedule a Concurrent Request (1) Stored Program Units (Procedures ) (1) String Functions (SQL) (1) Subledger Accounting (SLA) (1) Submenus assigned to User (1) Submit the Concurrent Program from Backend (1) Supplier API in R12 (1) Suppliers Added to Trading Community Architecture ( TCA ) (1) Suppliers Overview (1) Suppliers data related to Payable Invoice in R12 (1) Suppliers in TCA .Random Access of Files (1) UTL_FILES (1) Understand Date Tracking in HRMS (1) Uploading Images using sql loader (1) Useful Queries(APPS) (1) Useful SQL Scripts for Oracle Applications (1) User Guides for ORACLE APPLICAITONS (1) Users (1) Value Set Basics in Oracle Apps R12 (1) Value Sets (1) WHO COLUMNS (1) WIP (1) What Is Dynamic SQL? (1) What is ERP? What w ill ERP fix in my business? (1) What is FNDLOAD and w hat it is used for (1) What is Inventory? (1) What is ship_to_org_id and ship_from_org_id in Oracle Order Management...A dive into Vendor Tables in R12 (1) Supply Chain Management (SCM) :Techno-functional Guide (1) TCA (CUSTOMER INFORMATION) (1) TCA TABLE ARCHITECTURE IN ORACLE APPS (1) TO get the Statements of Expences in Particuler GL entry Account (1) TOAD FOR ORACLE MANUAL (1) TRADING COMMUNITY ARCHITECTURE (TCA) API’S IN R12 ORACLE APPS (1) Techanical Queries Related To Oracle Purchasing (1) Technical Queries related to Oracle Purchasing (1) Technical components of Oracle Purchasing (1) Tehnical Flow of OM (1) Test Production (1) The w orld of Oracle API (1) Tips in Oracle 6i report customizations (1) Tips in report customizations: (1) To Check for the available on_hand for an item in a given organization using inv_quantity_tree_pub API (1) To Extract revenue distribution lines in AR (1) To Find out SID and SERIAL# (1) To Generate Oracle Report Output in Excel (1) To Track Requisition Number from PO Number (1) To find the latest application version (1) To get Payment invoice status (1) To know the Application version before upgrade and current version (1) To retrieve transactions w ith a certain amount open(during charges amount) (1) To track Tables and Columns from Backend (1) To validate w hether transaction's REC is equal to its REV plus TAX or not (1) Traceing TNS Entries(Hacking Oracle Applications) (1) Tracing techniques in oracle applications (1) Trial Balance Reports IN APPS (1) Trial Balance Reports in General Ledger (1) Triggers concepts (1) Types Of Purchase Orders (1) Types of Application Patches (1) Types of Payments in AP (1) Types of Reports in APPS (1) Types/ Kinds of Accounts in AP (1) URLs for APPS (1) US Army w ebsite on ERP implementation considerations (1) UTL FILE PKG (1) UTL_FILE .Confirm Through API (1) Show me all active ebiz users w ho have logged into a forms based responsibility in the last 6 months.

Picture Window template. Powered by Blogger. (1) sql (1) @Prasanth Reddy.Locking the table (1) White Paper on Oracle Apps Migration Project (1) Why SLA(SUB LEDGER ACCOUNTING METHOD) (1) Workflow Table Information (1) XML Publisher (1) XML Report TiPs (1) [AR] Customer Types and Address (1) [GL] Receiving Journal Transfer to GL by Journal Import (1) [INV] Item Attributes: LIST_PRICE_PER_UNIT (1) [INV] Lot Expiry Date Maintenance (1) [Oracle (1) [PO] SelfR12 Study]R12_Oracle_Financial_Applications_Overview _Student_Guide Purchasing Options (1) [PO] Where to Setup Invoice Matching Option? (1) _A (1) _ALL (1) _AVN objects (1) _F (1) _TL (1) _V (1) _VL (1) and Objects (1) and multiple installations? (1) bank_account_id in Release 12i (CE_BANK_ACCOUNT_USE_ID) (1) concurrent program attached to w hich all responsibility (1) cript for Creating Tax Reserve Adjustments in FA (1) cursors (1) date and user (1) even w hen all the Order lines are cancelled (1) functions and Packages (1) iPayments Or Oracle Payments (1) key flexfield (1) multiple instances (1) oracle 10g RAC on Linux AS 3 (1) order to cycle O2C (1) payable options setups (1) payment methods (1) query gives all function names under a menu considering submenus's also. .

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