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Brian Kade McAllister bkmcallister@interact.ccsd.

net 3 December, 2012 CCSD Human Resources: I would like to apply for a secondary level Social Studies position in the Clark County School District. I am a graduate from Nevada State College with a degree in History with an emphasis in Secondary Education. At Nevada State College I was in the teacher preparation program, which allowed me to spend a lot of time observing many different classrooms. This provided me with the opportunity to evaluate many different teachers and their teaching styles, allowing me to see a variety of teaching methods and best practices that I can apply in my future classroom. As a recent graduate from NSC I had the opportunity to complete my student teaching at Chaparral High School. During my student teaching experience I was able to gain valuable insight and experience into running my own classroom and all of the duties and responsibilities that go along with teaching. While I was at Chaparral I was able to participate in a few different extracurricular activities, such as being a Junior Class Student Council Advisor, AP Club Advisor, as well as helping fundraise for Cross Country and Cheerleading. By participating in these extracurricular activities I was able to build more rapport with students. Although I have limited teaching experience inside a classroom, being my student teaching, I have had other experiences where I was able to teach. I have coached a Legion team for 3 seasons, which is the high school summer ball team. My coaching experience has taught me how to reach different types of kids in different ways. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter to find out a little bit more about me. I look forward to hearing from the district and getting the opportunity to interview to show some more of my personality and ideas in person. Respectfully,

Brian Kade McAllister