BNS Diary

 My learning started with a simple test comprising of some basic questions regarding the different negotiation styles. The questions were to rate 2 choices to make a total of 5. The test was aimed at how we might negotiate in real world depending on our perception.  The different negotiation styles were discussed in more detailed way in our last class. It included discussion in different styles including Aggressive, hostile, dominating, supportive, accommodating, complaint etc.  Ultimately a good negotiator is only as good as he anticipates the outcome of a negotiation and can plan and strategise his / her negotiation style. 1.> Competing – Focuses on self interest, dominating, inflexible. Taking position and majorly at the expense of the other party. 2.> Accommodating – Relationship building, to help, take suggestions, to give up something for the benefit of the other party and to take those issues into consideration which the other party is interested in or agreed upon. 3.> Collaborating – Mutual interest, flexible, rational, dealing important issues which concern both the parties, to build trust (most important) and finally a win-win situation for the parties. 4.> Trust can be achieved from credibility and references and testimonials from customers. 5.> Avoiding – Issues and negotiations are avoided. The reasons are to avoid controversy, tension, open discussion, postponing difficult and no achievable negotiations. 6.> Compromising – Partial win-lose situation, splitting the differences, backing off some demands, taking intermediate position etc. 7.> Negotiator Temperaments: A 2*2 matrix having Risk avoider and risk taker in the Y axis and Substantive outcome negotiator with Relational outcome orientation in the X axis which represents the different actions and emotional approaches depending on the situation. Substantive Outcome Distrustful Self Protective Calculating Aggressive Demanding Dominating Relational Outcome Indulgent Confronting Accepting Supportive Endearing Engaging

Risk Avoider

Risk Taker

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