First name: Marco Last name: Mendeni Address: Christburger Strasse 18 Zip code: 10405 City: BERLIN Country

: Germany Tél.: +393401748474 Cell phone: +49 17638473249 Artist's personal E-mail: Website :

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Born in Brescia, now commuting between Milan and Berlin, Marco Mendeni has long been dedicated to artistic research that experiences the contamination of materials, computer animation and 3D production. All of this with a particular focus on the process that leads the videogame medium to become a social medium. Graduated in new technologies to art. His works has been presented at electronic arts festivals and exibitions .


Exhibitions 2009/2012
BYOB Milano, organized in collaboration with Museo Pecci Milano and Miart, curated by Domenico Quaranta, Milano, Italy Personal Exibition, Theca Gallery, Curated By Andrea Carlo Alpini, Lugano, Switzerland Playing The Game, Curated by Paolo VJ VISUALLOOP Branca, sponsored by Provincia di Milano and Camera di Commercio, Milano, Italy Impossible Backgrounds, audiovisual performance, Sowieso, Berlin, Germany CARNEN, Fabbrica del vapore, curated by Care of Docva, Milano, Italy GAMES WEEK MILANO, NEOLUDICA, Game : Art : Gallery, Curated by Debora Ferrari, Milano, Italy Ti Racconto, Curated by UnDo.Net e CRAC, Cremona, Italy PULSART, "INSIDE ME", curated by Anna Z.Pezzin, Shio, Italy ROBOT Festival, curated by Marcella Loconte, Bologna, Italy OltreDimore Gallery, curated by Marcella Loconte, Bologna, Italy Selection Contest, ArtExpò, Frosinone, Italy

ZeroMap, Video installation , AlexanderPlaz, Berlin, Germany Game Over , curated by Barbara Fragogna, Tacheles, Berlin, Germany Statment - Spazio in mostra, curated by Ivan Quaroni, Milano, Italy I am Niko Bellic, interactive installation, ATM project curated by Ezio Cuoghi, Milano, Italy

Arte videoludica Made in Italy: Marco Mendeni by Matteo Bittanti in WIRED from the concrete to the ethereal by Matteo Bittanti in GAMESCENES // ART IN THE AGE OF VIDEOGAMES Theca Gallery prsent Marco Mendeni by Theca Gallery ARTE ACCESSIBILE MILANO 2013 by Theca Gallery

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