Dialog percakapan bahasa Inggris 3 orang berlangsung di toko sepatu..

alurnya… X: hay these shoes are lovely, can I see them? (sambil pegang2 sepatu) Y: wich one do you like? Z: that X ! really cool.. (si Z recommend to X) X: ehm the black ones. Y: the black ones, they’re quite lovely.. imported from Italy X: i’ve been to Italy hahah, how much are they? Y: hmm this shoes is eighty dollars X: eighty dollars?? So expensive.. (ternganga2 denger harga segitu..hikhikhik) Y: not so expensive.. only fourty dollars for one shoes (haha..lol)

X: do you have another pair of black shoes?? (nyengir gigit jari Y: mmm, this pair! Only twenty dollars.. X: why these shoes so much cheaper?? Y: because they made here X: hmm what about quality? Y: the quality is good, this shoes’ll least a long time


Si Z bisik2 ttg harga sama si X.. swiwswittswiwwswiww X: how about fiveteen dollars for the pair?


Y: oO I’am sorry ot enough (belum dapet bang segitu mah wkkww), eighteen dollars! Terus si Z bisik2 lagi sama si Y kayak tadi..ckckck, kemudian.. X: I’ll give is sixteen (si X nawar ke si Y) Y: okay for you special prize (haahah dapet murah ni yee).. Would you like a bag? X: No, that’s ok, thanks anyway.. Abis itu duitnya di kasihin ke si Y.. Udah deh tu sepatu di bawa pulang ama si Y.. nah si Z nya ngapain? Jadi setan ya bisik2 mulu wkkww Contoh dialog bahasa Inggris 3 orang saat membeli di toko sepatu: perhatikan dan pelajari text percakapan bergaris miring.

who told you the story?" kiara:"ms.. yes . oh i see.how if we go to the library to find the story book?" denisa:"great.please.the lion agreed.let's go" dialogue 2 situation:"denisa and kiara are on the way to the library.... I want go to the post office.. nice to meet you. vina.i will borrow this one" denisa:"i will borrow the indonesian folktale book.told us the story this morning.where are you going?" kiara:"we're going to the library.. Vina . nice to meet you too.Vina ..oh.it's about indonesia folktale" kiara:"this one is a bedtime story book.. with my friends Feli. Dea . hi vina. vina . mmm .and.the english teacher.they meet harun. dea : thanks vina." harun:"kiara..i forgot the rest of the story. do you know where the post office? vina . yes I know. you're welcome.no problem" harun:"thank" dialogue 3 situation:denisa and kiara are in the library denisa:"look at this book.." kiara:"ok.a lion caught a mouse.denisa.it's a good story" denisa:"could you retell the story?please. Fell .kiara's brother.. i am sure.no. hallo ..the mouse asked the lion to set him free. i am felli .. what are you doing here? dea. The post office is located next to the museum.. hi dea. what are you doing right now? b : Hmmm. you can look by yourself. felli .promised that he would help the lion one day.have you ever heard the story of 'the lion and the mouse'?" denias:"no.. . felli . But I mean.vita. are you sure? Vina .i don't bring my library card" kiara:"do you want me to borrow it for you?" denisa:"yes. contoh: dialogue 1 situation:kiara met denias who loves folktales very much in the canteen school at the break time.the mouse.denias.denisa and i want to borrow some english story books" harun:"will you do me a favor?" kiara:"what is it?" harun:"will you please return this book to the library?" kiara:"sure. kiara:"hi. oh . i am fina. yes .thanks" a : hey. I ever read it formerly . what is the novel you read? b : goosebump a : owh.. i do. I'm reading a novel a : yeah I know.

Vily : How can you get it? Fanny : I got it from my father as my birthday present. is there anything interesting? Fanny : Look this! Vily : Oh my God! It's very beautiful! Fanny : Yeah. I hope he will be responsible c : thank you Fanny : Hi Boy... yeah........C`mon lets go... b : yeah.... dont lend that book to him b : why? c : yes. wow. T_T Josh : Relax Martin.we are just meet in this place James : Yeah.but i don`t have much money... b : okay. but.. i will lend it for you.Hi Martin ?? What are you doing in this pace ?? Martin : owh. thanks.i will paying you for that Meat Balls.c : hi guys.don`t be waiting.yeah.... you must be responsible. :) Martin : Waw!!! Good idea...do you want eat meat balls with me in that Restaurant ?? James : Sure.. Hi Vily Boy : Oh hi! What's up? You look so happy today..i`am so hungry.HAHA :D Josh And Martin : Okay.... I will..* 5 ya ?? :D .. James : eh. and I love it so much..haha :D Josh : Eh.. Boy : Wow! Congratulation! Vily : You're so lucky! Fanny : Okay.eh. b : although you always return something lately...!!!! :D Hhe.. what's your problem? a : you always return something that you borrow lately b : ooo....... Vily : That's right. i will not lend it for you c : please... James : Hey there!!! How are you ?? Martin : Hey!!!! I`am fine....thats right. I will return it on time a : Don't believe him.haha :D Udah tu.good :D Josh : Hi James. Boy : So cool. c : okay. this is limited edition c : may i borrow it? a : hey..how about you ?? James : I`am good.. :) Martin : Really ?? :) :D Josh : Yeah... Its an expensive watch. I still trust that you can change your bad behavior a : huft.... yeah.i`am really :) Martin : Waw!!! Thnaks man!!! :) Josh : You`r Welcome.you ?? Martin : Mmmm. good book. I promise.

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