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The Divine Cosmos

The Divine Cosmos


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Published by: gagskhosa on Jan 28, 2009
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So, with the information that we have uncovered in this chapter, we now have
established a clear connection between the energetic behavior that has been
observed at the quantum level with that of the planetary level. Just as “explicit
angular-dependent many-body forces” must be invoked to explain the formation
of microclusters, similar geometric forces are clearly at work in the plasma
formations observed in Hessdalen, Norway and indeed in the Earth itself, which
has a geometrically-structured plasma core and an evolving geometric
complexity of the continental positions as it expands in its physical size. We also
now have a new view of earthquake formation that explains why we see plasma
formations during times of high seismic activity, and which also fits in with the
concept that the Earth’s core is composed of luminous plasma. The anomalous
disappearances of ships and aircraft at the node points of our Global Grid clearly
point to the validity of a model involving multiple densities of aether, where matter
can be displaced from one density to another if the torsion-wave pressure within
the molecules rises high enough to cross the vibratory rate of the speed of light.

From here, our next step is to expand this “holographic” model even further, by
demonstrating that these same energetic principles are at work throughout
the entire Universe, at every level of size, with simple but precise harmonic
principles defining their relationships to each other. This will truly establish a
unified model that has never before been seen in any modern scientific work, but
which is most likely a return to ancient understandings of the Divine Cosmos.
The following two chapters form the heart of the model that this book is
presenting, and will draw upon all of the previous knowledge that we have
covered in this book up until now.



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Now that we have a basic working model for how matter and energy are
functioning at the quantum level, as well as having demonstrated a harmonic
expansion of these principles into the behavior of plasma formations and
planetary energy dynamics, we are ready to propose a truly unified model of a
Divine Cosmos. This model has been hidden in the ancient textbooks,
monuments and mythological legends of esoteric science, now hoary with age
and waiting to be re-discovered. This newly rediscovered information also allows
us to consider the origin and creation of our known Universe as a blossoming,
conscious Ultimate Being, instead of as a sudden explosion of “nothing” that
scattered lonely, slow-burning nuclear furnaces into the paralyzing darkness of

We wish to thank Dr. Oliver Crane for developing many of the key concepts
related to this model in his landmark 1993 paper, now ready to download online
with a suggested donation of $1, entitled Central Oscillator and the Space-Time
Quanta Medium.
[1] What we have in this chapter is a blending of Crane’s central
hypothesis with the knowledge that we have acquired from Johnson’s physics as
well as the ancient Vedic scriptures, which we feel has given us a more complete
and unified model that fits together with the observable data.

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