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The Divine Cosmos

The Divine Cosmos


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Published by: gagskhosa on Jan 28, 2009
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As we had stated previously, in the next chapter we will establish the second as
a key harmonic time period for the pulsations of the Great Central Sun. Native
Americans, (who appear to have inherited this knowledge from an ancient
advanced civilization,)
symbolize this Universal Heartbeat by the drum, which is
beat at a steady, unchanging rhythm. The pulse is typically very close to being
four beats per second, with a stress on the first of each four beats. This
suggests, again, that all human beings have a deep, inner awareness of the
importance of the second. Drummers know that a majority of pop songs are 120
beats per minute, which gives two beats per second just like a heartbeat,
perfectly in tune with the Great Central Sun. Slower songs have a relaxing effect
and faster songs have an exciting effect. The human heart is known to have an
average pulse of 60 beats per minute.

Let us not forget that these rhythmic pulsations of the Great Central Sun can also
be likened to that of a breathing movement. In the Vedic scriptures it is said that

“the science of breath is the single deepest secret of all esoteric traditions.”

Meditation is used as a means of emulating this energy process. By imagining
the slow, rhythmic breathing movements of your own body in meditation as being
the Universal Heartbeat, and / or the counter-rotating movement of the arms and
legs while walking, you can experience higher states of consciousness, feeling
that you have merged your own being with the Ultimate Being. Hindu traditions
also teach the Initiates to match their breaths with certain numbers of beats in
their heart rate, thus creating two steady rhythmic frequencies between the heart
and the movement of the diaphragm and lungs.

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