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Published by: taha_eslamnia on Jan 28, 2009
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As external documents cannot be displayed and edited in an EPLAN working window, not
all options of the Page menu can be selected for this page type. The following functions
are not supported for an external document:

• Open page in new window

• Save page

• Close page

• Read in backup page

• Empty page


• Next/Previous page.

Furthermore, external document pages are not displayed in the page preview.

However, renaming, moving, and deleting an external document and displaying and
editing its page properties is done in the same way as for "normal pages".

When copying a project containing pages of the External document type, the external
document is only copied to the project directory of the target project if the external
document "belongs" to the source project. In other words, only the file name and exten-
sion were entered in the Document name input field which means that the external
document is located in the project directory of the source project.

If you select the Print menu option for an external document, the familiar Print dialog box
is called up first (see Fig. 32 on Page 48). Once you confirm with [OK], EPLAN opens the
corresponding program briefly and closes it again. The external document will be printed

EPLAN 5.50 News



• Pages of the External document type can only be exported in EXF as well as in
HTML/DWF format. During the EXF export, EPLAN only outputs the page information
and the document name. When exported to the HTML/DWF format, external docu-
ment pages are output as HTML/DWF pages with a hyperlink to the corresponding
included external document.

• An EPLAN project page cannot be subsequently converted into a page of the Exter-
nal document type by modifying the page properties!

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