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Altadena Visioning committee application

Altadena Visioning committee application

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Application for candidates for town council committee
Application for candidates for town council committee

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Published by: altadenablog on Nov 27, 2012
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730 East Altadena Drive Altadena, California 91001 Phone: (626) 398-6174 – Fax: (626) 296-1198

Questions? Call Jamie Bissner at 626 794 4435/email contractinginfo@sbcglobal.net Please call before going to the center to verify hours and that attendant is at the desk.

Application for the 2012 Community Standards District Revision Subcommittee
The Altadena Town Council is establishing a subcommittee to guide its residential and commercial community standards. The application form is below. Please fill out as instructed and fax or return to the community center no later than 5 PM Tuesday December 11, 2012. If using postal service postmark no later than December 8. A signature and date required only if returning by hand carry or U.S. mail.

Name: ____________________________________ Address: ___________________________________ ___________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________ Email: ___________________________________

Signature: _________________________________ Date:__________________

Guidelines for qualification: • Must be 18 years or older • Must be an Altadena resident for the last 5 years and/or currently own an Altadena business • Must be available for one meeting each month for the 6 month committee term

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Application for the 2012 Community Standards District Revision Subcommittee Page 2 The following information is not a prerequisite for selection to the Subcommittee but will aid in determining our most qualified candidates Please check all that apply to you: Own/owned a business in Altadena in the last 20 years and a current resident Served on a committee, commission, agency or volunteer organization which benefitted Altadena. Specify:_____________________________________________________

A licensed and/or degreed professional in: Real estate Construction Architecture Law Planning Other:__________________________ Briefly state how you feel you can enhance the subcommittee. Attach additional sheets if needed:

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