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John Mitchell, ECH administration executive director Yi Hsuan Yang, ECH PR corporal Feb. 22, 2012 CPR/First Aid Awareness Day proposal

The Eugene City Hospital PR department has been exciting approached about an opportunity. The Lane County Chapter of the American Red Cross has proposed an event called CPR/First Aid Awareness Day. This would be a one-day free CPR training event as part of a greater, nationwide effort in partnering with the Red Cross. We aim to train a million people in CPR and first aid by the end of the year. The event would officially kick off on April 7. ECH’s role would be to sponsor the one day event. The hospital’s responsibilities would include providing trainers, volunteers, refreshments, childcare and other amenities, as well as promotion including public relations and advertising in the local to generate buzz about the event. We think this event would be an excellent opportunity to promote ECH and give us further good standing in the community since it aligns with both of our mission statements and goals. The event would be free to the public, with those over 14 being able to participate in free first aid and CPR certificate training from the Red Cross. (Normally such certificates are $75!) We suggest pre-registration: on-line, in person, or phone by Friday, April 6th no later than 5pm. We would hold the event at Alton Baker Park on Saturday, April 7 from 8am to 4pm (rain or shine). Covered shelters will be available if we need them. I hope you consider this idea and looking forward to your reply.

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