The Grace to Grow

The Grace to Grow In a great distance through unaided mortal tongue had tried Bitter silence led to its

mediocre upheaval claim The smoke on the resistance led to its bitter smile To want in bitter silence amidst its golden calf To chase away dreams to draw back its evil scheme The Grace to Grow There are so many things I think you ought to know Shattered glass plagued for battle in bitter solution Beneath the ground the Earth does swell Shaped throughout my agony poised inside my living Hell, Brandished by the ivy briars in droves Nature becomes silent while putting book right back on shelf Such as oil in Persia unleashed the lion within me Sullen dreams the song of untimely evil schemes Looking back on its bitter swell In justifiable course pulsating through its inner agony alone A word once spoken in darkness has now become a great light Never ever relent in giving up on its fight Shades of green grass spoken amidst its untimely dross Shattered amidst the barren silence throughout is known escalades One may evoke purity from its untimely demise Shattered fragments within left in its accord to its surprise The king has set upon his throne a vacant lot Lest we forget far away from our visitation at home For no matter where we must roam A poet should find the grace to grow Amidst sadness, tears & fears he is there

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