Copy and paste to create a documentThose two murdered men (Mr. Alum and Mr.

Tayl or) just happened to live in that same building in Marners Hrbpr Projects on Loc kman Ave. I would have mentioned this to her, but we didn't have a meaningful established relationship. She was just another hand picked loser prostitute whp told mt she always wanted to wear a blond wig. She was overly enthusiastic to hav mixed children and it wasn't beneath her to m arry (I think she was paid for her first marriage to an illegal alien). I know she was having sex with one of my rapists and the second man, an illegal alien, I ws forced bred with as well as the others like Louie. Where Theresa just happened to tell me she was moving to because her son, Brndon was acting up (probably being harrassed) and if he didn't straighten up she'd m ove tpo Atlanta (to make certain he would become a gay sex slave because he's mi xed - I guess Butch can't or won't protect his son because he's too busy havong orgies like he did with Theresa). The hand picked losers are/were all the same and have The Mark of the Beast beca use they are condoning, promoting and living off of the beastly system of prosti tution which devolves people into mere animals, like cattle. They aid and abet the Sadistic, pedophile, homosexual rapists in their Satanic g rab for power and World Domination they'll never get!

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