QR Codes

What, How and Why?

What if...
• Your bulletin boards could speak? • You could put video on your

• Your student‟s work could be seen and

• You found a way to help kids access
more information on a topic?

Please scan the code

Please scan the code

How do you get this?
Start by copying a website address (url) that
you want to link to....

Then go to a free QR code generator such as:



• •

Paste the copied address into the window and select “Generate Free” Copy your QR code when it appears

Not Just for Websites
You can even present them with some written information...
Select the Text Option and press “Generate Free”

Maximum 160 characters

You can also „hear‟ a message
Type what you want to have said.

Type in any language

It can’t be too long

Copy/paste to whatever document you are using.

QR Voice

What do you need to read these?
• •
A QR code reader on a smart phone (iPhone or Android), iPad, iPod Touch There are several free apps that offer to read QR Codes

One is by TapMedia” in either the App store or Android Store

What if my students don‟t have a smart phone?

Offer them a ‘unique’ web address to go to...
A web address ‘shortener’ can do this for you
There are several shortening options...each with something different to offer you

Bitly.com Just sign in using an email account
Paste your link

Your shortened link!

Want a more meaningful name?


Choose the extension...save


Goo.gl (yes...google!)
go to: goo.gl

Paste in a link Want a QR code? Click on ‘details

Here it is!

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