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Errichiello Editor Survey Crazy

Errichiello Editor Survey Crazy

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Published by: Tim Sanders on Nov 27, 2012
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Net  Minds  Partner  Survey  –  Brenda  Errichiello,  Development  Editor       1.

Why  are  you  interested  in  this  Net  Minds  Select  project?       I  would  be  a  good  fit  for  this  project  because  the  authors  are  looking  for  a   collaborative  editor,  which  I  am,  to  help  sharpen  and  streamline  their  writing,  which   I  can  do.    I've  also  got  a  lot  of  experience  working  with  bloggers  and  authors,   especially  in  the  areas  of  sexuality  and  relationships.  (I've  edited  all  of  Clarisse   Thorn's  books,  and  I  have  worked  with  a  variety  of  journalists  and  bloggers  who   focus  on  everything  from  BDSM  in  relationships  to  healthy  eating.)  I'm  also   personally  interested  in  family  psychology  and  dynamics  and  especially  in   mitigating  the  potential  harm  that  can  come  from  dysfunction  in  the  home,  so  I   would  love  to  help  the  authors  get  their  message  out  and  help  some  people  along   the  way.       2. What  is  your  level  of  expertise  for  your  editing  services?  If  you  provide  multiple   editorial  services,  classify  your  expertise  for  each.       I’ve  been  editing  and  consulting  since  2004.  I  started  my  editing  career  in  an   academic  writing  center,  but  I  had  the  opportunity  to  work  with  creative  writing   and  nonfiction  towards  the  end  of  my  work  there.  I  started  my  freelance  business  on   the  side  in  2010  and  officially  launched  in  mid-­‐2011.  I  made  the  switch  to  full-­‐time   editing  in  June  of  2012.  Over  the  last  year,  I  have  helped  over  thirty  people  bring   their  projects  to  completion.     I  offer  a  variety  of  services  in  a  variety  of  fields—everything  from  developmental   editing  to  proofreading,  and  I  have  worked  in  fiction  and  nonfiction  as  well  as   academically  (APA  style  primarily).         As  far  as  developmental  editing  for  nonfiction  is  concerned,  I  have  worked  on  over   fifteen  nonfiction  projects  with  developmental  and  organizational  components  in   the  last  year  and  have  experience  helping  authors  identify  the  focus  of  their  book   and  supporting  them  in  organizing  and  arranging  their  material.  I  am  a  very   organizational-­‐minded  person,  and  I  believe  that  in  order  to  have  clear,  well-­‐ organized  writing,  the  author  needs  to  start  with  clear  and  well-­‐organized  thought.  I   spend  a  lot  of  time  trying  to  understand  the  author’s  intention  and  approach  and   working  with  my  clients  to  help  them  understand  exactly  what  they  are  trying  to   convey,  so  when  they  write,  the  intention  and  direction  is  already  clear.  My   philosophy  here  is  to  scaffold  the  author—I  think  there  is  great  power  in   authenticity,  so  I  am  not  an  editor  that  will  plug  information  into  a  “standardized”   form  and  then  chug  away.  Instead,  I  am  interested  in  supporting  the  author’s   instinctive  approach  and  tweaking  it  to  make  them  more  effective  and  still  true  to   their  intention  and  desires  for  the  work.     As  far  as  line  editing/streamlining  text  is  concerned,  my  academic  background  is  a   boon  here,  as  I  am  highly  skilled  at  understanding  an  author’s  intent  and  working  


with  them  in  order  to  create  language  that  most  clearly  conveys  their  intention.    My   experience  here  is  mostly  centered  around  helping  the  author  say  what  they  want  to   say  in  the  most  elegant  and  most  comprehensible  way.  I  have  an  advantage  in  this   area  because  of  my  training  as  an  educator—I  have  an  understanding  of  how  people   learn  to  write  and  produce  writing  and  that  gives  me  a  depth  of  understanding  that   other  editors  may  not  have.     As  far  as  proofreading  is  concerned,  I  have  been  trained  as  a  writing  consultant  and   an  editor  as  part  of  my  stint  in  the  academic  center,  and  so  I  have  collegiate-­‐level   training  in  grammar  and  usage.  In  the  field,  there’s  a  fine  line  between  grammatical   language  and  ideal  language,  however,  so  my  philosophy  is  to  let  the  author  know   what’s  grammatical  and  allow  them  to  make  the  final  judgment  call.       Ultimately,  there  is  no  true  “assessment”  of  my  work  other  than  the  author’s   satisfaction.    If  you  are  interested  in  examining  feedback  from  my  clients,  you  can   take  a  look  at  my  testimonials  page  (http://www.bee-­‐ editing.com/testimonials.php),  and  I  would  be  more  than  happy  to  put  you  in  touch   with  my  clients  who  have  offered  to  be  a  reference  for  me.     3. What  genres  do  you  work  in?    

My  business  model  is  based  around  being  available  for  editing  in  any  genre  or  field.   My  projects,  though,  are  mostly  divided  between  non-­‐fiction  (primarily  bloggers   who  have  decided  to  write  a  book,  and  especially  bloggers  who  address   relationships,  sexuality,  body  image,  and  other  human  interest  topics)  and  fiction   (primarily  fantasy,  science  fiction,  romance,  and  young  adult  literature)           4. Where  are  you  located  (zip  code)?   About  15  minutes  northwest  of  Chicago-­‐-­‐60016   5. What  books  have  you  previously  worked  on?    OR  Do  you  have  an  editing  or  writing   sample  online?     I  have  worked  on  many  projects  since  starting  my  business  in  November  of  2011,   although  many  of  my  clients  are  still  in  the  process  of  releasing  their  work.  A  few   examples  are  here:       • I  have  edited  all  of  Clarisse  Thorn’s  published  work:   http://www.amazon.com/Clarisse-­‐ Thorn/e/B007IOE0RA/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1354029167&sr=8-­‐1   • I  edit  for  Carolyn  Crane/Annika  Martin  (pen  name)   o http://www.amazon.com/Mr-­‐Real-­‐Code-­‐Shadows-­‐ Book/dp/1480134694/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1354029 221&sr=1-­‐1&keywords=carolyn+crane  

o http://www.amazon.com/Wrong-­‐Taken-­‐Hostage-­‐Robbers-­‐ ebook/dp/B009PFL992/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=135402 9366&sr=1-­‐1&keywords=the+wrong+turn   • Bloggers  I  have  worked  with:     o Kate  Fridkis  @  www.eatthedamncake.com   o Mara  Glatzel  @  www.maraglatzel.com   o Christie  Inge  @  www.christieinge.com   o Rachel  White  @  www.  rachelrabbitwhite.com     As  far  as  a  sample  of  my  editing  work—I  have  found  most  of  my  clients  to  be  very   unwilling  to  share  their  early  drafts  publicly,  which  I  think  is  pretty  understandable.   Instead,  I  offer  to  do  a  sample  edit  of  up  to  five  pages  for  anyone  interested  in   working  together  with  me.       If  you’re  looking  for  a  sample  of  my  writing  and  approach  to  editing,  I  would  suggest   you  take  a  look  at  my  blog:  www.eclecticeditor.com       This  is  a  difficult  question  for  me  because  I  am  very  interested  in  a  variety  of  fields,   subjects,  and  lines  of  thought.  Primarily,  though,  I  am  interested  in  relationships,   story,  and  the  human  experience—how  we  connect  with  each  other,  how  we   communicate  with  each  other,  how  we  talk  about  ourselves  and  our  society  and  our   relationships.  I  am  also  interested  in  human  development  and  am  very  curious   about  how  we  develop  into  the  people  that  we  are  and  then  learn  to  communicate   and  relate  to  others  around  us.     I  love  to  read  fantasy  and  YA  lit,  but  I  will  read  pretty  much  anything  except  for   horror  and  mystery.  When  I  read  nonfiction,  it  spans  the  gambit  from  psychology  to   human  evolution  to  religion  to  language  to  astrophysics.       I  am  also  fascinated  by  the  process  of  creation—how  people  write,  how  they  come   to  write,  how  they  motivate  themselves  and  work  through  the  process.  One  of  my   double  majors  in  college  was  in  music,  so  I  am  also  curious  about  musicians  and   artists  and  the  commonalities  between  artistic  experiences.  Honestly,  though,  you   could  convince  me  to  take  a  100  level  class  in  pretty  much  any  subject  from   weightlifting  to  agriculture.  I’m  ultimately  just  a  very  curious  person.       7. List  the  URL  of  either:  Blog,  Website  or  Social  Media  Presence     Blog:  www.eclecticeditor.com   Website:  www.bee-­‐editing.com   Social  Media:  @eclecticeditor   8. What  are  some  of  your  hobbies  or  outside  interests?     6. What  authors  or  subjects  influence  or  inspire  you?    


Before  I  started  editing,  my  go  to  answer  for  this  question  was  always  “reading,”  but   since  I  spend  most  of  my  days  reading  and  working  with  books,  I  have  had  to   reprioritize  my  hobbies!  I  do  like  to  move—I  practice  yoga,  lift  free  weights,  and  am   training  to  run  a  half  marathon  in  June  of  next  year.  I  also  enjoy  cooking,  especially   when  I  have  the  opportunity  to  invite  people  over  and  then  feed  them.  In  my  true   downtime,  I  like  to  paint  with  pastels,  crochet,  and  walk  along  the  river  trail  that’s   close  to  my  house.  I  can  also  play  the  trumpet  and  have  been  teaching  myself  to  play   the  violin.     9. Which  statement  best  describes  you  professionally:     A. I  get  stuff  done.     B. I  do  high  quality  work.     C. I  work  on  stuff  that  matters.   D. I’m  a  leader  of  projects  and  teams.       10. At  Net  Minds,  we  offer  a  dynamic  platform  that  enables  authors  and  partners  such   as  yourself  to  create  a  win/win  arrangement.    Our  system  allows  partners  to  be   awarded  a  share  of  royalties  from  the  sale  of  the  book,  much  like  a  startup.     What  type  of  working  arrangements  with  the  author  are  you  interested  in?     A. Freelancer  (flat  fee,  no  profit  sharing)     B. Partner  (Reduced  up  front  fee,  plus  profit  sharing)     C. Investor  (Pure  profit  sharing)     NOTE:  Those  who  choose  Partner  or  Investor  are  significantly  more  likely  to  be  chosen   by  most  of  our  authors,  as  it  shows  a  true  commitment  to  the  project.    If  you  choose   Freelancer  or  Partner,  please  indicate  your  standard  fees.     My  standard  fees  are  as  follows  and  are  based  on  word  count:       Content/Developmental  Editing:  $0.006  per  word   Line/Copy  Editing:  $0.005  per  word   Proofreading:    $0.0025  per  word   Comprehensive  Package  (all  three  above,  plus  critique):  $0.012  per  word       As  for  the  partner  package,  I  would  be  more  than  willing  to  negotiate  a  reduction  in   up  front  price  (or  a  flat  price  for  the  project,  if  you  would  prefer)  and  profit  sharing.   My  goal  here,  and  with  all  of  my  work,  is  to  be  flexible,  supportive,  and   accommodating,  so  if  there  is  anything  I  can  do  to  facilitate  a  compromise,  please  let   me  know.          

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