Thermal Emergencies Heat Related Illnesses Heat Exhaustion  Heavy sweating  Cool moist skin  Muscle crams  Headache

 Nausea  Dizziness  Weak pulse  Shallow breathing May progress to Heat Stroke  Behavior changes  Mental status  They look red  Skin dry= extreme emergency  Can get core body temp 105 degrees If conscious and can follow commands, able to swallos, give small amounts of carbohydrate-electrolyte drink Apply cool wet towels and fan patient. If they don’t improve, get them to a hospital they’re going into heat stroke. 48 hr after heat exhaustion is danger zone for recurring Cold-Related Emergencies Hypothermia  Shivering  Numbness  Glassy stare  A&O  Impaired judgment Primary assessment and vital signs. Slowly and gently move them to warmer climate. Remove any wet clothes gently dry as much as possible. Warm them slowly keep head covered. Do NOT immerse them in warm water or rub or massage extremities. Can cause cardiac arrhythmia. 8

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