1 ESO IES Juan José Gómez Quintana.

Mónica Somavilla Muñiz

One moment around the world

1.Are these sentences true or false? Correct the false ones. Use long sentences a) Caleb lives in London. b) Ryan is reading a comic. c) The Brazilian boy is playing football in the park. d) Anchorage is in Nebraska, United States e) The French girl doesn't like basketball. f) The Qatari girl is doing her homework on the computer. g) Sanjiv is having dinner. h) It's cold and snowy in Wellington. 2. Answer the following questions a) What's the weather like in London? b) Who lives in Sao Paulo? c) What lesson is the Mexican girl having? d) What is Logan having for breakfast? e) Who is helping Zeynep with her homework? f) Why is the Indian boy getting ready for bed? g) Why can't the Japanese girl sleep?

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