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A comparison of four relations Synonims (p) Jack is a seaman (q) Jack is a sailor hyponim and superordinate (p) Rover

is a collie (q) Rover is a dog

Non binary antonym (p) Luke is rich (q) luke is poor

binary antonyms (p) the window is open (q) the window is closed

From that ,Synonyms and binary as a mirror images.Synonyms : if one sentence is true the other is true , If one sentence is false the other is false.Binary antonyms : if one sentence is true the other false .Non binaries are like binary antonym but non binary can be false both of sentence . hyponym and superordinate a still different pair, they need each other for false or truth . 5.8 converse antonyms Synonimy , hyponymy and antonymy presents with pairs of sentences : each sentence has same subjects and different predicates , for predicates only had one valency , only there is a subject no other referring expression. 20a. The map is above the chalkboard . 20b. The chalkboard is below the map Converseness is a kind of antonymy between two terms.In 20a map has the role of theme and chalkboard the role of associate . in 20b reversed. Common converse pairs : husband of / wife-of ,employer of/ employe- of, left of//right of etc.Few pairs of converse 3 argument predicates : give-to / receive from, sell-to / buy- from ,lend to / borrow-from.
22a. Dad lent me a money 22b. I borrowed a little money from dad.

If A gives X to B. B receives X from A. 23a. Danny becomes a window

23b. A window was broken ( by dhany) There is a converse sentence in which the original object becomes subject , the verb is passive and the agent may be deleted. From all examples of sentences with converse pairs (A) and (b) are pharaprase . 28a. The dictionary is heavier than the novel 28b. The novel is lighter than the dictionary Thought heavy and light are non binary antonims , the coperative forms are converse : more heavy: less light , less heavy : more light.These are also equivalent sentences: more expensive and less expensive are converse terms . factoring out are more and less. In converse relation most adjectives allow for gradience more A and less A, with a scale long which there are various amount of more or less.Converse relation with other parts of speech are more like binary antonymy . There are practical constraints on conversenes . converseness requaires the two argumeents,theme ,associate , to be of about the same size,rank or importance.