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ESL4 Final Exam Questions

ESL4 Final Exam Questions

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Published by Amy Berezowski-Kim

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Published by: Amy Berezowski-Kim on Nov 28, 2012
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Suwon Science College

with Professor Amy Berezowski-Kim

ESL4 Final Exam Questions
1. How much TV a day do you watch? 2. What do you usually watch on TV? 3. I will show you two dress/shoes/t-shirts and ask you to make a comparative sentence. 4. I will show you two dress/shoes/t-shirts and ask you to make a negative comparative sentence (isn’t/aren’t). 5. I will show you a dress/shoes/t-shirt and ask you to make a superlative sentence. 6. How important is fashion to you? 7. How much money do you spend on clothes each month? 8. I have (a) _________, what should I do? 9. What is your problem and have you been taking anything for it? 10. What is your problem and how long have you had it? 11. What is your mother tongue? [question NOT for Sports Students] 12. What is one Korean custom? [question NOT for Sports Students]

How I will Mark your Final Exam ESL4 Final Exam Score Sheet
Question # Grammar Pronunciation Fluency and speed Volume Content Total









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