International Meetings - Part 2 Listen and learn AKTIV-8 Business English Interrupt and deal with interruptions

If you want to make an impression in international meetings, you’ll need to interrupt sometimes. However, it’s important to do it diplomatically. Listen and repeat the following phrases for more effective communication in international meetings.

Cydnie Thompson, BA CELTA -Native Speaker Englisch Communication Developer

Wenn Sie einen Eindruck in internationalen Sitzungen machen wollen, müssen Sie manchmal unterbrechen. Jedoch ist es wichtig, es diplomatisch zu tun.Hören Sie und wiederholen Sie die folgenden Ausdrücke für die wirksamere Kommunikation in internationalen Sitzungen.

Listen here : Interrupt 1. Sorry to interrupt, but… 2. Could I just come in here? 3. May I just say something? (more formal) Deal with interruptions 1. Can I just finish what I was saying/my point/sentence? 2. Just let me finish !(quite hard and direct – maybe to be used in a conflict situation) 3.Just a moment! I hope you have enjoyed this podcast…For more information on effective business English communication training, visit or

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