The Significance of Negative Dialectics of Adorno and the Limits of its Theoretical Praxis in the Context of History of Dialectics

Kim, Seong-Woo As the ontological attitude to constitute a society other than the modern capitalist one, the diverse forms of ontology of difference have appeared on one side of Deconstructionism and the ones of ontology of negation on the other side of Dialectics. A model of the former is Deleuze's ontology and one of the latter Adorno's negative dialectic. Deleuze as a descendant of Nietzsche determines negation as a attitude of slaves and presents affirmation as a axis of revaluation. Unlike a dialektikos who put emphasis on negation, he doesn't regard affirmation as the uncritical and anti-critical. But Adorno does still choose negation. And so he call his way to the truth 'a negative dialectic' in contrast to previous ones. According to him, the empirical contents of dialectics consist in the figure of 'a negation of the negation', but in the resistance of the other(non-identity, nature, state-affairs, reality) to the same(identity). Owing to the experience, dialectics freed from the fetters will have worked. He presents his negative dialectic in order to overcome Hegel's idealist one and Diamat that has been the formal ideology of the Soviet Union. Instead of seeking to the identity of these previous dialectics, his turn to non-identity(differences with the present beings) de-constructs the onto-theological structure as a first basis through the artistic moment of mimesis that recollects the traces of differences. But, doesn't his non-identity opposed to

substantialization of the mediate belong to one of the immediate? Therefore, doesn't his negative dialectic be in the difficulty of "the latest version of philosophical consolation and the kind of mythical euphemism" for which he has criticized deconstructionism. Subject Sphere : Ontology, Social Philosophy Key Words : Negative Dialectics, Nietzschean Ontology, Platonic Dialectic, Hegelian Dialectic,


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