Lee el texto e identifica a los personajes.

Luego, describe a los dos personajes que faltan (Ellen y Peter) e identifícalos. Tim is dancing with Tessa.he’s got short dark hair and he’s wearing a white T-shirt with a black stripe. John’s got a beard ans short fair hair . he’s dancing with Pat who is wearing a striped T-shirt. Chris has got a beard and short fair hair . he’s wearing a jacket. Ann is fat an she’s wearing a white skirt and a spotted blouse. Sue has got fair hair . She’s wearing a long white dress and she’s laughing. Mary has got fair hair and she’s smiling. She’s wearing a pair of jeans and a chequered shirt. Steve is wearing a black suit and glasses. he’s wearing a funny hat. Alex is wearing a chequered suit and a mask. Who is…? a. g. b. h. c. i. d. j. e. k. f. l. Descripción de Ellen y Peter

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