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SFHSA.meeting.11.15.12 THC.grant Memorandum

SFHSA.meeting.11.15.12 THC.grant Memorandum

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Published by: Jeff Webb on Nov 28, 2012
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City and County of San Francisco

Edwin M. Lee, Mayor

Human Services Agency
Department of Human Services Department of Aging and Adult Services

Trent Rhorer, Executive Director

TO: THROUGH: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSION TRENT RHORER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR STEVE ARCELONA, DEPUTY DIRECTOR DAVID CURTO, DIRECTOR OF CONTRACTS NOVEMBER 13, 2012 GRANT MODIFICATION: TENDERLOIN HOUSING CLINIC (NONPROFIT) TO PROVIDE FOR THE HOUSING FIRST PROGRAM - CARE NOT CASH & NON CARE NOT CASH SITES Current 7/1/096/30/15 $92,935,158 FY 12/13 $14,803,376 County $153,415 100% Modification 7/1/126/30/13 $153,415 FY 12/13 $153,415 State New 7/1/096/30/15 $93,088,573 FY 12/13 $14,956,791 Federal Other Total $153,415 100%


The Department of Human Services (DHS) requests authorization to modify the existing grant with Tenderloin Housing Clinic (THC) for the period of July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013 with an additional $153,415 for a not to exceed amount of $93,088,573. The purpose of the modification is to provide funding to address structural deficits such as increasing personnel, utilities and facility maintenance costs. This funding will be used in the 2012-13 fiscal year to cover personnel and operating cost deficiencies rather than cost of living increases for staff. THC’s efforts to address budget deficits include the following: • THC is currently performing utility audits of each hotel to identify waste and inefficiencies. • Laundry income will be budgeted as additional revenue to offset expenses.

HSA will work with THC to consult with hotel owners with the objective of reducing rental payments based on 95% occupancy rather than 100% occupancy.

DHS will review the budget and actual expenditures for 2012/13 to determine what modifications may be needed in the remaining years of this grant. The $153,415 will be allocated to personnel expenditures, utilities, building maintenance, elevator maintenance divided among the CNC and Non-CNC hotels. There are eight Care Not Cash sites: Hotel Sites All-Star Hotel – 2791 16th St. Boyd Hotel – 41 Jones St. Cal Drake Hotel – 1541 California Elk Hotel – 670 St. St. Eddy Graystone Hotel – 66 Geary St. Pierre Hotel – 540 Jones St. Royan Hotel – 405 Valencia St. Union Hotel – 811 Geary St. Property Mgt (THC CNC) Modified Payment Prog (THC CNC) Total CNC Total number of units: 1,572 There are eight Non-Care Not Cash sites: Hotel Sites Units Hartland Hotel – 909 Geary St. 137 Jefferson Hotel – 440 Eddy St. 111 Looper Hotel – 875 Post St. 43 Mayfair Hotel – 626 Polk St. 54 Mission Hotel – 520 S. Van 243 Ness Ave. Raman Hotel – 1011 Howard 85 St.Sixth St. Seneca Hotel – 34 202 Vincent Hotel – 459 Turk St. 102 Property Mgt (THC Non-CNC) Modified Payment Prog (THC Total NCNC Non-CNC) 977

Units 85 82 50 89 73 87 69 60


Background The Housing First Program’s purpose is to lease and manage private residential single room occupancy buildings to provide housing for CAAP and Non-CAAP clients who are homeless at the time of their Department referral and placement. Services to be Provided Along with managing the daily hotel operations, THC also provides an array of voluntary supportive services designed to maximize housing retention and promote self-sufficiency. Supportive services will include case management, referrals to outside resources, crisis intervention and conflict resolution. THC will also offer money management/representative payee services to ensure timely payment of rent, timely distribution of the non-rent portion of each tenant’s warrant, and the prevention of loss of housing due to non-payment of rent. Housing and property management services will be provided at the hotels and locations listed above, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Support services staff will be available during regular work hours, excluding legal holidays as determined by the Grantee’s personnel policies. Selection

Grantee was selected through Request for Proposals 421, which was competitively bid in March 2009. Funding Funding for this modification is provided through Local Funds. ATTACHMENTS THC FY12/13 Budget Analysis

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