FREEMAN’s AMERICANA APARTMENT PROJECTS Urban Park Setting Projects RIGGS (1954) Riggs Rd & Drexel St Arnold Kronstadt designer Now Riggs Hill Condos

Clare Lise Kelly, 11-13-2012

Urban park setting. 6 garden apt buildings. Total 225 units. 1-2 BR

UNIVERSITY (1955) 1801 Jasmine Terr, Adelphi Similar design as Riggs Now University Gardens

Urban park setting. 80 units. 1-2 BR.

645-807 sq ft

FLOWER (1956) Montgomery County 8628 Piney Branch Now Flower Branch

Urban park setting. Garden apts. 11 bldgs, 10 acres. 1-3 BR. AC optional

745 sq ft


HAMPSHIRE (1958) 2200 Phelps Rd, Langley Park Now Campus Gardens

Urban park setting. Garden apts. 20 bldgs, 22 acres, 445 units.

PLAZA (1958) 3400 Toledo Terr, PG Co Belcrest Plaza

Urban park setting. Garden apts. 34 bldgs, 600 units, 1-3 BR

849 sq ft w/den

Natural Setting Projects HAMLET WEST (1959) Beauregard & Sanger, Alexandria VA Collins & Kronstadt, architects Now Brookdale at Mark Ctr

Natural setting, garden apts. 18 bldgs, 500 units, 25 acres

Continued 2

Hamlet West (continued)

970 sq ft


SWANN (1960)
Vic of Suitland Federal Ctr

PARK (1961) 1818 Metzerott Rd Published in House & Home, July 1961 Now Heritage Park

Natural setting. Medium rise apts. 1200 units, 50 acres.

House & Home (1961)

856-893 sqft

FAIRFAX Americana Dr, VA N.Va. Home Bldrs award Now Heritage Woods condos (former garden apts) Continued

Natural setting. Garden apts, townhouses, hi-rise. 60 acres


Fairfax (continued)

2 BR condo - 760 sq ft (sales data)

GLENMONT (1961) Montgomery County 2300 Glenmont Circle Now Glenmont Forest

Natural setting. Garden apts. 19 bldgs, 480 units, 33.8 acres. Adjacent to Wheaton Regional Park.

880 sq ft w/den LANDMARK (1963) Duke St & Shirley, VA HALPINE (1964) 13013 Crookston Ln Montgomery County Now Halpine View Apartments and townhouses. 2000 units. 73 acres Natural setting. Garden apts, mid-rise. 37 acres. Adjacent to Rock Creek Park.

Continued 4


Halpine (continued)

Mid-rise apts

Hi-Rise Projects FINNMARK (1968) Montgomery County 9900 Georgia Ave George G. Mumma, architect Now Americana Finnmark Condos

Luxury garden apts, hi-rise apts. 408 units. Townhouses built later.

CENTRE (1972) Montgomery County City of Rockville

Townhouses, hi-rise.