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ASBulletinFall2012 (4)

ASBulletinFall2012 (4)

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Published by: bethany_glass_1 on Nov 28, 2012
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Fall 2012

Issue No. 10

Vanderbilt University Alternative Spring Break Newsletter

November 26, 2012 Upcoming Events:
11/29 First Deposits, Financial Assistance Application, and Travel Forms Due Official Deadline for Driver Certification Financial Assistance Awarded MLK Weekend of Service Orientation! Final Deposits Due
On Sunday, November 11, while the majority of Vanderbilt students were catching up on homework or sleep, there were some students running around campus on a desperate search. Thirty-nine different groups of ASBers were going in and out of academic buildings, talking with Vanderbilt employees, searching the stacks of Central Library – all with the hopes of uncovering clues about which ASB site they were selected to go on. Many groups were

Site Reveal 2k13: Let’s Light Up the World!

12/7 12/16 1/19-1/21 1/20 1/17

Love ASB? Want to ensure that our organization thrives for many years to come?

Whether you’re an alumnus or a student, donating ensures that all our participants, regardless of financial situation, can afford to go on ASB. Visit https://webapp.mis.vanderbilt.edu/olga/pub/landing?appeal. When specifying where to donate, choose “Other”. Then type “Alternative Spring Break” in the Description box on the following page. We appreciate any and all contributions!

Issue No. 5, Summer 2011
instructed to wear themed outfits, ranging from cowboys to animals to movie characters. Some had specific tasks they needed to accomplish to find their next clue; others had to reach certain locations in order to pair up with more of their site members. Whatever the instructions were, students put all their energy into completing the scavenger hunts so that they could finally discover which sites they were going on. After each group of students joined their site leaders and were told which sites they had become a part of, they engaged in bonding activities and learned more about their site and site members. Then, it was time to meet up with the rest of the ASB crew in Wilson Hall. As each site arrived, the ASB Board was there to greet them with music, dancing, and lots of cheering! Groups settled in to the lecture hall, and it was finally time for Board to unleash some surprises of their own. After the Board members introduced themselves, participants watched the highly anticipated Reveal Video. The Hunger Games style video showed Board members competing to see who would win the honor of revealing the 2k13 theme. The theme this year is “Light Up the World”, and after the video had ended, the Education Co-Chairs shared some thoughts as to why this theme really fits into ASB’s mission – that of en“light”ening ourselves and shedding “light” on various societal issues. Another video featured ASB Site Leaders sharing what particular topics they “Light Up The World” for. But Reveal wasn’t just about education – it was equally about getting pumped up for ASB 2k13! ASBers participated in some classic Reveal activities like “Stand and Declare”, “Oh Yeah Baby” and “Roll Call”. These activities and others filled the room with tons of laughing and cheering, and the energy from the nearly 500 students in attendance was nothing short of electric. Year after year, ASB Site Reveal continues to be filled with fun, surprises, and a whole lot of ASB love. It’s the best way to kick off the upcoming year of ASB activities, and it leaves a lasting memory for years to come.

ASB Alumni Tailgate 2013
This year, ASBers past and present came together to celebrate Homecoming at the 2013 ASB Alumni Tailgate. Before watching Vandy kick some UMass butt, students and alumni had the chance to reunite, catch-up, and enjoy some delicious grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. While many recently graduated alumni were in attendance, so too were alumni who had graduated back when ASB was still in its beginning stages! This year marks ASB’s 25th anniversary, so the tailgate was a great chance for students and alumni to learn and reminisce about how far ASB has come since it first began. Favorite ASB memories were shared, and all in attendance enjoyed the company of good friends, old and new.

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Issue No. 5, Summer 2011

Recap: Fall 2012
Prior to Site Reveal and Alumni Tailgate, ASBers were up to a variety of other activities this fall. In September, students participated in the 9/11 Weekend of Service. ASB arranged volunteer opportunities at Second Harvest Food Bank, Thriftsmart, The Bridge Bunch, and Room in the Inn. Students of all years came together to complete roughly 150 cumulative hours of service over the weekend. From stocking shelves at Second Harvest to serving meals to the homeless at Bridge Bunch, ASBers had the opportunity to take part in a range of meaningful service activities. At the very end of September, it was time for one of the year’s most exciting ASB events: Site Leader Retreat! On September 29, Site Leaders travelled to a secret retreat location where they would discover which site they’d been selected to lead and who their co-Site Leader would be. After getting to know each other through a series of fun icebreaker activities, Site Leaders learned who their co’s were by playing a matching game and where they’d be travelling for ASB 2k13 by embarking on a scavenger hunt and unscrambling letter tiles to uncover their site name. Site Leaders were introduced to their Family Groups and began to learn about their site issues. Overall, it was a fun-filled day that really marked the start of an exciting year of ASB! The following day, the new Site Leaders reunited at ASBBQ. This annual event offers a chance for prospective participants to learn about the different ASB sites and grab some delicious BBQ in the process. Site Leaders mingled with curious students, informing them about their particular site’s issue and encouraging them to apply for ASB 2k13. This year’s ASBBQ had a great turnout, but more importantly, it really helped the Site Leaders bond and get pumped about their sites. While this fall was filled with many exciting ASB events, there are sure to be many more in the coming months. Stay tuned for more info about Orientation, Day of Service, and of course the week of ASB itself!

A Letter from the Editors
Dear Readers: Thanks for checking out the latest issue of the ASBulletin! While we always try to recap the most important events from the semester in each issue, we also try to incorporate relevant upcoming events as well. Make sure to take another look at the Upcoming Events section on the first page so you can be aware of approaching deadlines and activities. We also encourage you too look at the blurb right below that details information about donating to ASB. Whether you’re an alumnus or a student, you can help ensure that future generations of students can afford to go on ASB by donating money to our organization. Follow the directions listed in the blurb to give a donation – any amount is appreciated! As mentioned on the previous page, here is more information on purchasing an ASB long-sleeve shirt: ‐ To order a shirt, visit this link: http://www.thegraphiccowcompany.com/t-shirtbanker/signup/ ‐ For a green shirt, input the code TH11162012114534AM95 ‐ For a red shirt, input the code TH11162012114516AM27 ‐ Then, fill out the online form and follow the instructions. It’s as easy as that! Be on the lookout for a reminder email from PR and for an update about T-shirt pickup next semester. We wish you all the best of luck with the rest of the semester, and look forward to catching up with you again after winter break! Love, Your PR Co-chairs Sarah Corapi and Omar Salman


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