September 17, 2012

Questioner Free Write

For my topic proposal I feel 50/50. On one half, I love my overall topic/theme (Autism) and everything about it. I love the feelings it gives me and the curiosity that it inspires within me. However, on the other hand, I feel like even though I have restricted myself too this one debate, that it is still to broad and not what I really want to focus on. I feel like I could do a paper on it, but I can't help but feel slightly odd about it. I didn't necessarily face any challenges coming up with the idea or writing the proposal because I had a lot of knowledge prior to writing it, but again I think a challenge would be my topic being too broad. Finding facts and figures to back up any proposal and make it more credible was the best part for me because I got to learn more about Autism in the process. I got this assignment done last saturday (8 days ago) so I feel pretty good about not procrastinating, but I never double checked/edited my paper. If I could change anything, I would probably try and make my paper less emotional. Emotion is good but not necessarily for a research paper. If I let my emotions influence my work then it will come out biased and unhelpful.

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