Two Petals

For Cantata Poeta Ricardo Saúl LaRosa

Two petals Thy lips Rosy red sweetness’ sweet This poet's inspiration His temptation For you are not, yet, his ! Two lips Entwined as one Yours and mine I am lost In your kisses I am transformed Into another realm Where love lives for us ! Two spirits Sharing love A forbidden romance indeed Upon this earth But not for us ! For we feel For we dream For we desire To love one another ! Two hearts Crossing paths Unknown before And what shall be of tomorrow ? Who dares To love fervently To love without regrets For love is not for the weak-hearted ! Two hopeless beings No more ! For you have invaded My world My life My being ! With your sweetness With your purity

With your love ! Two paths This dream within a dream This awakening From this false reality Shall be my magus opus Or my fall from grace O’ Cantata ! Two petals Of red and pinkish colors Gently agar Womanliness Splendid youth Art thou And I shall conquer this earth And I shall conquer the moon and mars too For your love For your sweet, sweet kisses For you my darling For those Two petals, My love ! ! !
29 November 2012 Long Beach, New York

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