1. What are the accounts that are setup in the supplier definition form? 2.

What are accounts that need to be setup for the payments processing in payables? 3. List the accounting entries that are generated for the prepayment transaction? 4. Can refunds be recorded against Invoices in payables? 5. What is automatic payments process? 6. What is the mandatory pre – requisite before transferring invoices and payments to GL? 7. Can debit/credit memos be matched against the distributions of an invoice? 8. Can debit memo be matched against a PO? 9. Are suppliers defined in Purchasing? 10. Do payables use auto accounting? 11. Which option controls the creation of batches in payables module? 12. Can you generate a report on a single vendor balance? 13. What is accounting entry for a future dated payment transaction? 14. Can any limit be set for the no of invoices that are recorded in a invoice batch?

15. What are expense report transactions? 16. What are the pre – requisite for recording a expense report transaction? 17. What is the significance of a tax authority supplier? 18. What is the difference between financial options and payable options? 19. What are distribution sets? 20. How many types of distribution sets can be defined? 21. Can multiple invoices be approved at a time? 22. What are the different classes of transactions supported in Oracle receivables? 23. Are cross – currency receipts supported in receivables? 24. Is multi currency supported in receivables? 25. How many set of books a single responsibility of receivables can work with? 26. Can we record sales invoices without Item reference? 27. Is Inventory a pre- requisite module for oracle receivables? 28. What are the diff classifications that exist for Customers in oracle receivables? 29. Who can be an internal customer in receivables? 30. Does receivable maintain period statuses than that of GL?

31. How many period statuses are available for a Receivables period? 32. What are the rules for generating a credit memo against a split invoice? 33. What are invoicing rules? 34. What are accounting rules? 35. List all the accounting entries that are generated in GL for a deposit transaction? 36. List all the accounting entries that are generated for a Guarantee transaction? 37. What is the accounting entry generated for a receipt confirmation transaction? 38. What are the different stages in the receipt remittance process? 39. What are the different stages in the automatic receipts process? 40. Does a document sequence definition is mandatory with automatic receipts process? 41. What is a document sequence? 42. Where do you define document sequences? 43. What is archiving and purging? 44. How can we know that a transaction batch has been purged? 45. What are the line types that are supported in an Invoice?

46. What are MISC receipts?

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