Cast Notes

Jonathan Harwood Jonathan Harwood is our antagonist for our opening sequence. We have selected Jonathan to act this role as we think he has the capability to act in this powerful role. His tall, wide figure meets the stereotypical image of an antagonist in an Action Thriller film. His slick image suits the aggressive but sly role of the overpowering character. His Drama GCSE qualification reassures us that he is capable to act in a professional manor in order for the film to be successful.

Alexander Masha Alexander Masha will be playing the role of our antagonist in the opening sequence. This was not a hard decision to make as his face will be covered and his clothes were chosen for him. We chose Alexander as he has a very small build, which shows the contrast of power and status in the opening scene.

Raja Kavaiya

Unknown Character
Raja Kavaiya Raja Kavaiya will act as the unknown character. This also was not a hard decision as the criteria this actor had to meet was simple. The actor had to have the ability to drive a car. Raja was able to drive the Mercedes and also had the correct clothing to play this “unknown character”.

Raja Kavaiya

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