33 St James Gardens Little Heath Romford Essex RM6 5RY Thursday, 27th September 2012 Dear Mr Ian Stevens


45-65 Oaks Lane Newbury Park Ilford Essex IG27PQ

I am writing to you on behalf of TwentyNineFilms, we are an up and coming British film company. Currently we are working on the opening sequence to a pyshcological thriller film called ‘Inhumane’. My purpose for writing to you is to request access to your premises to film scenes for the movie. We will require full use of your premises for up to four hours. If you choose to agree, a date for yours and our availability will be discussed at a later date. The reason we have chosen your property to film at is we have background knowledge that you have a daughter of the age of our main character. Therefore the setting will already be perfectly realistic. We will be using all of our own props, equipment and costumes and I can ensure that although it is extremely unlikely any damages should occur, if they do we are happy to reimburse you the full sum for replacement. For further information or to schedule a date please contact Kayleigh on 07539214934. Many thanks. Miss K Stevens Director at TwentyNineFilms.