Advertising Case Study

L’Oréal Paris Brasil
Company Background
L’Oréal Paris is the leading global beauty brand, whose philosophy is one of affordable luxury and ageless, multicultural beauty. In Brasil, the brand is known primarily for its hair care and hair color products.

Facebook Executive Summary


L’Oréal Paris Brasil was looking to increase awareness and sales of its other product categories – sun care, skin care, and make-up. While developing a new online strategy, the company saw an opportunity to leverage Facebook to build a cross-category brand space and enlarge its online community. The company recognized that its target audience was already present and active on the platform, so Facebook was a natural fit. The goals of the Facebook campaign were to grow the L’Oréal Paris Brasil Facebook Page fan base and engage, interact with and inspire the brand’s fans and consumers.

Objective: Build a large community of fans and increase cross-category brand awareness Solution: A Facebook campaign using both Facebook Like Ads and Sponsored Stories, all linked to the company Page, which shared exclusive content on all of the brand’s products Key Lessons: • argeting can be refined over T time to achieve increasingly sophisticated goals, such as marketing specific products to the right people • C ombining different Facebook products that complement each other, like Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories, can produce excellent results

The company worked on the campaign with Riot / Sampa, a digital agency. The campaign aimed to draw fans by granting access to exclusive content (tutorials and celebrities) and promotions in return for liking the L’Oréal Paris Brasil Facebook Page.

“We definitely believe that Facebook is a great source of market research and consumer feedback on product advertising campaigns. We can get more than 10,000 consumer opinions very quickly and at almost no cost.”
Adrien Koskas, Digital Manager of L’Oréal Paris Brazil

“We were just testing the • • • . and formed a committee. Digital Manager of L’Oréal Paris Brazil. “They had the best performance with the lowest cost per action. national audience until they were able to identify L’Oréal’s key desired audience based on the initial response to the ads. “We definitely believe that Facebook is a great source of market research and consumer feedback on product advertising campaigns. but they gave us the best performance.” Adrien Koskas says. L’Oréal Paris Brasil is working to measure impact on product sales and implementing marketing that encourages even more engagement and purchase intention. including company directors. the company refined the targeting to women over the age of 18 throughout Brasil. L’Oréal Paris Brasil leveraged Sponsored Stories. “Facebook Ads were directly responsible for 49 percent of our fans. Now.805 people became fans after seeing the Facebook Ads or Sponsored Stories The Page Like Sponsored Stories were the most successful. We can get more than 10.Advertising Case Study L’Oréal Paris Brasil worked with W McCann Brasil to run Facebook Like Ads targeted to a broad. The company also recently began using keyword and interest targeting to direct ads for specific products to more tightly targeted audiences. “The ads were a key determinant for the success of the whole campaign. Sponsored Stories initially. we make media investments throughout the year to keep growing on Facebook.000 consumer opinions very quickly and at almost no cost.” The Future Adrien Koskas explains: “The results of our efforts are growth of brand visibility and more and more people interacting with the brand and knowing about our products.” explains Adrien. L’Oréal Paris Brasil began using Sponsored Stories in April 2011 and initially used both Sponsored Page Posts and Sponsored Likes. to share best online practices. We continue to run them now as a key part of our strategy.” says Adrien Koskas.” Moving forward. “Consumer insights are much easier to obtain than before. Both of these products surface a fan’s action – liking the Page or posting on the Page – to his or her friends on the Facebook Home Page.” Adrien says. It has a dedicated staff member to coordinate the various teams who are involved.” • L’Oréal Paris Brasil is reaching new audiences on Facebook. “We learned that brands can get a great return with low investment. The company is also listening to fans’ feedback on products and campaigns.000 fans. specifically younger women. As fan numbers grew. From there. the most for the L’Oréal brand outside of the US.” L’Oréal Paris Brasil has made changes internally to handle and expand this area of activity. Results • Over 1 billion people in Brasil have seen the L’Oréal Paris Brasil Facebook Ads since they began running in October 2010 The L’Oréal Paris Brasil Facebook Page now has over 500. “It’s a great opportunity to increase brand visibility and to reach new consumers. In addition to Facebook Ads. L’Oréal Paris Brasil used Facebook’s target filtering to exclude people who had already liked the Facebook Page.” 259. Sponsored Stories are a Facebook product that allows businesses to increase the visibility of organic News Feed stories related to their business.

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