The Social Media Crisis Management Workshop

Crisis communications is about business continuity and the return to a normal state of affairs for an organization. The Social Media Crisis Management Workshop is designed to prepare a company for responding to a crisis using social media as part of an overall communications program. It is intended for people in the company who would directly lead the effort to communicate with the stakeholders who together seek to return the organization to normal operations. The workshop can accommodate up to 8 delegates, as there is an emphasis on practicing different scenarios and using real issues facing the company. The participants will discuss their attitudes on using social media, will practice ways to publish and promote content, and will look at the varying ways to analyze and monitor social media campaigns. The emphasis is on experiential learning, sharing and having fun. As the delegates will have their own valuable knowledge to share, there is time in each session for them to contribute either with company specific thoughts, or general questions. This course can either be a half-day workshop, which will cover the sessions below, or a full day, which will include practice sessions using the knowledge gained from the first half. Jim James, founder of EASTWEST Public Relations, facilitates the workshop. Jim has over 15 years of marketing experience in both business and consumer facing industries in Asia. His training clients include Sony Asia, Roche Vitamins Asia, Nortel Networks, AT&T, Datacraft, Inmarsat, RIM, and Philips. Jim is also the Chairman of Eggplantdigital.cn, an interactive agency based in Beijing.

Session 1 Case studies (45 mins)
Case studies will be discussed to frame the agenda relating to crisis and social media. We shall cover business and consumer cases reviewing key elements: Crisis: what took place? Response: how and when the company behaved Reaction: the view of the media and online community Response: when the company ‘engaged’ and managed the situation We will look at each case and review what was done well, and what could have been done differently.

Session 2 Client scenarios (45 mins)
Crisis Scenarios Identify likely scenarios that may arise and the next steps to take using social media to address the crises. These discussions will allow us to map out and lay the foundation for launching a successful crisis management campaign using social media. Tools to be used during this discussion of possible scenarios will be the decision tree and how it can be applied to social media for next steps in the campaign.

The Social Media Crisis Management Workshop


Session 3 Social media communications planning (45 mins)
Using the social media content flywheel we will look at the planning process for digital communications. We shall also use the digital prism to identify channels for crisis communications. In this session will look at the types of content that can be used to effectively carry messages across social media and to be used as a counter-point in crisis management. In this session, we will look at channels and their characteristics of speed, privacy and control. We will take a look at the varying number of platforms that are available and the proper platforms to use of the type of content being published. Tools to be discussed include the conversation prism that maps out the social media universe.

Session 4 Building a plan (45 mins)
How can we effectively build a plan and manage the crisis communications. We will look at the message home, time line and directory of key players in the process. The goal is to end the session with a framework for the team in their various offices to have a coherent and consistent approach to the use of social media for crisis communications. The team will review corporate social media guidelines if appropriate, and will answer questions that the participants may have on creating policy and communicating these internally. We will also audit the organization’s readiness in terms of access to tools, consistency of naming across platforms and who has access to which platforms.

Session 5 Monitoring and Analysis (30 mins)
We will look at the varying tools and services that will allow you to monitor the crisis and determine when it has passed the critical phase and become ready to address as part of ongoing corporate communications. Some benchmark statistics will be identified by the group as key metrics to measure the success of the operation.

Session 7 Review (15 mins)
Closing Remarks & Summary

Investment Half a day (as above) Full day (as above with a half-day practice session) 4 delegates US$ 4,000 Per additional delegate US$ 250 4 delegates US$ 6,500 Per additional delegate US$ 250

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The Social Media Crisis Management Workshop


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