Cases for Persons Assigned August 29, 2012 1-Halili v. Halili G.R No. 165424 Marcos v. Marcos G.R No. 136490* Matias v. Dagdag G.R No.

109975* 2-Antonio v. Reyes G.R No. 155800 3-Te v. Te G.R No. 161793 Buenaventura v. CA G.R No. 127358* Choa v. Choa G.R No. 143376* 4-Dedel v. CA G.R No. 151876 Siayngco v. Siayngco G.R No. 158896* 5-Republic v. Lolita Quintero- Hamano G.R No. 149498 6-Najera v. Najera G.R No. 164817 7-Rumbaua v. Rumbaua G.R No. 166738 8-Ting v. Ting G.R No. 166562 9-Azcueta v. Republic G.R No. 180668 10-So v. Velara G.R No. 150667 11-Lim v. Lim G.R No. 176464 1-Paz v. Paz G.R No. 166579 2-Ligeralde v. Patalinghug G.R No. 168796 3-Toring v. Toring G.R No. 165321 4-Reyes V. Reyes G.R No. 185286 5-Marable v. Marable G.R No. 178741 6-Ochosa v. Alano G.R No. 167459 7-Yambao v. Yambao G.R No. 184063 8-Antone v. Beronilla G.R No. 183824 9-Morigo v. People G.R No. 1445226 10-Republic v. Nolasco 220 SCRA 20 11-Republic V. CA G.R No. 159 614 1-Valdez v. Republic G.R No. 180863

Delizo 72 Phil 19 5-Villanueva v.R No. Ms. Happy reading. John Loyac 6. Tangco G. Ginaluz Martinez 4. Joey Salomon 7. Thank you po. Francis Rebuldera 3. Mr. Ms.Ms. Mr. Jaime Gonzales 8. Ronald Ordinario *Cases without numbers and in bold letters means they have been assigned to someone previously. Bailon G. Ms. If I overlooked cases which were already assigned previously.R No. 132955 This is the assignment of cases: Please refer to your number 1.R No.Mr. CA G. Katrina Lobendino 5. Mr. please inform me. Mr. 165545 3-Buccat v.Buccat 4-Aquino v. Mr. Christian Reduca 10. Anita Pidlaoan 2. To God be the glory! . Ms. Gena Galleso 11.2-Republic v. 161062 SSS v. Alona Lavarias 9.

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