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Character Type Perfectionist Helper Achiever Romantic Observer

Leadership Style THE IDEALIST- wise, tolerant, balanced & focused driving force: anger need: patience THE MENTOR- IP oriented, great supporter, caring driving force: pride need: humility THE STAR - risk-taker, go-getters, model for others driving force: vanity need: truthfulness THE INNOVATOR - not bound by tradition, introspective driving force: envy need: equanimity/calm THE SYNTHESIZER - visionaries, strategists, integrator driving force: hoarding need: nonattachment/ engaging without fear of being overwhelmed THE PARTNER - team-oriented leader, energetic driving force: fear need: courage THE FUTURIST - charming, cheerleader, focus on longterm perspective driving force: gluttony need: temperance/ moderation THE ADVOCATE - able to shoulder huge responsibility, can truly move mountains driving force: lust/excess need: innocence THE DIPLOMAT- serene & centered, bring cooperation, capable of building consensus driving force: indolence need: active engagement

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Loyalist Adventurer





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