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Tips Photoshop

Tips Photoshop



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Published by Gratouillas

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Published by: Gratouillas on Jan 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Photoshop Tips and Tricks
How you make a tattoo on somebodies skin?Hey there,In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to place a tattoo on someone’s body. It may seemhard when you think of it but it’s actually quite simple!Step 1: Open up an image which has some naked parts, like arms, legs or anywhere where youlike to place the tattoo on. This is the image I used:Step 2: Find some images of tattoo’s or make your own tattoos (I’m not going to teach youthat today so you’ll have to do that on your own). I used this tattoo:Step 3: Now for the selection of the tattoo, because this is quite some work if you don’t knowthe right way to do it. Make sure the background of the tattoo is white, or any other color butblack and grey. Now go to Select - Color Range. Put the fuzziness to 200. What this does isthat it selects all the darkest parts of the tattoo. So if you have a tattoo with light colors in ityou’ll have to select those by hand. Now copy the selection. This is an image that shows thisstep:Step 4: Paste it in the workspace of the image where you want the tattoo to be on. Nowrescale it using CTRL + T. And now rotate it until it gets nice and realistic. This is what I gotso far:Step 5: Now for the blending in, because it doesn’t look really realistic yet. Change theopacity to something between 50 and 80%, it depends on the overall lightning of the image.Just make it look realistic. I used 50% opacity. Now go to filter - blur - gaussian blur andchoose the Radius so that the tattoo is still recognizable but vaguely. Like this:Now the last thing is to fade the gaussian blur. To do this you go to: Edit - Fade Gaussian bluror press Shift + CTRL + F. Now for the settings use: Opacity 100% and blending mode toSoft Light. This screenshot shows that step:And that’s it! If you followed the tutorial carefully, you should now have a realistic lookingTattoo on your subject’s body. The techniques used in this tutorial actually work almost thesame in any other blending techniques such as text blending. If you have any questions youcan email or PM me. I’d like to see what your results were after this tutorial.
Multi-Color Grunge Text EffectThis tutorial will teach you a nifty grunge text effect for creating a unique style of font inPhotoshop.1.Create a new Photoshop Document, or open a document you would like to add your fonttoo:2.Select your Horizontal Type Tool () from the toolbar in Photoshop, and then click somewhere in your document to begin typing. Pick a font size of your choice, and a font typeof your choice. The color does not matter yet, we will be replacing it later in this tutorial:3.Now make your text into a selection. To do this, hold Ctrl, and click on your text layer:
 4.Disable your text layers visibility by clicking on the eye icon () next to your text layer inPhotoshop:5.Create a new layer above your invisible text layer. Before continuing, you may considerdownloading or creating some of your own grunge brushes. Although the default brush setsprovided by Adobe Photoshop will work fine (especially some of the brushes from theNatural Brush Sets), you may find that other grunge brushes will result in very nice effects.Feel free to Download some of our grunge brushes here at GreyCobra, or you can take ourtutorial on creating your very own grunge brushes if you would like:6.In your new layer, select a brush of your choice, and a color of your choice (I will be usingred). Begin filling in the selection with that brush, and a variety of other brushes to give yourtext more variety and texture:7.Select another color (such as white, grey, or a dull color), and continue to fill in yourselection:

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