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AND 21 CFR 5101.93

This notification is being filed on behalf of New Chaoter. Inc., which is the
product (s) which bear the statements identified in this notification. Its business add
22 Hiah areef. PO. Box 1947. Braftleboro. VT 05302. This notification is being made pursuant to Section
6 of the DSHEA and Rule 21 C.F.R. $101.93. The dietary supplement product on whose label or
labeling the statements appear is Perfect PrenatalTM.
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The text of each structure-function statement for which notification’ iS tiiotif bein’d $iv@n”I$5 ?2 :/;I

(Statement 1) : Utilizing the latest scientific research and the most wholesome and safe forms of
nutrients, Perfect Prenatal helps to support a healthy and comfo8rtablepreganancy.
(Statement 2) : Boysenberry/Blueberry fruit extracts offer hundreds of phytonutrients to help
inactivate free radicals

The following summary identifies the dietary ingredient (s) or supplement (s) for which a statement
has been made:

Statement Identity of Dietary lngreciiient (s) or
Number Suoplement that is the Subject ofthe Statement

1. Perfect Prenatal Wholefood Complex

2. Boysenberry/Blueberry fruit extracts


The following identifies the brand name of each supplement for which a statement is made:

Number Brand Name Label or Label&a?

1. Perfect Prenatal Labeling

2. Perfect Prenatal Labeling

1, am authorized to certify this Notification on behalf of h’ew
Chaoter. Inc. I and contained in this Notification is complete and
accurate, and that New Chaoter. Inc. has substantiation that each structure-function is truthful and not

Date Signed: w --. ‘( ---,
@ 200 0 By: 2.2 >$--b?$+l’~~ &d’4 c+---
(Name, Title)
(Revised 4/00) 1

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