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Published by: Ryan Gallagher on Nov 29, 2012
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74. On September 30, 2012, DELEON telephoned the CS and

advised that the CS needed to pick up GOJALI and they all would

go to the "swap meet." The CS picked up GOJALI. On the drive

to meet DELEON and SANTANA, GOJALI said that he had been

informed of their trip and indicated that he intended to go with

them. GOJALI said he was aware of the code words, such as "swap

meet," "students," and "professors." The CS told GOJALI they

were going to war and to kill people and asked GOJALI "do you

have it in you, fighting for fisabilallah,



replied, "Yeah, of course." GOJALI explained to the CS "you

know I watch videos on the Internet and I see what they are

doing to our brothers and sisters, Walahi man, like it makes me

cry and it gets like, I'm like so angered with them you know and

it gets me even more mad that I'm here you know, we are paying

what taxes for them so they can build arms and weapons to go

train their soldiers and go through our country and do that to

our brothers and sisters you know."

75. The CS and GOJALI arrived and met with SANTANA and

DELEON at an apartment and all four men participated in a Skype


video call with KABIR, which was recorded.

During the call, the

following exchanges occurred:


After general greetings, DELEON informed KABIR

that the group intended to travel to Afghanistan in early-

November. KABIR informed the group that there were

complications in making arrangements for them because they were

coming from the United States. KABIR said that he would

continue to work on making other connections for the group.

Later during the call, DELEON informed KABIR that GOJALI, who

was present during the call, had joined the group. KABIR said

that was "good to hear."


KABIR then told the men to work on their physical

fitness and suggested they grow out their facial hair. DELEON

said that he had just shaved and thought it would be safer to be

clean-shaven so it would not appear that they are "sunnah"

(Arabic word referring to followers in the path of Muhammad).

DELEON also told KABIR that he planned to sell his car

(presumably to raise money for the trip).

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