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Dear penpal, « bonjour ! » My name is Lisa. I’m 12 years old. My birthday is on 25/01/1996 I live in Montreuil Bellay, in France. I live in a house with family. My parents are divorced. I have got a little sister, she is 9. I have got 3 pets ! a dog (called Milou) and 2 cats ( Fluffy and Elvis) I am quite tall and a little plump. I have got brown hair and green eyes. I am a little shy, but very sociable with my friends. I am lazy. I don’t like homework for example ! I am not sporty at all : I can’t play football. But I am musical and artistic ; I can play the guitar, I can sing quite well and I am very good at drawing. I am in year 5 (first year at high school is « year 6 » in France !, and last year is called « year 1 ») My favorite subject is English, but I don’t like maths. My best friends are Linda and Ben. At home, I like playing videogames , watching films and listening to music. My favourite singer is Christophe Maé (a French singer). My favorite film is « twilight » I love horror films !! My favourite book is « Harry Potter » I’m crazy about chocolate cookies and chocolate cakes ! I hope to hear from you soon !



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