Skipping Meals to save money? Eating unhealthy on a shoestring budget?

Trying to provide for your family while attending school?

You may be eligible for Food Assistance!
Are you:
     A Full -time student working 20 or more hours per week? A Full-time student caring for a child under the age of 12? A married full-time student caring for a child under the age of 6? A part-time student working in a work-study job? Not able to pay for healthy meals for you or your family?

 Do you meet the below income guidelines?

1 person in Household: $1211/ month 2 People: $1,640 3 People: $2,069 4 People: $2,498 5 People: $2,927
If this sounds like you then you may qualify for Food Assistance Programs! (Formerly called the Food Stamp Program)

No need to be embarrassed or wait in long lines at the welfare office. Call the Cleveland Foodbank Help Center today for confidential eligibility screening, and to


Or TEXT the word FOOD to 63566 to see if you are eligible
If you need it you deserve it! This program is designed for students just like you!!!!

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