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SMS revenue share Brand monitoring Performance, localization & SEO

SMS revenue share
Collect small slice of carrier SMS revenue New agreements with major carriers Expansion into overseas markets Mobile origination and termination Similar deals to Google, Yahoo!, Facebook Currently a cost center


Elliott Pesut Developer - Alaska Airlines 527 subscribers 3 responses TrueBlue ID: 12345

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Brand monitoring


Brand analytics

Premium response options
Brokered communications - Twitter will relay the message to members not on a subscriber list ( similar to LinkedIn inMail ) Zero-cost SMS - Twitter picks up any SMS fees for mobile termination Highlighted response - Increased visibility in list view. ( similar to Goodmail Certified email )


Twitter.com optimization
Twitter in your language. Efficient, semantic xHTML, CSS, and JavaScript Improved image handling Smaller pages, more responsive pages, and search-engine friendly Actively ping large search engines by country Engage offsite visitors with efficient widgets, badges, and feeds


Twitter International

Working prototype - TwitterFE.com

How much revenue?
SMS fees. Reverse current SMS expense and turn into fraction of a penny per message Brand monitoring tools currently cost between $5k and $20k
Create wholesale relationships with PR and digital marketing agencies

Deep analytics charged on CPM basis.
Premium web analytics costs ~$0.50 CPM


Competitive threats
Twitter owns the blog platform and its full-content search partners Only Twitter can add analytics for per channel and per-message access Larger brand monitoring organizations will increase scope to include Twitter. Cymfony, BuzzMetrics, Biz360, etc. Smaller API sites may replicate and outrank Twitter content functionality by geo region or search strength


SMS is dead. Smartphones + unlimited data plans are the future.
Only with affluent consumers. SMS is still king everywhere else. Japan allows some data-rate revenue share

Why will brands pay for Twitter data insights?
Brands already pay for blog and message board monitoring. Microblogging services will follow soon with increased bill rates.

Why does Twitter.com need an upgrade?
Twitter is currently concerned with on-screen render and not machine efficiency. Search has a place on the live web.


by Niall Kennedy
http://www.niallkennedy.com/ http://www.niallkennedy.com/blog/2008/11/twitter-front-endrewrite.html http://www.twitterfe.com/ http://www.niallkennedy.com/blog/2009/01/twitter-revenue.html


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