A Skeptic for Many Years Now Believes in Reincarnation!

Dr. Brian Weiss graduated from Columbia University and received a medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine, where he also completed his residency training in psychology. He taught at several highly respected medical schools, and published more than 40 scientific papers, mainly in the field of psychopharmacology and sleep disorders. He was chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center affiliated with the University of Miami when an unusual experience took place that changed his outlook on life. Prior to this experience, he was an academic psychiatrist, “utterly skeptical” about what he considered “non-scientific areas.” He says that he knew nothing about the concept of reincarnation, and didn’t have the slightest interest in the subject. In the book, Mirrors of Time – Using Regression for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing (meditation cd included) he says that after 21 years of doing research with thousands of patients, he now believes in past lives. However, he does not feel that believing in reincarnation is required for the benefits of regression therapy. …“Once the information is brought to consciousness; the knowledge and insights gained can lead to significant physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations. Phobias and fears can vanish, values can change with this awakening to spiritual dimension, love tends to flow more freely, and inner peace, which is connected to a sense of great joy and happiness, appears.” He further states that the important point is not to be afraid, but to cast off prejudices and remain open-minded.

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