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2nd Draft

2nd Draft

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Published by: Meghan Young on Nov 30, 2012
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Meghan Young Mr.

Borrero ENG 1101 11/15/2012 2nd Draft The purpose of this essay is to examine how the leaders of Young Life at UNC Charlotte and the Cabarrus County high schools engage with literacy in order to teach the word of God to young adults and teenagers. In order to achieve this I will be observing the Young Life campaign group at UNC Charlotte; as well as traveling to different Club meetings that happen all around Cabarrus County. Each high school has different leaders so it is important for me to engage and observe more than one. By the end of my ethnography research I not only plan to learn how literacy influences Young Life leaders, but I also hope to learn for myself what it will take to one day become a Young Life leader in my community. Brief Outline: I. II. Introduction (purpose statement) What is Young Life? a. What type of ministry is it? b. History of YL. c. Position and stance III. Goal of YL a. What is the mission of YL? b. What is YL doing to achieve this goal? c. The YL moto IV. Leadership a. Interviews

Meghan Young Mr. Borrero ENG 1101 11/15/2012 b. Observations c. Literacy relevance d. Communication process i. Effective strategies to relatable teaching on the bible to young adults or teens. ii. Communicating through impact iii. Keeping teens interested V. Conclusion a. Why its important b. Reminder of who this paper helps c. How it can be used in the future d. What others does it benefit?

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