Let Him Play The Music Again!

(A Poetic Love Story)

Himani Vashishta

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To my elder brother, Whom I always admire. As he always encourages me and inspire. I cherish those moments, both of us share. He is the person, for me who genuinely care. We may fuss and fight, But I know, he loves me with all his might!!

(Dr. Akhilesh )

I would like to acknowledge Dr. Vishal Yadav for helping me to bring this book in a better way. I would also like to acknowledge my ‘Vampire’ friend Dr. Vikrant Jadav, who inspired me to write this book.

Author Introduction

Himani Vashishta is a Poet turned Author.
Her first poem was published in book “Blossom Of India” through a poetry competition held by ‘Poet Of Mars’ an American Poetry Society but Himani is known for her Fantasy novel “Princess Of Falcons” which brought huge applause to her. She equally writes in both English and Hindi languages. Recently her Hindi essay ‘Dukh’ has been published in book ‘Anand’ and two Poetry books ‘Garden Of Love’ and ‘Let Him Play The Music Again’ are published online. Currently she is working on an Occult non-fiction, “Astral Projection- Out of Body Experience.” Born in (Bikaner) Rajasthan on 12th December, brought up in Haryana, Himani Vashishta has done MBA & LLB. She comes from an Indian family that takes pride in being part of a rich cultural heritage and traditions , now entwined with modern day living. She is a descendent of long line of ancestors who have been appreciated mainly for their scholastic attainments. From a very tender age, Himani has been inclined to write poetry and short stories. Her passion for fantasies developed a flair for writing a fiction. The author is a keen lover of art, won several prizes in painting, cartooning and acting. She has varied interest ranging from gardening, origami, occult sciences and astrology to blogging The writer loves to get feedback from her readers; she can be contacted athimani.vashishta6@gmail.com

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Let Him Play The Music Again!
How would you react if your ex-lover shocks your entire world just by walking back into your life and now you are already married? What if you come to know that your breakup was just because of some misunderstanding? What if your married life is going like hell, whereas your ex-lover seems you so promising. The question is, would you run away, fight back for love or would you silently accept life as it is? Priya, a simple middle class girl secretly loves Vicky, the most wanted guy of her college, but Vicky is far too infatuated with the glamorous Nikita. So, what happens eventually? Does Vicky realize Priya’s dream of a romantic relationship with him? It’s music, their common interest which finally brings them close and a slight misunderstanding which forced them to grow apart. The story switches between time lines and goes back and forth, and readers are exposed to their happy past and their life together, along with their gloomy present. This book is a love story at its heart that gives an insight on the growing tensions in today’s marital relations. Being a poet at heart, the author has written this love story in poetic form. Poetic style of this book has allowed the author to depict love scenes and emotions in a better musical way than dry words.

Chapter 1 Loneliness Chapter 2 Untitled Relation Chapter 3 Living in Hell Chapter 4 Life Moves Way Too Fast Chapter 5 Rain of Love Chapter 6 A Moment Of Truth Chapter 7 Let him play the music again

‘Hello!’ Priya gasped with a tensed voice, ‘Hey Sweety, What are you doing?’ Karan asked on phone, in background there was a lot of noise. ‘Was just checking some official e-mails’, ‘Oh! That’s nice’, Karan said in a loud voice. Feeling very tired and sleepy, from her chair Priya rise, ‘When will you come back dear?’ she mumbled in a low voice. Now she waited for a few seconds for Karan’s voice, ‘Are you there? Are you there? Are you there?’ She enquired thrice. Assuming some network problem, she considered to cut off the call as wise. Minutes later an SMS appeared from Karan, making her feel nice. ‘I am so sorry Sweetheart! , I can’t come tonight.’ Thought of spending a lonely night again, gave her notion of demise. ***

Without her husband, Priya didn’t feel like having meal, Reaching for her magnificent bed, she swallowed sleeping pill. In her heart she knew, her three years old marriage had lost thrill. She laid her head on pillow, feeling so empty and nil. Overburdening herself with work and overdosing with sleeping pill, It seemed she wanted herself to slowly kill. ‘What is missing in this relationship?’ to herself she grilled. ‘In these three years, I was so devoted to him’, she believed. ‘I am so committed to him’ and to God she appealed, Musing over these issues, she didn’t come to know when her eyes sealed. Alone in the mornings she wakes, Alone she sits and stares, Alone she thinks upon her thoughts, Alone she cries but no one hears, Alone she prays to be loved, Alone she tries to understand why? Alone she feels unwanted, Alone she wants to run away, Alone she wonders if this is how she will stay, Alone she eats, Alone she wishes for good things to come, Alone she prays for the bad to go away. Loneliness filled her completely! ***

‘Good Morning Dad’, Bringing him milk and bread, Priya wished her father-in-law. ‘Always stay blessed’ he replied, opening his jaw, ‘Daughter you are growing so much thin and flat. Is everything fine?’ His words made her heart melt. Faking, she gasped, ‘Oh! Yes dear father-in-law’ Her features were so perfect, her beauty had no flaw.


Outside the office in hurry she parked her car, Now it was work only, which made her spark. As soon as workaholic Priya entered her cabin, Today’s to-do list she hurriedly marked. She dashed into her Boss’ room, who happened to be her husband, Seeing Roma again there, for a moment her vision darkened. However detested she felt, but a general courtesy she had to maintain.

Only discussing the work and meetings, she dashed again. The memories of the last fight, in her mind flashed. Rumours in office about Karan and Roma’s affair had made them clashed. Priya tried to work, but all things in her mind again and again flashed.

*** Returning into her cabin after lunch, She found on her desk a roses bunch. ‘For the most loving and beautiful wife’ The words on tagged paper, made her forget, for a moment all the strife. I must meet him right now, she felt, She entered into his cabin but he had already left. ‘Where are you my love?’ On phone, her voice was as soft as dove. ‘Oh! I am so sorry Sweety, had to leave urgently, But in the evening you be ready to accompany me for a party’.


Untitled Relation
The party was lively with music and humor, Priya was looking amazing wearing shorts and fur. Sipping wine, Karan untied her hair, ‘Now you look more pretty and fair’, He garbled giving her a stare. Hey Sweety, meet my new business partner, Karan excitedly pointed towards the guy who had just arrived there. Surprisingly, his presence made Priya dazzled, The guy and Priya were now madly looking at each other,

It seemed like they forgot to speak further. ‘Meet Vicky, my new business partner’, To broke the silence, Karan whisper. As Vicky shook hands with her, it made her quiver, Something had also made Vicky to shiver, It seemed Vicky wanted to say something personal to her, But in front of her husband he didn’t dare, Today destiny had silenced the guy who knew no fear. ‘Vicky is going to be engaged today, you wish him dear,’ Sipping wine, Karan mumbled in her ear. His words made Priya involuntarily shiver, ‘Oh! Congratulations dear’,

As she greeted him, Vicky gave her a stare, As always he was looking damn handsome and fair. Whatever was their past, but they pretended like strangers here, The memories of past life flashed in their minds, the moments they had share Now Priya was a married woman, so of this fact he had to take care, Enjoy yourself, said Vicky and left the place. But stealthily Vicky’s eyes were on Priya, till the time she was there. Karan and Priya moved to stage, to see the ceremony from near. Surprise took over Priya as she had expected some other girl here, The girl whom Priya was expecting was not there. ‘The bride is beautiful’ said Karan in Priya’s ear, ‘Yeah! She is’. Priya slowly murmur.

But not more than my wife, Karan said touching her silky hair, Vicky shared a stealthy look with Priya as Karan touched her hair. Time is the greatest player, Ah! It’s true sheer, This Thought made Priya once again quiver. The ring ceremony was over and guests were moving for dinner. ‘I think now we should move from here’, Karan suggested Priya who was giving the new couple a stare. ‘Yeah Sure dear’, Near the gate, Priya turned back, She looked at Vicky, who was still staring at her. ***

Living in Hell
Sitting alone in her dark room, Running away from herself, Priya felt as if she can’t remember, Who she is? All things flee from, Her troubled mind, Life flee from body, Not knowing what, To do in this time, She only wanted to cry. To find her lost memories, To find herself, She wanted to dive in her past, Before she could lost in her past, Someone entered room very fast. Karan was now sitting right next to her, Holding her hand in his, But she didn't feel him,

He was like a ghost to her, A happy memory. * **

Baby hold on me, Please touch me, Hold me in your arms, And bring me back to life. Karan wanted to make love, But Priya created strife. ‘I too miss making love to you, Yours lips touching mine, Hands moving across my body, You loving me, kissing me and my shivering and begging for more, I miss your madness, slowly filling all my senses.’ Making eye contact with Karan, Priya further mourn, ‘You see me laughing, You see me smiling, And you think I am alright, I just say the things you want to hear. I am tired now, Tired of faking, Tired of lying,

Tired of pretending all is fine. So much time, Spent on my false face, Sorry to say, Your coldness, Really, Is killing me...deep inside’. Sighing Karan took a step backward, Priya poured her emotions forward, ‘Karan You're the reason I get up to face each hectic day, How did our lives get so consumed with nonsense on the way. We used to take the time to laugh, go out and watch movie, play a game or two, But now it seems we fight a lot and cry way too much too. When I used to go to sleep at night, You would slip in by my side, Holding me close, squeezing me tight you felt amazing pride. Those day I felt blessed that you're a part of me, Sweetheart ! let's just try to slow it down and savour all that's past, We have enough riches why to move so fast’. * ** ‘I am just being me,’ Karan said at last. ‘‘The life I seek must be fast, You know I always wanted to be the best, Stillness I just detest.

Like me if you want, this ain't a love test. If you can still love me, Great !, then we can be together. If you hate me, don't make me upset. I am what I am, so please understand. Even if you don't, who really gives a damn. If you don't like what you see, Then get the Hell out of here!” ***

Life Moves Way Too Fast
Priya had heard the saying, True love never lasts, But now she felt, Life moves way too fast. All good things come to an end at last, Strife with Karan made her remember their golden past, In Comparison to Karan, middle class Priya felt downcast. Yet in Karan’s company she was respected for her sincerity and scholiast, Priya was just an employee and Karan as an owner had financial resources vast. I am a very simple and average girl, Priya herself had typecast, ‘Marry my son Karan, her father in law’s words in past made her mind go blast. Not sure about Karan’s decision, Priya said no at last, Gasping, she remembered how Karan had wooed her to fulfill his father’s wish in past. *** Holding Priya’s hand, Karan had promised, ‘I’ll always treat you compassionately, Will give time to you and love you passionately, We’ll make a home of love and spiritual purity, I promise you my love, honesty and loyalty,

Will give you a life where you feel security. Your simplicity has compelled me to love you so deeply, I know you are the only woman to understand me completely. Priya I’ll be there for you, every moment in your life, I promise you will be the happiest woman by becoming my wife. I want to be awaken each day with your sweet smile and soft touch, Priya trust me, I really love you so much.’ Bent on his knees, Karan had proposed her ‘I wish to spend with you my whole life, Dear please be my wife.’

*** An amalgam of thoughts pierced through Priya’s mind, In her childhood Priya’s home was Vicky’s home behind, Yes, the same guy in the party she had found, Vicky’s rich family was well-known and kind. Yet living in the same street, financial disparity never allowed them to bind. As a teenager Priya had a secret liking for Vicky as he was very charming and kind, But she knew her limits; also she was not that much love blind.

She remembered that day of college when love letter for him, she finally had grind. In beauty and intelligence she was in no way behind, Just because of scholarship in that costly college admission she had find. *** The screen in her mind flicked off, And went to her hardships part, The rejection part! Wide open college campus, Filled with her classmates laughs, Happy times, Enjoying themselves. But Priya sitting alone, Watching, Them helplessly, Wondering on show-offs, And shallowness. Being a poor, non-stylish girl, She felt like outcast, Abandoned. She heard them talk, Pointing to her, Then they laugh. Like a blade sliced into her skin, She stared at them, Still giving a friendly smile,

Seeking acceptance, But she received rejection. *** In college it was youth festival time, Singing was Priya’s hobby prime, And Vicky used to play guitar so fine. Waiting for her audition turn, Priya was standing last in the line. Watching Vicky’s audition, she felt happy as he produced great chime. Wow! He is amazing. He is sweetheart of mine, Miss fresher Nikita spoke those words, rushing to hug Vicky breaking the line. Nikita’s words made Priya feel chilled to the spine, You look nervous ‘are you fine?’ Asked Shweta, the only friend of her in that line. Priya felt small in front of Nikita’s shine, Yet today was Priya’s lucky time, ‘Priya you are selected’, music instructor’s words made her froze like rime. OMG Vicky you have to play guitar with girl, Nikita pointed at her, an ugly sign. Shweta move forward to resist Nikta, but Priya hold her back saying, ‘its fine’.

*** Now Priya’s dreams lift her up, Far, far away, To a fairyland, Days when she had for the first time felt like a fairy. Now she was no more sad,

Her newly developed friendship with Vicky, kept her all time glad. Her soft musical voice had touched Vicky’s artistic head. Playing music and singing, together a lovely time they spend. Priya felt a great proud being Vicky’s friend, Something about Priya also had made Vicky to go mad. Obviously Nikita hated their friendship to a great extent. Yet Vicky loved Priya’s simplicity but to shut mouth of his others friend, He tried her looks, attire, and presence to mend. Nikita grew jealous of Priya, as more time with her Vicky spend, Specially watching sitting them hand in hand. Music had brought them close, now they were good friend What more Priya could expect, with her secret love she was getting time to spend.

*** Shine came into Priya’s eyes, Remembering the loveliest day of her entire life, The day when the guy she used to love secretly, Proposed her himself. Holding her hand Vicky had whispered, ‘You know Priya, In my deepest thoughts I comprehend, I feel that you are, You are.... More than just a friend. People come and go through out our life, Like momentary thoughts running through our mind.

But when I first met you, I really felt like, Like... I know you from so long. Felt so comfortable with you, Told you my secrets, Those I didn't share ever. You always listen to me, With a compassionate heart. With each passing day, I got to know the real you, A girl so caring and vulnerable, with a heart so kind. Being your old neighbour, I know you’ve lived your life, With hurt and loneliness by your side. Priya trust me, I understand you, like no one I have ever understood. Before you came into my life I was just an empty shell. I was confined to my own hell. You are the one who came into my life, and found a place in my empty heart, Now I never want to grow apart. Meeting you has changed my life, and I really love you so much, I want you to be my wife.’ ***

Rain of Love
It was raining outside, and inside, the rain of love, drenching Vicky and Priya’s heart. Nature’s music was producing a romantic sound, Love, serenity, rhythmic joy was all around. Nature’s orchestra was playing outside, Vicky was playing his guitar inside. There were incessant rains, Birds rested across traffic lanes. Colourful butterflies beneath leaves, In that romantic season, they made their first kiss. The couple’s heart beats were faster, needs no reason, Facing each other, Sitting hand in hand.

The wind, Coming inside from flowered hills, Filled the room with fragrance, Everything was golden orange, Like a delicately glowing jewel. The echoes of their thumping hearts, Mingled with rain. *** Kissing Priya’s forehead, Vicky muttered, ‘My love is only for you, I can feel the warmth that came from you. Dear your beauty is unspeakable, loving you is unavoidable, Now staying away from you for me is impossible.’ ***

It seemed as if it was an unending rain, Sun had already sat, Now the twilight stars, lit up the night sky. In the starry light, Vicky kissed her heavenly face. Wrapped in the each other arms, Their breath grew faster, As their love bloomed, Melting their bodies, Warmed by fire of passion, Vicky brushed her hair away from her face. Soft candlelight washed over her skin, Soft music over her repose, The ambiance and timing, Nothing could be better. Eyes closed and lips locked, Pulling their clothes loose, touching each other underneath it, Their kisses deepen. They were tangled up together now, Warm skin, burning desires,

And close embraces, And they don't want that to stop, They could spend forever kissing, Time Stopped! ***

A Moment Of Truth
An invisible sword, pierced Priya’s flesh, Floated away, the peaceful bliss. Fleeting euphoria replaced by reality, shifting her mind, from heavenly moments, Now all that remains, is a deep scar. Scar that was given to her, in love, by Vicky! *** A moment ago Priya was thinking of Vicky, A moment later Vicky was standing there, in front of her. ‘Am I dreaming?’ Her eyes again and again fluttered. ‘How are you dear?’ Vicky muttered, ‘Why the hell you have come here?’ Priya yelled in great despair. Because my love for you is forever, Vicky moved near. Don’t come closer, Now I am not yours. But I am all yours, Vicky moved closer. Nostalgia took her over, ‘Then why you left me so easier, Just make me clear’

Priya asked overcoming her fear. ‘I never left you dear, I missed you so much, year after year, It was you who left the city in fear.’ ‘Weren’t you going to marry her, How could I bear?’ ‘Nikita lied you, and you trusted her, You left city secretly, before I could make you all clear.’ ‘Still, we had a great disparity, your family had never, accepted me dear.’ Priya whisper ‘I never care, My love for you was always fair, To get you I would have done any dare. Vicky’s eyes were full of tears, He continued his story with anger. In those moments when truth become clear, Priya just wanted to run from there, Running from herself, running somewhere, But suddenly she felt Vicky very near, Priya felt like frost in winter. *** Holding Priya’s hand, Vicky whispered, ‘When we two parted, I lost into silence and tears, Half broken-hearted, waiting for you for years. Stuck in a dark room all alone, consumed in darkness, I grew pale with complete dullness, Completely hopeless, depression had finally taken over me.

As time passed, my parents chose a girl for me, Broken and hopeless, I said them, yes. Then one day, I found you, by God bless. Priya I miss being close to you, Miss your arms around me , Miss to hear your breathing, Miss your lips on my cheek, Miss your close embraces, Miss your soft gentle kiss, Miss your warmth. I love you so much, Being without you, Would be like being lost forever in a vast desert, Thirsty...!’ *** Damn! Priya sighed, ‘I lost the best thing that could ever happen to me, Well but now, It’s too late. My hand has already been taken, My husband can’t be forsaken. Until my last breath I will hold his hand, My lifelong promise to him will always stand. Though I love you from the core of my heart, Still we always have to live apart. I understand what happened to you was not fair, But I promise in your bad times, for you I will be there.’

‘Alas! You are rejecting me for whom’, Vicky grunted. ‘The man who is my husband,’ Priya revolted. Vicky replied, ‘The man who doesn’t give damn to you, The man who doesn’t really love you, The man whose first love is only money, The man who doesn’t have time to call you honey, The man who is a womanizer, The man who keeps extra marital affair,’ ‘Stop it! Stop it! That man is my husband, And you don’t have any right to blame him falsely.’ ‘Priya, just watch these photos and then act wisely, These photos were clicked when he was making love to his employee Roma wildly’ Everything went dark, Vicky just held her, as she was about to fall. ***

‘Priya I wish to… I wish to give you the whole me, I wish to offer every best of my heart, I wish to hold you in my arms, I wish to show that my love is true, I wish to bare my soul to you, I wish to share with you my whole life, I wish to make you my wife and I mean it. I’ll be waiting for you.’ Vicky left her perturbed. *** Pain! Priya was in a black sea of pain, Every heartbeat like a sea wave intensified her pain. Suddenly her phone ring caught her attention, ‘Hello!’ Priya sobbed, talked in tension. ‘It’s seems you are not fine’, From the other side of phone Shweta yelled, putting down her wine, Priya’s Wellbeing was her concern prime. Sobbing, Priya muttered ‘Yeah! I am not feeling fine I really need you, sweet friend of mine’ ‘Don’t worry I’ll there in no time’ ***

When Priya turned, Karan was just standing behind, Trying hard to know, what was going in her mind? He looked into Priya’s hands ,something he could find, What would he say, nothing was left behind, ‘Forgive me,’ only these words he could find. ‘It’s over’ Priya shouted, stepping behind. Karan faked, ‘I can’t afford to lose you, Because I need you. I can’t afford to lose you, Because I’ll miss you. I can’t afford to lose you, Because you're my light. I can’t afford to lose you, Because you're my shoulder, my strength. I can’t afford to lose you, Because you're the person who I need most. I can’t afford to lose you, Because you're my friend. I can’t afford to lose you, Because you're my soul, my wife, I can’t afford to lose you, Because you are my life!’ ‘I know you can’t afford to lose me, Because you need me,

Not because you love me.’ Priya fainted! ***

Let Him Play The music Again!!
‘Let him play the music again’ Shaking Priya badly, Shweta said, ‘You have to be bold, just run away, Vicky is a great guy, let your emotions display. Let your heart dance again, To the tune of his music. Let open your wings again, And dance like a bird to his music. Let your desires burn again, To be soothed by his melody. Let him play the music again!’

Pressing Priya’s hand, Forcing her towards door, Shweta cried again , ‘Let him play the music again!’ ** * An hour later, Priya was at the door step of Vicky, Feeling a little freaky, Astonished to see her, he felt so lucky. ‘I have something to confess Vicky’, Priya whispered feeling no more freaky. ‘I miss our friendship, I miss our open relationship, Telling each other precisely how we feel. Revealing in front of you my real, Love the way you make me feel. Love the way you make me smile, Love how we have so much in common, Love how you see beyond what other guys see, The real me!

From the start, It’s you, who brought joy to my heart. Yet our love story was so short, The impression you made, I can never forget. And I could never ask for anything more’. ‘Ever since that rainy day, you changed my life, Yeah, Now me too dying to be your wife.’

** * Karan who till now was following Priya, Remained standstill, Listening how Priya felt. Before he could repeal, His presence they both felt, Reaching to Priya, Karan gasped, ‘Today I feel my heart has broken into two, I feel that I'm stranded too. Today I feel so empty,

Don't know where, I belong, Don't know where, I came from. Today I feel homeless, soulless, Forgive me, Or I’ll die of emptiness.’ Karan was on his knees now, Begging for her love. ** * Acid tears, Rolled down Priya’s cheeks, Burning her aching heart, ‘Why?’ She shouted. ‘Tell me Why?’ Shaking Karan, she shouted. ‘Just give me one reason, just one..... Just....’ Desperately sobbing, She kept mumbling, ‘Shattered promises, Silent tears,

Depression, disappointment, disloyalty, I got these gifts for loving.’ Sorry to say, My hate for you is stronger than my love. Now you are just pretending to care, Saying what I want to hear. But you already have, Broken my heart into tiny pieces, Forcing me to live in the hell that you created, The pain you gave me, I wish you could feel the same’ Emptiness consumed her! ** * Karan was gone now, Leaving them in tumultuous deadly waves, Leaving them in confusion. Before the deadly waves crashed their relation, Vicky moved closer and closer, Wiping away her tears, Kissing away her fears.

Embraced by his arms, Priya felt a sense of calm. Lost in the waves of his true love. A silky aura surrounded them, Transporting them to Lavender dreams. Lavender fragrance, Filling their moment. Priya’s nerves came to ease, To her tensions, She gave no attention. Her heart was calm now. Her moist lips fluttered like, A pink butterfly, As Vicky gazed into her sparkling eyes, Music radiated from his artistic soul. ‘Priya, You were always present, Deep in my heart, I always believe, Our souls can never apart.

Every day, each minute, Passed glumly without you in it. Your song, your voice, your melody and your touch, All those moments, I missed them so much. Your love, like blood runs deep through my vein, Trust me I’ll never let your heart pain.’ ‘I know there is love and trust’ Priya spoke her mind, ‘I know destiny; our fate’s intertwined. But sometimes I feel petrified, What if it’s a dream and I wake up terrified?’ Smiling, Vicky whispered, ‘Just hold my hand, Come walk with me, With my love and care I’ll make you feel, It’s all real. Just hold me tight, Come walk with me, In this starry night.

I’ll never let you go out of my sight, As you belong to me, Today let the whole world see!!’ ** *