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Write the letter of your correct answer on your answer sheet. 1. What property of equality supports the statement if a= b, then b = a? A. Commutative B. reflexive C. Symmetric D. Transitive 2. Which of the following is the point of intersection of the lines determined by the following equations: y = 6x+2 and y = 4x -4? A. (1, -8) B. (-1, 80 C. (1, 8) D.(-1, -8) 3. If CAT = DOG, then <A = <O. What term refers to <A and <O? A. Adjacent angle C. included angles B. Alternative interior angles D. opposite angles 4. What is the equation of the line perpendicular to the line whose equation is 2x 5y + 8=0, If the lines passes through the point (-4, 3)? A. 5x + 2y -14=0 B. 5x -2y +14=0 C. 5x +2y +14=0 D. 5x -2y -14=0 5. Ray PB and ray PA are tangents to circle O at A and b from an external point P. If <P = 38 0. What is the measure of major arc AB ? A. 180 B. 1180 C. 1810 D. 2180 6. A circle with diameter of 2m is inscribed in a square ABCD. If AE is of AB, what is the area of DEC in square meters? A. B. 1 C. 2 D. 4 2 7. The area of a square field is 6,050 m . What is the length of its diagonal? A. 110 meters B. 112 meters C. 120 meters D. 125 meters 8. A submarine leaves the base and travels 560 km due east at 54 km/h and then 816 km due North. At the same speed, how long does it it take back to its base by the shortest route? A. 14.33 h B. 15.33 h C. 16.33 h D. 18.33 h 9. The total surface area of all six faces of a rectangular box below is equal to 128 square inches. What is x in inches?

X 4 4 A. 6 B. 8 C. 10 D. 12 A sector of a circle of radius 21 centimeters and a central angle 1200 is made to a cone by bringing its radii together. What is the radius of the cone so obtained? A. 7 cm B. 14 cm C. 10.5 cm D. 21 cm What are the coordinates of the point of intersection of the lines which pass through the point(4, 3), (-2, 1) and (2, 1), (7, 2) A. (-8, 1) B. (-8,-1) C. (8, -1) D. (8, 1) Which of the following statements about a pyramid is true? i. The altitude is longer than the slant height. ii. The height is as long as the altitude iii. The slant height and the altitude are equal in length. iv. The altitude is shorter than the slant height. A. I and ii B. I and iii C. ii and iv D. iii and iv In the given figure, what is the measure of angle 1, if arc AB = 600 and arc CD = 1000 C A P B A. 20





D B. 300

C. 400

D. 600

14.In the given figure,, what is the approximate measure of <Q, if the length of the arc is 11 cm and the radius of the circle is 21 cm? 11 cm 2

A. 150 B. 300 C. 600 D. 1080 15. In the rectangle below, the measure of length AD is 3 times the measure of the width AB. What is the slope of the line segment BD? y

A. 1/3 B. 1/3 C. -3 D. 3 16. What is the equation of the line through (-2, 5) and parallel to the x axis? A. x = 5 B. y = 5 C. x = -2 D. y = -2 17. What is the sum of the measure of the interior angles of a convex polygon with 18 sides? A. 810 B. 1080 C. 1620 D. 2880 18. What is the ratio of the volumes of a cylinder, a cone, and a hemisphere having equal base Area and height? A. 1 :2 :3 B. 2 : 3 : 1 C. 3 : 1 : 2 D. 1 : 3 : 2

19. Maria has just bought a new pair of tennis shoes. She wants to wear the new running shoes to run up and down a hill near the house. The measurements of the hill can be placed on a two dimensional linear graph on which x = 5 and y= 165. If the line crosses the y-axis at 15, what is the slope of this hill? A. 15 B. 20 C. 30 D. 35

20. Which one of the following is NOT a polyhedron? A. cylinder B. cube C. rectangular prism D. icosahedrons

21. If each exterior angle measures 100, how many sides dose this regular polygon have? A. 30 B. 36 C. 40 D. 46

22. A courtyard, 60 m by 40 m, is to be covered with stones 50 cm by 40 cm. How many stones are needed to cover the courtyard? A. 120 B. 1,200 C. 1,120 D. 12,000

23. A, B, C are three points on a line. B is between A and C. The coordinate of C is greater than the coordinate of A. The coordinate of B is 15. If AB = 30 and BC = 40, what is the coordinate of A? A. 15 B. -15 C. 85 D. -85 24. What are the coordinates (x, y) of the midpoint of the segment that connects the points (-4, 6) and (3, 8)? A. (-0.5,1) B. (-0.5,-1) C. (0.5,-1) D. (0.5, 1)

25. If the foot of a 10-meter ladder is placed 6 meters away from a building, how high up the building will the ladder reach? A. 6 meters B. 7 meters C. 8 meters D. 10 meters