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When was the last time you cried ?

This magazine serves as the voice of the Grabbing the Gadget Generation from Gehenna Mission (G-4 Mission) an interdenominational youth organization founded by Duke Jeyaraj in February 2006. Its vision is to captivatingly connect the world of yahoo Youth and the Word of Yahweh so that young people would remember their Creator in the days of their youth. Its burden is to make the unchanging Word of God relevant to the fastchanging World of Youth. G-4 Mission is funded by the freewill offerings/donations of individual Indians interested in the fulfillment of the above-mentioned vision and goal.

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Issue No. 14 published in October 2008 One-point contact: Mobile: +91-9441352433

When was the last time that you cried The Dukan Chronicle Conversion is Cool When One Of Your Colleagues... When Sky-Kissing Financial Corporations bit the dust Would you be this Steve? Usain Bolt Vs Jesus Your Face-Book Comment Brightened Up Our Face! The Hip Hear Of Him! The Kosi Barrage & Bible Reading Interesting Intercession Inspiration Info A unputdownable book for you(th) Jaane Tus language and yours!

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The Days of Your Youth

When was the last time you cried ?

When Kapil Dev Wept
money. I come from a family where pride is more important than anything With millions watching him on Television, else. (Quoted from, 7 Indian Cricket Legend, Kapil Dev wept May 2000). like a small child. This happened when

Duke Jeyaraj

The pillow is wet. Wet, because of your tears. The handkerchief is damp. Damp, because you cried. Has that ever been your experience? When was the last time your heart melted and flowed out through your eyes as water? When was the last time your tear glands got into action because of a tear in you heart?
will learn a lot about Gods opinion on tears. Using that very word T-E-A-R-S as an acronym I want to show you what should bring tears in our eyes according to this book.

Can I ask you a personal question? When was the last time you cried? And why did you cry?
the straight-talking Karan Thapar interviewed him for a BBC show titled, Hardtalk India in May 2000. Weeping inconsolably in response to the matchfixing allegations thrown against him, these words flowed out his mouth, even as the tears flowed down his cheeks: I will commit suicide rather than take a bribe. Who wants money? Take all my

T - Transgessions

Do you know there is a Bible book by the name Tears? If you are little confused let me clarify: In the Greek Translation The book opens with this statement, of the Old Testament, the Bible book She weeps bitterly in the night, with tears of Lamentations was titled, Tears. A on her cheeks (Lam 1:2). Who is she? teary-eyed prophet wrote it. And you will Jerusalem pictured as a lady in distress get to read about tears and truckloads of by prophet Jeremiah, the author of this it, in this book. May I invite you to study book. Why did Jerusalem have to weep? this book with me? In this book, you Here comes the answer: Jerusalem had sinned greatly (Lam 1:8). Eugene 3

There are times when God wants us to cry. There are times when God does not want our cheeks to be dry. What times are those? The times when we TRANSGRESS against Him. The times when we sin against Him. This truth jumps out from the book of Tears, called Lamentations. Let me explain:

about here was to feel genuinely sorry for ones sins without holding back the sobbing. The blessing He was talking about ultimately meant salvation from sin the biggest blessing of all, a blessing that will make life heaven for us, right here before we reach the actual heaven.

Lock yourself in. And weep for your wayward ways. Sob for your sins. Shed tears for your transgressions.
Peterson while translating this verse used the phrase out-sinned. Yup, Jerusalem out-sinned other cities in its world. Earth, and cry over them.

Wept for you, Whipped for you

Close-in on a corner. Rush into a room. Lock yourself in. And weep for your wayward ways. Sob for your sins. Shed tears for your transgressions. Cry for your crimes. And ask the One who was Whipped for you (think of what the sturdy Roman Soldiers did to Jesus) and the one who wept for you (think of what Jesus did when Mary told him that Lazarus, her brother, would not have died if only He had been there) to cleanse you. And He will. You will become a new person. You will be saved. Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation, Paul wrote (II Cor 7:10).

When Kate Winslet Laughed

Kate Winslet, the Titanic heroine, was asked about how she felt when stripping We must sob because we have sinned. This to shoot nude scenes in full view of is what the Bible teaches us. Drunkards the camera crew, for one of her movies. must weep for their sin (Joel 1:5). Rich This is what she reportedly said: I felt oppressors of the poor need to weep uncomfortable while doing this, at first. and wail for their iniquity (James 5:1-6). But at the end of it all, we were laughing Only after we have wept for our sins and giggling about it! Kate may want can we hear a Do not weep statement to giggle away her ungodliness. She Tomorrow may be too late from Jesus (Rev 5:5). If we do not weep may want to smile away her sins. She in repentance for our sins we will go to a may want to laugh away her lewdness. Dont wait to do this. Putting this off for place where there will be weeping forever But God tells us that we must mourn tomorrow may be perilous. The tears hell. At least in six places, the Bible for our sins and repent from them. That that Esau shed to get the blessing of speaks of Hell as the world of weepers is why in the Sermon on the Mount his dad, something he initially spurned (Math 8:12; 13:42; 13:50; 22:13; 24:51; Jesus preached, Blessed are those who because of his priority to satisfy his 25:30). You have a choice to make. It is mourn! The mourning He was talking hunger, came far too late (Heb 12:17). If you wait to weep for your sins, till your this: You could weep for your sins and death or after the Second Coming of the confess it to Jesus who will forgive your Judge Jesus, it will be again far too late to sins. Or you could laugh over your sins inherit Your Heavenly Fathers supreme and take them lightly. Yes, you can weep blessing: everlasting life in Heaven. like a child for your sins. Or you can think of transgression against God as a While the letter T in TEARS stood for mere child-play and continue without tears for our transgressions, the next second thoughts! If you chose the second letter E stands for the word End. path, you are actually inviting Jesus to ignite you. Yes, ignite you in sending you 2 to a place of eternal torment including the torment of non-stop tears. Why When I wept would there be weeping in the place called Hell? I believe, the people in there When good things come to an end we would recall every opportunity they ever tend to cry. When the end of a good had to accept Jesus as Savior which they man comes we cry. When a moving blew away while they were on Planet video was played at our church featuring

Hell: A place to weep forever!


The Days of Your Youth

4:3, 10). This happened because the Babylonians surrounded the city laid siege to it and did not allow food to get into the city. Because of this acute shortage of food, the prices began to The Priyanka Vadras taken! spiral in the city. This trend signaled We find this phenomenon in the book the end of fair prices (Lam 5:4). The of Lamentations. The book opens with famine that gripped Jerusalem was so this verse: She weeps bitterly in the night, acute, that women were forced to cook with tears on her cheeks... (Lam 1:2). their own children and eat them. We Then we get to read about the end of have eaten Chicken Briyani. But what several good things that Jerusalem once they ate during those teary times was enjoyed and the end of good people that Children Briyani Briyani made with blessed Jerusalem. the meat of their own kids. Lamentations 4:10 talks about compassionate women We read about the end of the Temple here who cooked their children. No they (Lam 1:10; 2:7). The stunning Solomondid not teach cooking to their children. built temple was smashed down by the They cooked their children. The tears Babylonians in 586 BC and this brought that rolled down their cheeks provided tears down peoples eyes. Just like God the gravy for this children briyani they rained fire and sulphur on the city of prepared driven by their hunger pangs. Sodom, He allowed the Babylonians to set fire to His own temple and carry away its treasuries (Lam 4:6; II Wearing an Arrows shirt Kings 25:9). It was curtains for temple Lamentations, the book, also depicts activities like feasts and Sabbaths (Lam the end of the riches of the people of 2:6). Joyous social gatherings were a Jerusalem. Purple was a color which thing of the past. We read about the only the rich and famous wore, then. end of the temple personnel like priests This purple dye was found only in one and elders (Lam 1:19). Respect for elders particular variety of snails. Only the rich evaporated during this time (Lam 5:12). could afford to wear a shirt made from We read about the end of the youth such a rare source. It was akin to wearing too (Lam 1:15,18). The brightest of the an Arrows brand shirt or a Marks & young people of Jerusalem the future Spencer shirt today. But during the time leaders of the nation, the Rahul Gandhis, when Lamentations was written, purplethe Priyanka Vadras so to speak - were wearing rich had to embrace ash heaps taken into exile by the Babylonians. (Lam 4:5). Yes, the Babylonians took away the cream of the young creative minds in In short, the end of the Southern Jerusalem into captivity. We read about Kingdom of Israel, also called Judah, the end of following the Laws of God in the capital of which was Jerusalem, had this book. Everyone did as they saw fit. come (Lam 2:2). It was the end of all the Visions of direction given by the Lord good days (Lam 1:12; 2:1; 2:22). So there to the prophets were a thing of a distant was weeping in Jerusalem. past (Lam 2:9). We also read about the collapse of the social order here. Ruthless When the shortest verse raping commenced.

the life and times of Pastor Earl Stubbs who passed away suddenly, I could not hold back tears. I wept.

He was about to raise him from the dead (John 11:33-36). The verse, Jesus Wept may be the shortest in the Bible. But that is a long statement about His great love for us humans. Timothy shed tears when he had to separate from Paul (II Tim 1:4). That was only a temporary separation between them because of ministerial compulsions. Imagine then, the howls Timothy must have let out when Paul passed away! We must not weep like professional weepers who wept and got paid for it during Bible times. God hates crocodile tears (Mal 2:13). God hates onion-induced tears. The next letter in the acronym, TEARS is the letter A. It supplies us with another reason why we cry Abandonment.

A Abandonment

When Nicole Kidman could not leave her bed

Famous actress, Nicole Kidman, confessed that she couldnt leave her bed after her divorce with husband actor Tom Cruise was made final. She sobbed till her pillow was soaked with tears. Sreesanth wept in full public view when his close friend and India Team Mate 5

made the longest statement

When children were eaten

The book of Lamentations speaks about how the food supply to Jerusalem came to a grinding halt (Lam 1:11,19; 2:20;

Weeping when the good times in our lives get over is okay. Weeping when the good people in our lives pass away is okay. Even Jesus wept. He wept for his dead pal Lazarus, even though He knew

will do you no harm! It will only educate you! And when you followed their instructions you became loaded with the When the ones we deeply love abandon shot put ball of guilt in your heart. And us, we weep. In the Bible, we read about when you confessed this to them, they a man who ran behind his wife weeping laughed at you. And you lonely and (II Sam 3:16). The relationship between lost became addicted to pornography. a man and his wife is the most intimate You now watch porn staying up late, all of all human relationships. When such alone feeling all the more miserable. Yet an intense and intimate relationship you are unable to stop. Sin left you with breaks, the affected parties will have a a hole in your heart. Sin left you feeling tough time holding back the tears. I am lonely and miserable. Sin, which once all alone in this wide, wicked world made you feel awesome, now makes you this feeling of abandonment triggers the feel awful. And you weep. And you sob. tear glands. And you cry. Come to Jesus. He is the friend who sticks closer than a brother Sin and sick hearts for every lonely heart the only friend who loves you with no strings attached. go together We see this happen in the book of Lamentations. Read this extract and you will appreciate what I am driving home here: The joy of our hearts has ceased; our dancing has turned to mourning. The crown has fallen from our head; woe to us, for we have sinned! For this, our heart has become sick, for these things, our eyes have grown dim, for Mount Zion which lies desolate; jackals prowl over it (Lam 5:15-18). Sin and desolation go together we learn from this passage! Sin and sick hearts go together we gather from this section of Scripture!

Harbajhan Singh slapped him after an intense IPL Twenty-Twenty game.

and were abandoned to yelp during their time of crisis. The tears flowed down their cheeks when they thought about their chums who had chucked them. Have you been there? You trusted in your well-connected friends to give you a helping hand. You hoped your influential associate would be around when the chips were down. You were cocksure that your best buddy would give you a shoulder to lean on when the going got tough for you. Instead, they left you to fend for yourself. Instead, they absconded to leave you high and dry. Instead they abandoned you which reduced you to a tearful wreck. So, what is the lesson? What is the moral of the story? Make Jesus your best friend. When all other friends bid goodbye to you, He will become your Rock, your Hiding Place, and the wide river of protection which no enemy can cross! The next letter in the acronym TEARS is the letter R. It stands for REBUILDING.

Friends leave you high and dry


Good out of bad

Believe it or not, our tears rebuild our broken lives. Read Lamentations 3:1-20. In that passage you will get to read about every possible bad thing that can happen to a human, happening to the author of this book, Jeremiah.

After you have watched porn...

Judas Iscariot will tell you that sin will leave you lonely. After having committed the sin of betraying Jesus he went to the Pharisees who paid him for doing it. He told them, I have betrayed innocent blood. What he heard from them in response broke his heart: What is that to us! (Math 27:4-5). They left the guilty Judas high and dry. Unable to bear this heartcrushing loneliness Judas killed himself. Is there a Judas out there reading what I am writing? Your friends encouraged you to sin. They told you, Come on! Be a sport! Watching this blue film with us

Lets get back to the book of Lamentations. The writer talks about how the nation In short, Jeremiah became the man of Judah stood on their watchtowers who saw the affliction under the rod looking for a nation that will save them of Gods wrath (Lam 3:1). The tone of from the invading Babylonians. They this depressing passage changes in verse looked and looked and looked. They 21, however. The passage takes a U-turn waited and waited and waited. It was and goes this way: But this I call to mind all in vain. No nation came to help and therefore I have hope. The steadfast them. Even the nations they had helped love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies earlier left them high and dry when never come to an end, they are new every they needed help desperately (Lam 4:17; morning, great is your faithfulness.(Lam 5:6). If only they had trusted God, their 3:21-22). This is what Jeremiah is saying, true King, they would not have been if we put both Lamentations 3:1-20 and disappointed. He would have delivered Lamentations 3:21-22 together: Just them. He would have showed up to save because I weep and cry in my suffering, them. But they trusted in human help it does not mean that Lord is far away The Days of Your Youth

Joseph had tears in his eyes when he was mercilessly thrown into a pit by his envious brothers. And when he was sold to the Egypt-traveling traders who passed by after this psyche-damaging experience he was put through, he had more tears. If you had told him then that Three references to His his teary path was actually for his good, he would have punched you in your eye! Weeping in one Chapter! But thats exactly what he says when We must cry for those who are lost he looked back at his life after having without the Lord. This is one message become the Prime Minister of Egypt that rings loud and clear in the book (Gen 50:20). we have chosen for study the book of Lamentations. The author of this book Our present path of suffering may not look good, seem good or feel good. But Jeremiah was nicknamed, The Weeping thats okay. But when we look back at our Prophet. Before he whipped people with path of pain, our road of rocks, highway scorching words of judgment he wept for of hurts, the journey of Lamentations, them in private. I would weep day and we will say that it was for our good. We night for the slain of my people, he wrote (Jer 9:1). He continued, I will weep and will say that was for our rebuilding. wail for the mountains (of Jerusalem) (Jer So you can savor your sacking, delight 9:10). In verse 17-18, of the same chapter, when you are dumped and rejoice when Jeremiah connects the phrase Thus says A Dads discipline you are wronged! the Lord with weeping for the perishing. The phrase daughter of Zion repeatedly In a single chapter of the Bible, there are I will use one more letter the last letter occurs in the book of Lamentations. from the word TEARS to explain why three references to Jeremiahs weeping! Here is one such reference: From the we need to cry. We must cry while we Some of us can go through an entire daughter of Zion all her majesty has lifetime without even having once wept, supplicate. departed. Her princes have become in prayer, for those who are not saved like deer that find no pasture, they fled and therefore are rushing towards hell. 4 without strength before the pursuer (Lam 1:6). This daughter of Zion When I wept in College phrase is found a total of 8 times in this What Churchill could offer book, I discovered (other references are, I recall a time while I stood over a small Former British Prime Minister Winston 2:1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 18 & 4:22). The fatherbridge in the campus of Allahabad Churchill made a moving speech when daughter relationship is stressed here. I Agricultural Institute and wept for his nation was at war. He quipped, I love my daughter. I know this is true of perishing souls while I was a B Tech

from me. His steadfast love sweeps over me during every minute of my suffering, supporting me while I go through it and shaping me through the experience of it all Read Lamentations 3:25-27. The word good occurs there three times. The message here is clear: suffering has some ultimate good to it! Earlier we read in this book, The Lord has done what He purposed; He has carried out His Word, which He commanded long ago; He has thrown down without pity; He has made the enemy rejoice over you and exalted the might of your foes (Lam 3:17). From what we just read we understand that the Lord allowed the Babylonians to take the Judeans to exile with a purpose a good purpose!

most dads they love their daughters very much. God too loves his daughter - the city of Jerusalem very much. And that love is put to action when He disciplines her by sending her to exile to Babylon. For what daughter (son) is there whom his father does not discipline? God (our heavenly father) disciplines us for our good that we may share in His holiness (Heb 12:7-10).

have nothing to offer but my blood, sweat and tears. Jesus not only gave us His blood and sweat He gave us His tears as well (think of the Lazarus story!). Is it not only natural that we offer our tears for His Service?! Winston Churchill

When we look back well know it was for good


student there. I was praying with another friend on that deserted bridge when my cheeks became wet and my eyes became red. Passion for souls pushed out hot tears from my system. God can see the liquid salt dwindling down our eyes and stop turning another Mrs. Lot into a pillar of salt, correct! Our tears do move God. When Jesus saw the tears of Mary who lost her brother, He too wept. And not only that, He raised her brother from the dead (John 11)!

lesson this comparison brings forth? We must graduate from merely crying for ourselves to crying for others who are in a much more desperate condition than us. Weeping before the Lord and asking Him to give us at least a used Indica car is not sin. But when will we ever weep for the nation of India? When will we weep for revival in our church?

Weeping for lost once in a blue moon?

Yes, we must move on from merely being like Hannah and Hezekiah to being like Jeremiah and Jesus.
Leonard Ravenhill wrote, Many of us have no heart-sickness for the former glory of the Church because we have never known what true revival is. We stagnate in the status quo and sleep easy at night while our generation moves swiftly to the eternal night of hell. Shame, shame on us! Jesus whipped some money changers out of the temple; but before He whipped them, He wept over them. He knew how near their judgment was. Yes, we must move on from merely being like Hannah and Hezekiah to being like Jeremiah and Jesus. Hannah cried to the Lord for a son. Hezekiah wept before the Lord asking for an extension in his lifespan. We just saw what Jeremiah was so awesome at doing weeping for those under the judgment of God. Jesus, in the days of His earthly existence offered prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears (Heb 5:7). Jesus -prayed for others even when He hung on the Cross. Who do you resemble Hannah and Hezekiah or Jeremiah and Jesus? So, when was the last time you cried? And when you did, did your tears put a smile on Jesus face?

The book of Lamentations records how its author not only wept for those at the receiving end of Gods judgment but also called others to weep (Lam 3:48/ 2:18). It is not enough to weep and pray for lost souls once in a blue moon. This must become our regular habit, for Jeremiah wrote, Let tears stream down like a torrent day and night. Give yourself no rest, your eyes no respite. Arise and cry out in the night, at the beginning of the night watches! Pour out your heart like water before the presence of the Lord! Lift your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint for hunger at the head of every street (Lam 2:18, 19). Hannah, Hezekiah to Jeremiah, Jesus Read Lamentations 1:2, 16. We read about one womans tears for herself there. Read Lamentations 3:48. We read about one mans tears for those who were perishing around him. What is the

The next one-of-akind, once-in-amonth Bible study by Duke! Coming?

On October 26 (a Sunday), at 5:45 pm, at the home of Daniel and Magdalene (Flat 501, KBR Saila Villas, 200 meters from the gate of Villa Marie College, off Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad) Duke Jeyaraj will lead a Bible Study that will summarize the message of the Book of Haggai and make it relevant for the google generation. You - no matter what church you belong to or what corporate you work for - are most welcome to come for this interdenominational Bible study along with Bible hungry pals of all age groups! Dinner will be served - thanks to the Daniels. SMS Duke at 9441352433 for more details.

The Days of Your Youth

The Dukan Chronicle

The story of Duke Jeyaraj in his own words

The same day Martin Luther hammered his reformation thesis in a church in Germany, October 31, was born a little boy in Chennai years later. That was me! May I share my life and times with you? It is flooded with Gods grace, loaded with Gods mercy, stamped with Gods ruhamah (Hebrew for mercy). Like Paul I say, I am what I am by the grace of God! Like David I say, Who am I Lord, what is my family that you have brought me thus far?

I went to the best School in Vellore Town - Ida Scudder School, thanks to my parents who put me there. Compassion International sponsored my school studies. One Australian, a Packer by profession, named Garewth Sawyer paid my tuition fees. I think of this unassuming man when I pack my magazines and CD messages after an order for the same. I am ever grateful to him.

Stoned till he bled, talking about the Blood

My parents are missionaries. My father, Mr. A. Jeyaraj is one of the founding leaders of Blessing Youth Mission. My mother, Mrs. Vimala Jeyaraj is the granddaughter of one Mr. Vedaratnam who gave up Hinduism to embrace Jesus when British missionaries preached the Gospel in the Sivakasi area. Mr. Vedaratnam was once stoned till he bled when he preached about the Blood of Jesus in the streets. I am proud of my great grandfather. I continue my great grandfathers tradition - preaching amidst odds.

Could not say two lines from stage

I could not even say two lines on stage during a drama in school. Never again on stage for you, Lord - I will do anything else! I prayed. Thank God for unanswered prayers. God filled me with the Holy Spirit who is not Spirit of fear, and took me back to that stage. And I preached my first message from that very same wooden stage as a Grade 12 student in Ida Scudder School on August 9, 1991. One girl fainted after that message on hell. I have been preaching ever since

Stephen Jothiraj

Little boy Duke with his parents. Duke sits next to his mom - Vimala Jeyaraj.

Cycling to villages to lead Sunday School

In the year 1988, in yet another Blessing Youth Mission camp, at Salem, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I spoke in tongues for the first time then. Again, Uncle Lionel was the preacher. On May 14, 1988, in the same camp, I walked forward to the altar following a challenge for ministry by Uncle R. Stanley. I came back home and started a prayer cell for my colony boys at Vellore. We called ourselves Friends for Jesus. We met for Bible Study on Fridays and went for outreach on Saturdays. I recall how I cycled to the villages near my home with Arumugham Annan to teach Sunday School. I joined Uncle Silas Mault Kumar, who then worked for CMC Vellore to preach in the hostels near Vellore. I would preach in English and uncle Silas used to translate into Tamil. He was a huge encouragement. As of now, interpreters speaking Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Oriya, Nepali and German have interpreted my messages on various occasions standing alongside in various pulpits across India, Germany and Nepal.

Born again!
In fact, I was born again in a Blessing Youth Mission Youth retreat at a CSI church in Ranipet in the year 1986. I was 11 years old. Uncle A. Lionel was the preacher. Though I was a good boy, I realized that I was not good enough for God and gave my life to Jesus. The first obvious change was a love for the Bible. Previously, when my parents asked me to read the Bible I hated it. But now I started to fall in love with the Bible. Ever since, I continue going through the entire Bible, time and again. Every day, I try and read 6 chapters from six different sections of the Bible - the Law Books, the Old Testament History Books, the Poetic Books, the Prophetic Books, The New Testament History Books and the Epistles. A new Study Bible from a new publisher remains the best gift anyone could give me.

A packer paid my tuition fees

Duke, the Ida Scudder School student

Listening to Good Preaching - My Hobby!


since, I have been preaching in youth camps all across this country organised by various churches, denominations and para-church organizations. .

Writing and Editing

I began editing Missionary Kids magazine for Blessing Youth Mission in the year 1993. That magazine later became Arrows. Till I left Blessing Youth Mission in July 2005, I edited it. Not only that - I wrote articles for the same. Dr. Mrs. Lilian Stanley trained me in the essentials of Christian writing. Light of Life, Aim, Faith Today, Sowing Circle are some of the magazines that carried my articles.

Duke with Bible Teacher David Pawson in the BYM Bible Lovers Camp, 1992.
At that stage of my life, listening and watching Gods Word being preached in authority became my craze. I used to listen so often to the video messages of the American Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart that I ended up memorizing some of his John-theBaptist-like messages. In a college festival in IIT-Kanpur I walked away with a prize him after winning a preaching contest in the Bible Lovers Camp 1992 at Danishpet. As a student, I traveled to Mumbai to listen to Dr. Ravi Zacharias live. All these preachers, in some way, greatly influenced me to become a preacher down the line.

I started putting for sale the xeroxed version of my articles at a church in Trivandrum in the year 2004. The response was good. I gathered them up and created a spiral bound book and put it for sale in the year 2005 when I preached in the biggest youth convention of Hyderabad called Crossfire. All the 20 copies were sold. And I have been doing that ever since. Hundreds of copies were sold. I also put up CDs that carried my messages to the youth for sale in the same convention. All of it went in no time. Hundreds of such CDs have been sold. Preaching the Bibles message in a way the Google generation goes gaga over Gods Word and distributing it as widely as possible remains my passion and priority. The music in my heart I bore/ Long after it was heard no more! This is what we read in the poem, The Solitary Reaper. In this solitary life I have, it is my dream and desire to preach Bible messages that will make young audiences go, The message in my heart I bore/ Long after it was heard no more!

First preaching assignment out of hometown

The mother of Dr. Mrs. Lilian Stanley, Hepsi Pandian invited me to preach at a fellowship in her home in the year 1992, when I was 17 years old. It was the first ever preaching invitation for which I had to travel far from my hometown Vellore.

Ida Scudder School student Duke (second from left) with his class mates after a quiz win.
in the elocution contest by reciting one of Swaggarts messages! I attended the local AG church in Vellore pastored by Rev. S. A. Sundara Raj, a former speaker in the DMK Public Meetings. His oratory won my imagination. Pastor Noel Prabhurajs youthy, down-to-earth messages impacted me as a school student. Those days my dad used to frequently interpret English messages of Uncle R. Stanley into Tamil. Stanley uncles analytical approach of studying and preaching the Bible and even his whippy sermon delivery style rubbed onto me. British Bible teacher, David Pawsons brilliant Bible and Theology summary messages whetted my appetite further to swim deep into the Bible to bring out spiritual food. One unforgettable moment of my life was when I received a prize from

Annan Manivannan, missionary with Blessing Youth Mission, asked me to preach at a SOZO, an one day Gospel Retreat, at Dharwad, north Karnataka, in the year 1992. It was the first youth retreat I preached in. I have been preaching in Youth Retreats ever since.

Back from Germany, with rich stories too many!

Upon reading my character-study article on Absalom, an article that appeared in the Blessing magazine, Pastor Daniel Navakumar invited me to preach to the young people of his church at Botrop, Germany in the year 1998. My messages were translated into German from stage. Usually preachers preach extensively in India before they get invited to preach abroad. In my case it was vice-versa! It was my first time to preach outside India and the first time I would preach in a youth camp as well. Ever

Duke sight-seeing in Germany after preaching there (1998). The Days of Your Youth

College days
I went to Allahabad, a town 2000 kms away from my home to do my B. Tech. in Agricultural Engineering at the Allahabad Agricultural Institute. I started a hostel room prayer cell in which I taught the Bible. I joined the team of Dr. Dennis Muldoon, an Australian professor in our college, in their village outreach ministry to the unevangelized North Indian villages near my college. I also cycled along with my friends to the Kumbh Mela and gave Gospel Tracts to the teeming millions (the most densely populated area in the world during that time, according to some estimates). The sight of people disrobing and bathing in the chilling waters of the Ganga in the hope of their sins being forgiven by this muddy-water-bath was forever etched in my memory. I vowed to tell as many people as possible about the fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuels veins - the fountain in which sinners can plunge to loose all their guilty stains! My message Beating Sexual Temptations is a message that I have preached time and again, ever since I preached it for the first time to a group of my college mates in an open-air prayer meeting near the Chemistry Department there. The home of Dr. P. Dickson, yet another professor in our college, was always open for coffee and counsel.

Boys of the Bishop Cotton Boys School at the home of Vincent sir and Sheila Acca. Enroute to their home, I used to give tracts to the hip youth who frequented the Brigade Road in Bangalore. I used to do a lot of writing using the computer at the home of Ebe Annan and his wife Dr. Grace. Ebe Annan organised little meetings for me to speak in. Abraham Stanley and his wife Sharmila arranged Bible Studies for me to share Gods Word in, during that time. I recall traveling to Dohnavur by bus from Bangalore to preach in Santhosha Vidhyalaya (SV), getting back on Monday morning to attend classes in SABC again. One of the missionary challenge messages I preached there in SV from the life of Prophet Amos was born as I prayed and studied in the woods opposite to my college. On the Graduation Day Night at SABC, March 4, 2001, I had the privilege of being the Graduation Speaker from among the students apart from winning the Academic Gold Medal and Student Life Silver Medal.

Duke preaches in his college chapel at Allahabad

years later. When I struggled between choosing Youth Ministry and Bible College Lecturing, Sir Ivan Satyavratas wise counsel put me on the course for youth ministry. I was only following the leading of his inspiration to me. I worked in the hard-working Sir Basant Prakashs office to earn part of the money that I would use to pay my fees

Bible College Days

After my Germany trip, I started my M. Div. course in Southern Asia Bible College (SABC), Bangalore (in 1998). The next three years I hungrily lapped up Gods Word in a systematic form. God used all my teachers to shape my life and ministry. Dr. David Balasingh counseled me out of a depression I was into at the start of my course. Pretty soon, I found that I had to take up leadership roles in the college. I became the Class Representative for two years before becoming the Student Body President to a body of students from 18 Indian States and Nepal in the final year. Dr. Jacob Cherians New Testament lectures are still green in my memory. He challenged us to preach from all the 66 books of the Bible. I began a monthly Bible Study to summarize the message of one book of the Bible each month at the centrally-located home of Daniel-Magdalene in Hyderabad,

Duke with Evangelist Mohan C. Lazarus after a God TV translation shoot with him flanked by his parents.
before winning a full year scholarship on merit. God supplied my needs through two Indian couples who lived overseas during this phase: Dr. Manoharsingh-Prema and Dr. Subhakumar-Hepsi. I had three roommates from three different cultures during my three SABC years: Chaitanya Gera from Andhra (it was just the beginning of our long ministry association), Dambar Thapa from Nepal and Rouko Angami from Nagaland.

Meeting my wife for the first time

I met my wife, Evangelin who is the daughter of Mr. P. Selvam, a missionary who served in Orissa for 25 years, for the first time, as a child in one of Blessing Youth Missions meetings. Praise God for bringing us together! We were together in an English SFJ (Student for Jesus) fellowship that met at a home in Nungambakkam, Chennai in the year 1997. It was at Chennai Central Railway station I met her for the first time after I knew I would marry her. She wore a pretty yellow chudithar then. My heart missed

Weekend ministry in Bangalore and other places

During weekends I led a Bible Study for the


Ansal Plaza for outreach. It was then that I created a Gospel tract that presented the Good News to the Google generation, titled Aishwariya Felt It: The Vacuum in the Heart.

From One Church, One Organisation to Many Churches, Many Organisations

The Dukes: Duke, Evan, Dale and Datasha
a beat! I married Evan, on 9 July 2001, at Gudiyattam, shortly after my Bible College graduation. We have preached in tandem in many a youth camp. Dale Nathan, our pride and joy, was born on 4 November 2003, in a hospital in Sunabeda, Orissa. My daughter, Datasha, who was supposed to be aborted according to one doctor as she was not formed properly in her mothers womb, arrived miraculously and gorgeously to capture my heart on November 12, 2007, at Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad. I also taught in the Central Bible College of the AGs there in Delhi. After a year with them, it became clear to me that my ministry would not be just for one local church (Within months of joining this church I received invitations to preach in other large church to the youth, like the invitation from the Mark Buntain Memorial AG Church, Kolkota). So I moved out and joined Blessing Youth Mission, an interchurch organization in the year 2002. For

of God, Methodists and colleges as farout as St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur, MP, Lady Doak College, Madurai and Madras Christian College, Chennai. Several young people crammed the altar, some fighting back their tears, to commit their lives to the Lord and for his vineyard work in and through these meetings. In the year 2005, I realized that it was not enough that I had an inter-church ministry. I had to have an inter-organizational ministry as well. So the inevitable thing to do was to begin an independent interchurch, inter-organizational ministry to modern youth. In between, I got to translate the simple yet sublime Tamil messages of the Stadium-filling Evangelist Mohan C. Lazarus into English for his God TV program and preached special messages for youth through Jesus TV of Tuticorin, South India. After a brief stint with India Missions Association, by faith, I began the Grabbing

Youth Pastor!
My first fulltime ministry assignment was with the Assemblies of God in New Delhi, the year being 2001. I was called to be Youth Pastor for the church that met at Triveni Kalasangam in Cannaught Place. Swarnaraj John Thomas, who was at Delhi working for an MNC, helped me to start a youth church there. He would lead the worship and I would preach. From zero we grew to 30 people. We went to the swank

Youth Pastor Duke has a lighter moment with the youth who joined him for tract distribution in the premises of the posh Ansal Plaza in New Delhi (2001).
three years, with our base in Trivandrum we criss-crossed the country preaching in youth camps and conventions of churches as diverse as New Life Fellowship, Assemblies the Google (Gadget) Generation from Gehenna (Hell) Mission - a ministry that does just that. The first issue of The Days of Your Youth rolled out in March 2006. It was financed first by my salary from 24/7 - a call centre I worked for. Later God moved many Indians to support this magazine venture. Now at HSBC, where I work, we have two break time fellowships. And I continue to travel and speak using my 28-day-annualleave wisely.

The journey of my life with Jesus has been very exciting and fulfilling. I would not chuck this for anything in this entire planet!

Duke on the day he landed up as a M. Div. Student of Southern Asia Bible College

The Days of Your Youth

Conversion is Cool..... Karan Thapar Tells You Why

Does the VHP have the right to speak for you or I? Do they reflect our views? Do we endorse their behaviour? They call themselves the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, but who says they represent all of us? This Sunday morning, I want to draw a clear line of distinction between them and everyone else. My hunch is many of you will agree. Let me start with the question of conversion an issue that greatly exercises the VHP. I imagine there are hundreds of millions of Hindus who are peaceful, tolerant, devoted to their faith, but above all, happy to live alongside Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Jews. If any one of us were to change our faith how does it affect the next man or woman? And even if that happens with inducements, it can only prove that the forsaken faith had a tenuous and shallow hold. So why do the VHP and its unruly storm troopers, the Bajrang Dal, froth at the mouth if you, I or our neighbours convert? What is it to do with them? Let me put it bluntly, even crudely. If I want to sell my soul and trade in my present gods for a new lot why shouldnt I? Even if the act diminishes me in your eyes, its my right to do so. So if thousands or even millions of Dalits, who have been despised and ostracised for generations, choose to become Christian, Buddhist or Muslim, either to escape the discrimination of their Hindu faith or because some other has lured them with food and cash, its their right. Arguably you may believe you should ask them to reconsider, although I would call that interference, but you certainly have no duty or right to stop them. In fact, I doubt if you are morally correct in even seeking to place obstacles in their way. The so-called Freedom of Religion Acts, which aim to do just that, are, in fact, tantamount to obstruction of conversion laws and therefore, at the very least, questionable. However, whats even worse is how the VHP responds to this matter. Periodically they resort to violence including outright murder. What happened to Graham Staines in Orissa was not unique. Last week it happened again. Apart from the utter and contemptible criminality of such behaviour, is this how we Hindus wish to behave? Is this how we want our faith defended? Is this how we want to be seen? I have no doubt the answer is no. An unequivocal, unchanging and everlasting NO! The only problem is it cant be heard. And it needs to be. I therefore believe the time has come for the silent majority of Hindus both those who ardently practice their faith as well as those who were born into it but may not be overtly religious or devout to speak out. We cannot accept the desecration of churches, the burning to death of innocent caretakers of orphanages, the storming of Christian and Muslim hamlets even if these acts are allegedly done in defence of our faith. Indeed, they do not defend but shame Hinduism. Thats my central point.

Courtesy - The Hindustan Times

When One Of Your Colleagues Has A Real Tough Day....

Abhimanue Vonteddu

Look around, and you would certainly find at least one of your colleagues having a real tough day. It may not always show. It may not be that obvious. But when you observe the following you know your office pal is finding the going tough: 1. You see your colleague, head in his hands - drooped in his/her chair smoking his/her lungs away - drinking pots and pots and pots of coffee staying late after work hours - hardly having time for anyone - constantly getting frustrated - skipping lunches and living on 5 min snacks ... It could be as routine as sun rise, yet you know that the assignment they are handling is strenuous. You know that 3.

they cant seek help from anyone. And the kind they are, you also know that they would hate to confess that they need help. Or maybe you dont even know them well. May be you never even got to say a hi to them, yet you know very well the hardship they are going through. May be they are new joinees struggling to figure out things. It could be their lack of knowledge on tax returns / insurance / process .

pray for em.. This is very important! 2. Give them a pat on their back. Smile warmly. Say hello. Wish em a great day and the very best. Take the bold step of walking up to them and offering help... doesnt matter if its embarrassing .When you have completed the above task I have outlined, you wouldve made a new friend. When you have attempted to do what Ive talked about, you have attempted to shine the light of Jesus in your corporate office.



When you see your colleagues having a real rough day what can you do? Pray for them of course.. and try the following based on their make... 1. Walk up and offer help .. quick ... and if they politely refuse tell em you will

Abhimanue works for UBS (Swiss Bank) and gives all his free time for ministry with the New Life AG Church, Secunderabad. He is married to Trishna.


When Sky-Kissing Financial Corporations Bit The Dust

Duke Jeyaraj

On 15 September Wall Street shook as Lehman Brothers, a 158-year old global investment bank serving the financial needs of corporations, institutions, governments and high-net-worth investors worldwide, went suddenly bankrupt. The failures of huge banking companies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Meryl Lynch, Lehman Brothers, and insurance giant AIG have brought stock markets down to post 9-11 levels. West-coast giant Washington Mutual recently became the biggest bank failure in American History. With over $300 billion in assets at the time of its collapse, it easily dwarfed any another doomed commercial bank before it was delivered into the hands of JPMorgan in a hastily arranged sale, 119 years after its founding. In a stunning reversal, the Wachovia Corporation said that it planned to be acquired by a rival bank, Wells Fargo and Company for about $15.1 billion in stock. Wachovia was in the brink of collapse. Bank of America acquired Wall Street titan Merrill Lynch shocking the New York crowd with a rushed sale. U.S. employers cut 159,000 jobs in September 2008, a ninth straight monthly reduction

and the deepest in 5-1/2 years, the government said in a report 3 October 2008 that suggested the economy may be in recession. 760,000 jobs have been lost so far in 2008. As the sky-kissing financial headquarters of large banks turn into historical tourist attractions in downtown Manhattan, jobs might be hurt in Electronic City (Bangalore), Powaii (Mumbai) and Hitech City in Hyderabad. For example, the Lehmans bankruptcy filing has put the future of its 700 employees at its captive BPO unit in Powaii into uncertainty (News and statements gleaned from various websites). You too perhaps lost your job because the big corporation you toiled for, filed for bankruptcy or got sold to some other company. You are blinking back the tears. You cant walk up to that ATM and pull out cash like you have always done, month after month. The job which was once the joy of your heart has now left you high and dry. What can you do? Run to God. He still remains the Planets most trusted employer. It was He who gave man his first job. He told Adam the

first man, to till the ground and to take care of the Garden He created, remember? He will be your refuge during these tough times when huge corporations face huge losses and implement job cuts. When the going gets tough, take refuge under His wings like Ruth did (Ruth 2:12). Her sole source of bread, her husband was suddenly dead. Her entire future became a question mark. She was still young. She was still beautiful. She could have easily chosen the road of prostitution - a popular job option for young widows those days. But she wouldnt. The God of her husband hated prostitution, she knew. And this nonIsraelite named Ruth embraced the God of Israel andtook refuge under His wings. You are in a similar situation, arent you: your future too is a big question mark, your source of bread, your job, is now gone. Would you do what Ruth did? Would you take refuge under your Makers wings? And the One who gave Israel cities of refuge will give you too a city of refuge - a new job with a betterpaying company (Numbers 35). And after all of this harrowing experience you have gone through, you have learnt not to put your trust on your job but on the God who gave you that job! And now, you would never get too tied-down to your job that you wouldnt have time for God or church, like it was the case earlier on. All things - including Corporations crashing down and the resulting job cuts - can work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose, correct (Rom 8:28)?

The Days of Your Youth

Would you be this Steve?

If you want to read a message-oozing narration of the death of a man of God then read Acts chapter 7.
Stephen Jothiraj

Look at Stephen driving the crowds crazy. Hear Stephen expose their hypocrisy. I can imagine the high priest driving his index fingers into his ears to try and stop those convicting potent words of Stephen. Imagine the crowd gnash their teeth at Stephens cry. Imagine the bulging vein on Sauls neck line. They couldnt take it anymore. Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, told it like it was. Can you smell their anger in the air? Can you hear the commotion? Can you hear the thud of the stones hitting flesh? Can you hear Stephens convicting words mingled with their vicious abuses and the rising dust? Can you hear the preachers words flavoured with pain? Can you hear Stephens forgive them Lord as they drag him out. Oh what a scene. This is the funeral of a true prophet. The

politicians would be happy that he was gone. Celebrities would testify that in them this prophet pointed out secret sin. TV newscasters would announce that a straight-talking, narrowminded, preacher who told the planet that there was no hope beyond Jesus was gone. Hell would breathe a sigh. Heaven would give a standing ovation. The King of Kings would rise to receive his knight. Where are the Stephens today? Where are the preachers who would preach till theyre stoned? Where are the preachers who would tell the people what they need to hear and not what they want to hear? Where are the Stephens whose death would raise Pauls? Where are they? Would you be a Stephen? Would you stand up and be counted upon so that God can use you like he used Steve?
(Stephen Jothiraj is a youngman who works for an MNC in Bangalore. This article is adapted from, Steves blog, www.StephenJothiraj. This blog is very differently titled, Discontent with my Christianity! and has pictures of the graves of the great prophets of God!)

Have you renewed the subscription for this magazine ?

Usain Bolt Vs Jesus

Duke Jeyaraj

He needed 41 strides to cover the 100 meters and practically loped past the finish line, looking to his right but finding no other runners there. That was the line penned by Eddie Pells about Usain Bolt, who won the tag of the fastest man on earth by winning the 100 m dash in the Beijing Olympics in a stunning World Record Time of 9.69 seconds. That line reminds me of someone who looked to the right and to the left and found none for the tag of Savior of the Planet. The others anyone you care to name - did not even get off the blocks and start the race. The reason? Only He was sinless among them all. Only a sinless person can qualify to save sinners. Correct? Two kids playing in the mud obviously cannot clean each other. They need someone clean. They need someone spotless. We too are in the mud. The mud called sin. We needed someone outside the mud. And only He qualified. Even His worst enemies couldnt find a single sin in Him. Which of you can truthfully convict me of sin? He asked. They were mum. He looks to the right. He looks to the left. There are no runners in this race for world saviors. Now having understood that, why dont you run to Him? Him? I dont have to tell you that I am talking about Jesus here, do I? - He alone will save you, give you purpose and meaning in life! He has done that for me! He will do it for you!


Your Face-Book Comment Brightened Up Our Face!

The following is a selection of emails, SMSes, Facebook comments, Orkut scraps, sent to Duke Jeyaraj recently. They have been edited for clarity. Hey Ps. Duke , Anna your book has been such a blessing to me personally and also to some of my colleagues at Genpact where I work. Your magazine is crisp,soul-stirring, thoughtprovoking with edifying messages. It has become a craze among some of my friends and they are shell-shocked that something so nice could be so inexpensive. Your MP3 CD (Duke Youth Talks Collection) has blessed not only me but also a colleague of mine in my office. One friend told me this after having listened to that CD: I thought preaching is meant to put you to sleep. But this preacher changes that notion in me! - Deepak Kumar with Genpact, Hyderabad Hello, uncle Duke! This is Loveena writing to you from Mumbai. Remember me??? We met at da Pune Camp by B.T.C.Y.F. How r u n aunt Evangeline doing???? n wot bout Dale n Dattasha???? Hope u r ol doin well! I went thru ur mail lately... it was like brushing up ol dat u had taught us at da camp. Nice 2 hear from u. I miss Dale so much, recollecting da 2 days, dat i spent with him! And, are u planning to come to Mumbai any time??? If yes, then let me know. Il keep in touch with u. - Loveena Lionel, Mumbai. Dear Duke anna, Dear Duke, The latest issue of The Days of Your Youth was thoroughly enjoyable, especially the one-liners towards the end. The apt pics inserted in your article about IPL made it more juicy...You are doing a great job. I look forward to your articles in Light of Life magazine. - Suresh Manoharan, A pastor and writer from Hyderabad Your written testimony (The Dukan Chronicle) which covered all life stages has inspired me. - Joel Sharon, Chennai (post on following your magazine and websites, eversince. - Sambi Reddy, Hyderabad (post on Dukes Facebook account). Duke, (Your IPL article has) good thoughts. Keep going! You need to hit the secualr media.... - Dr. Iris Paul, Founder, Reaching Hand Society, Malkangiri, Orissa Hi Duke, As always Im truly impressed at your writing skills. But this time I was very impressed with your poetry skills :) - Bob Jones with Capegemini, Bangalore Dear Bro.Duke, Its an immense blessing reading the power packed Word through the bimonthly magazine, The Days Of Your Youth. You connect the lost young souls back to God through this magazine. I wish and believe that this bimonthly mag would turn out to a monthly mag! - Sarah Thammadi With TCS, Hyderabad Dear Duke, I have gone thru your magazines and they are just AWESOME AND AMAZING. Annie K. Philip with Satyam, Hyderabad Dear Duke, I came to the monthly Bible Study (that you lead in the home of Daniel-Magdalene at Somajiguda) with no strings attached. You took up the study of the book of Lamentations on that day. Lamentations was one Bible book I never read because its full of pain. But the way you presented the book to us made me start loving that Bible book.... - One young person

Dear (Duke) Sir, I read your book, YOUTH WHYS. I was really benifitted by your exortations to the youth with lively examples from current affairs. Thank you for your wonderful book and keep on sharing your valuable experiences to todays youth. - Silus. P over email to Hello Duke n Evan... The verses that youve sent me are beautiful. If possible please send me a few more that I can relate to. I will mark them in my bible and will keep reading them. Thanks again for listening to me and helping me out. - a young girl who came to Duke and Evan for counselling over email. Dear Duke Annan, Praise God for ur burden for youth and your wonderful ministry among them.The magazine, The Days of Your Youth, is very nice. I sincerely pray that through the magazine lot of lives must be transformed . - Ajeeson, Singapore.

Dear Duke anna, I came across your wonderful blog The Days of your Youth via google. Its rocking with spiritual meat. Incredible. I am spell-bound by your literature style. I am blessed personally by the articles. I am

The Days of Your Youth

Dear Duke and Evan, All our youth who were there in the BTCYF Youth Camp you both preached in at Pune felt happy and were blessed. One young person told me that the messages shared were beyond her expectations and heart-touching. - Rev. Tennison Peter, A Senior Methodist Pastor in Mumbai Dear Duke, Three boys from one of our homes (for street children) run by my wife were so touched by your messages in the BTCYF Youth Camp in Pune that they have been insisting that we order for a full set of your message CDs. - Benjamin Samuel, Mumbai Dear Duke, Our founding pastor, David Wilkerson renders the Bible on the pulpit like a dagger. He minces no words too like the late Pastor Earl Stubbs of New Life AG Church, Secunderabad, about whom you have written an appreciation in this

email before signing off saying, May his tribe increase!. Take care Duke. You are among that tribe. - Annina John, The United States. Dear Duke, Everytime I read your magazine, The Days Of Your Youth, it encourages me. In fact I wait for it to come to our library so that I can grab it and read it! - Ramesh Babu, a student of Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore (via sms to 9441352433). Dear Duke, We are enjoying your magazine, The Days Of Your Youth. Keep up the good work! - Joel and Carol, Travelling Speakers with Scripture Union Family Ministries, Chennai. Dear Duke, I often visit your website, Israel Arockiaraj, California via Orkut Scrap.

Duke, I have been following your blogs for quite some time. They are interesting - Bobby Leonard, Camp Singapore, via Gmail Talk.

The Gospel for the Google Generation Online

Read Dukes articles that present the Gospel to the Google Generation creatively wrapped around modern events at www. This website is eye-catching, mindblowing and heart-changing and is manned by a young girl called Florussel Satya! Direct pals of yours across the planet who need to hear of Jesus and His love to this site.

Delightful, Deep, Daring Messages by Duke

HONEY FOR HOTMAIL GENERATION is the title for the CD collection of messages containing Dukes meaty MP3 messages. These are deep and delightful messages that ooze with the honey of Gods Word! Duke Jeyaraj preached the following messages which ooze with the honey of Gods Word with a Tamil Translator standing beside him on various occasions: 1. Sleeping or Shining 2. Wrong Ideas About Missions 3. Good Lessons from Bad Kings 4. The Nathan You Never Knew 5. When Jesus Met Women Price Rs. 100/- including courier charges. See page two for easy way to pay. Navamani Kingsley of Dellolitte has deftly designed this CD Cover.


The Hip Hear Of Him!

G-4 Mission ministry report by Evangelin Duke

girls how to keep their purity in an impure world. They listened with rapt attention and made a pact to be pure at the end of the message.

The months of August and September was truly God blessed. The Lord went before us in each of the programs we preached in and made them all a blessing. Let me give some details so that you can divert all praise to the Lord who made it possible.

The Hip Hear of Him!

On August 1, 2008, Pastor Younus Samuel requested Duke to go over to St. Francis College for Women - a leading womens college in Hyderabad to preach Gods Word there. Mrs. Uma Christadass, the History professor there, received Duke warmly. Over 150 hip girls heard Duke preach a very relevant and riveting message to them. At the end of the message there were quite a few of them who repeated the sinners prayer with Duke to receive Jesus as their Savior. Our mag which wraps Bible Truths from contemporary events, The Days Of Your Youth, disappeared as soon as Duke put it for display.

On the same Day, Pastor Valson Varghese dedicated Datasha Abigail, our daughter in the New Life AG Church, Secunderabad before 3000 people. Dukes testimony about how the Lord gave back still-in-the-womb Datashas life when the Doctor declared that her heartbeat was absent blessed the audience. Our ministry friends joined us on the stage on that unforgettable occasion.

Apt and Annointed!

On September 4, 2008, Duke was invited by the Nune Family to share Gods Word to them in their family gathering, the OM Campus in Hyderabad being the venue. Dukes message titled When Jesus enters your home... was apt for the occasion and preached with annointing.

The Best Buddy!

On August 2, Bro. Artaban invited Duke to preach in the fellowship at his home in A. S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad. It was the eve of Friendship Day. Duke was moved by the Lord to preach a message titled, Why Jesus can be your best friend. At the end of that message many bowed to recieve Jesus as their best friend. Among those who bought CDs featuring Dukes messages following that meeeting was a Pilot in training!

When Pastor Arun Andrews appreciated....

On September 6, 2008, Duke was asked by the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) to do a session on Meaning for a group of young people from various churches in Hyderabad. The young people sat at the edge of their seats and listened to his presentation. Pastor Arun Andrews, the observer deputed by RZIM for this meeting, had words of appreciation for Duke following the meeting.

Without Him We Can Do Nothing!

On August 9, Dr. Abraham Stanley and his wife, Sharmila, drove down to our home in A. S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad. We had a meaningful time of prayer and intercession together. Prayer is the acknowledgement that without Him we can do nothing! Evan strums the guitar as she mentally prepares herself to speak to the North East girls in the Youth For Christ retreat on August 16

Revival or Funeral Ezekiel!

On August 24, 2008, Duke lead the Bible Study in the home of Daniel and Magdalene at the heart of Hyderabad on the book of Revival or Funeral Ezekiel. He summarized and made relevant that books message to a group of people from various churches, corporate companies and even countries! Contact Duke at 09441352433 to know when the next such Bible Study will be held.

Tears of Repentence!
On August 16, 2008, Duke and I were invited by the Youth For Christ Coordinator for Hyderabad, Ebenezer, to preach in an exclusive camp for girls from the North East part of India who are students in Hyderabad. Dukes first message to these 16-somethings from Ezekiel 16 was titled, A Sex Addict Gets Saved!. Tears of repentence were seen following that message. In the next session, I taught these hungry young

Waiting time to Witnessing time!

Dukes article on Cool with Comrades? appeared in the Light of Life magazine - a magazine read by the Christian community world over. When Duke travelled to Vellore to sign papers regarding the G-4 Mission work, he distributed the tract, Bubbly Outside, yet Empty Inside? - a Gospel presentation for modern youth which he himself wrote to interested copassengers. While waiting to pick up his The Days of Your Youth

Unforgettable Occasion!

school-returning son, Duke distributed the same tract to some students of Sai Sudhir College in A. S. Rao Nagar. Waiting time can become witnessing time - cant it?

believers in HSBC to share Gods Word with them and intercede and pray for call-centre youth of India. These meetings last about three or four minutes.

Neighbours nudged!
Of late, I am meeting with two young women close to our A. S. Rao Nagar home to pray with them and share spiritual truths with them. On one such occasion Duke lead us in a Bible Study from the book of Amos. Your support to our little work to impact modern youth is greatly appreciated. The Yahoo Youth must be yanked towards Yahweh! The hip youth should hear of Jesus!

Over 14,000 hits!

Duke posts a new article that wraps Bible Truth around modern events in the site, www.TheDaysOfYourYouth. com. One of the latest uploads is titled, September 11, still speaks! Now we have over 14,000 hits on this site within a few months. Praise God!

Three minute meeting!

Duke takes time to meet with fellow

The modern girls of St. Francis College for women heard about The Ancient of Days

You are most welcome to distribute this magazine to your friends. Write to us for previous issues.
uneaten, hoping you can eat it the following day, you would be disappointed for your manna would be moth-eaten (Ex 16:19-20). Gods command concerning Bible-reading (which is comparable to Manna-gathering) isnt any different: read and feed on the Bible every single day; what you read and feed on today will not suffice for tomorrow or the following day or the next month or the next season; each day you need to read and feed on the Bible! Are you taking God seriously here? Have you become too busy to read your Bible everyday? Are you depending on the extra dosage of the Word of God you took in when you were on fire for God long, long back? Dont be so foolish! It does not work that way, buddy. A daily diet of the Bible keeps you safe from flood of false doctrines and strong from the flood of temptations. Reading and doing the Word of God on a regular basis is akin to making the foundation of our spiritual lives stronger and stronger which no flood can blow away (Math 7:25). May I urge you to read your Bible every day, no matter how busy you are! 19

The Kosi Barrage & Bible Reading

Duke Jeyaraj

the barrage has not been replaced by a more permanent arrangement. Today, Kosi in Nepal flows three metres above the surrounding land and the barrage has far served its working year of 1981 (Courtesy: The barrage that had to keep the River Kosi under control in Bihar was too old and too weak to prevent this horrific disaster. What happened in Bihar as a result of the River Kosi bursting its banks can happen in your life!

Read your Bible every day, no matter how busy you are! The Kosi river in Bihar changed its course and caused what was Indias worst ever flood disaster. Over 2 million people had to just pick up their things and run when River Kosi unleashed its fury this August. I did some Google search about this disaster which has been dubbed as Bihars Tsunami. Here are two lines which sent my spinetingling which I have copy-pasted for you to have a look: The Kosi Barrage was built in 1956 with a lifespan of 25 years but 27 years since its expiry date,

Scratching your head after reading that? Let me explain: just like the failure of the Indian Government to update the Kosi Barrage even after 27 years of its expiry date caused a marauding flood, our failure to update our souls with the Bible day-in and day-out could, very well, cause the unleashing of the flood of false doctrines and wrong ideas to scuttle our spiritual lives. The Bible is the God-breathed, Godbaked Manna for us (II Tim 3:16). This was Gods command concerning the manna: gather it daily as much as you could eat and eat it the very same day; if you leave what you have gathered

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The following are statistics, stories and snippets gleaned out from popular magazines to motivate you to pray: My mind was one big blank! on their cars and bikes on a regular basis as per the Government stipulation. Riding a vehicle which pollutes the atmosphere, without even thinking about it, is like participation in murder! * There are 15 million child labourers in India under the age of 14. Every 12 hours, one bride is burnt in India. Every 30 minutes, one woman is raped in India (The Week, August 17, 2008). Pray that there would be an end to social evils like these and that righteousness would flow like a river in India!
Duke Jeyaraj

* The Kosi River of Bihar was silent and swift, rising from a deceptive two feet to nearly eight feet in a matter of hours, trapping lakhs of people in remote villages... 800 villages went completely under water and 29 lakh people were displaced from their homes (Outlook, 15 September 2008). If fierce waves have not gone over us to drown us, it is not because we are more righteous than those swept-away Biharis - it is because of the sheer grace of God who is giving us more time to repent and become like Christ (Luke 13:1-5)! So let us pray for these hapless folks affected by this fierce flood and also give whatever we can to help them.

Shooter Abhinav Bindra on his Gold Medal winning moment at the Beijing Olympics (Outlook, August 25, 2008). There will be a blankness in any souls bosom, a vacuum in anyones heart without Jesus who came to give life to the full (John 10:10). Pray that celebrities and commoners may realize this and come to Jesus! * The Indian Railways carries 1.75 crore passengers across 63,000 kms of railway tracks (The Sunday Indian, 16 March 2008). Most passengers read something or the other while traveling, dont they? What if every believer gives one Gospel Tract to at least one copassenger? Yes - lets pray for that to happen. Imagine how many will hear of Jesus during their train journey each day! * Air-pollution in India causes 5,27,700 deaths every year (WHO) (Outlook, 16 June 2008). Pray that believers would be faithful in doing small things like doing pollution check

* MTVs show Splitsvilla has 20 girls battling against each other to woo two men. Splitsvilla is harmless fun while at the same time a chance to showcase your body! says one participant who failed to make it to the final 20 (The Week, September 7, 2008). Pray that producers will come up with TV shows that provide wholesome entertainment in our country - sadly they are getting worse by the day! * 45,000 people have a free meal at the Annadanam complex in the Tirupati Temple on a normal day. 1000 barbers including 45 women work on three shifts at the Kalyana Katta there. Let us pray that our friends will hear of Him who said, But even the hairs of your head are all numbered (Mathew 10:30).

* Tobacco kills 2500 Indians every day (Outlook, 15 September 2008). Do you have a pal who smokes? Pray for him. Lead that person to Jesus who alone can save him or her from going to the place where the smokes of torment burn forever and forever (Rev 14:11). The Days of Your Youth

* Sangh Parivars violent campaign (which claimed at least 30 lives and made thousands homeless) against Christians in Orissa is part of a political project, said the cover story of Frontline, the newsmagazine published by The Hindu group. In a few months since the BJP came to power, there have been around 36 cases of attacks against Christians in Karnataka, said Sajan George, editor of Persecution Update, a monthly magazine documenting attacks against Christians throughout India (Frontline, September 26, 2008). Let us plead with God that these persecutors will become preachers of the Gospel like Paul after an encounter with Jesus. * According to a recent joint study by WHO and Unicef, globally 1.2 billion people defecate in the open, and more than half of them are Indians. About 2,00,000 tonnes of faeces (human excreta) is discharged per day in the open in India. On an

average, a gram of excreta can contain about a crore viruses, 10 lakh bacteria, 1000 parasite cysts and 100 worm eggs (The Week, August 31, 2008). If you have a home that has an attached toilet, you have something which millions of Indians do not have. Are you grateful to God or are you grumbling to God? * Andrew Flintoff turned philosophical after Englands good showing against South Africa in the ODI Series. I knew there was going to be pressure on me but Crickets not life or death. Its a game and its to be

Chronicle, 7 September 2008). Let us fervently pray that hordes of youth going down the impure road of pornography will take an absolute U-turn, powered by Jesus who said, If the Son sets you free, you will be free, indeed! When Nehemiah received the news about the dismal condition of Jerusalem from his brother he sat down and wept. For some days he mourned, fasted and prayed before his God (Neh 1:1-4). Having read this article which reports the deplorable state of our world, would you set out to do the same?

The Saved Terrorist

Duke Jeyaraj

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Sensitive to the plucking of their heartstrings by the Holy Spirit, people of God (all of them, Indians) of late voluntarily gave funds to the ministry lead by Duke Jeyaraj the ministry that publishes this mag. The Scripture, God shall supply all your needs, according to His glorious riches in Christ, has became a living reality for us. Here then is an account of how we spend such money which was gratefully received in the last two months: Printing Expenses Rs.9000/-; Internet charges Rs.1000/-; Communication charges Rs.2000/- ; Transport charges Rs.1000/-; Refreshments while on duty Rs.1000/-; Dispatch charges Rs.4000/-; Offerings given to other ministries Rs. 7000/-; Outstation ministry related travel Rs.1000/-; Raw material for this issue Rs.1000/-; Book and CD production Rs.1600/-; Office room rent for two months and wages for parttime worker Rs.2000/- ; Gifts for volunteers Rs.1000/-; Website Payment Rs.1400/-; Printing of Receipt Books, Vouchers, Auditing work and changes in Registration Deed Rs.15,000; Computer Repairing Rs.600/-. Bank related work Rs.400/- GRAND TOTAL RS. 49,000 /-

enjoyed. Possibly for a period I lost that enjoyment. (Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad, 7 September 2008). Andrew Flintoffs statement raises a pertinent question: If Cricket is not life or death, then what is? Jesus, using various ways and means, claimed to be The Life. Without Him people will die in their sin, he claimed (John 14:6; John 8:24). In other words, a daily relationship with Him is indeed a matter of life or death. Pray that this realization would dawn on your friend in your office when you share this truth with him or her over coffee in the canteen! * Actress Lindsay Lohan has turned down a $700,000 offer to do an eight-page topless spread in Playboys 55 th -anniversary, according to reports. If there is nudity, then the answer is no. Shes not going down the magazine road again, the New York Post quoted her rep, as telling Playboys creative consultant, Hal Lifson. (Deccan

Why should the terrorists go on brutally blowing up the innocent? There are no clues about the venue of their next strike - is it gonna be Kanpur, Karachi, Kabul or Kent? You wonder how they their minds could get so cruel, cold, crude, clinical and bent You want to ask why, they, their souls to some inhumane philosophy, have to so thoughtlessly rent The world longs for the day when we could wipeout, if possible, even their very scent On our part, lets pray that they would surrender their lives to Him, who for their very sakes to Calvarys Hill, went. For if the terrorist Saul could be saved, any terrorist could be saved - about this Im confident! And if we do not give up on prayer, I m sure will have more of their likes in Jesus tent!


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A practical approach to topics such as Sexual Temptation, BoyGirl Physical Intimacy before marriage, Life Partner Choice, True Romance, Internet Porn, Orkut, movie-watching, peer pressure, Is safe sex possible, etc in the light of the Bible, wrapped around contemporary events. Will someone tell me what the Bible says on sexuality and related subjects frankly, without beating about the bush? If that is your question this book by Duke Jeyaraj comes as the answer. It is rich in biblical content, practical in approach, wrapped around contemporary events and written in everyday newspaper English. This book will make the Google Generation go gaga over Gods Word! It is never too early to read this book (in case you are a teen). It is never too late to read this book (in case you are on the older side!). The following chapters are included in this book, now available in the spiral-bound in quality photocopy format:
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LJ Wouldnt Do 1. Shahrukh In DD It Even In A Dream! arital Sex) (The dangers of Prem aches About Sex 2. What the Bible Te mptation 3. Beating Sexual Te Far? 4. How Far Is Too Packing 5. Peer Pressure Sent Masturbation 6. The Master and Net? 7. Nuts About The les Heart 8. The Hole In Nico t Plug Which Porn Couldn g cool? 9. Is Movie-watchin

n Okay? 10. Is Orkut Obsessio ner Pick 11. Prudent Life Part ve 12. True Romantic Lo ing 13. The Bible on Booz oking 14. The Bible on Sm ames 15. The Peril of PC G Money 16. How to Handle

r a little while 17. Can I backslide fo back? and then quickly get e Imaginatively 18. Reading the Bibl s 39) (Case study Genesi

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23 Duke sat and preached in the YFC camp! A section of the crowd attentively listen as Duke speaks to them in St. Francis College for women A young girl takes notes as Evan teaches on how to keep ones holiness

Jaane Tus language and yours!

Duke Jeyaraj

You may want to add to this discussion, the use of the word Jesus Christ as a swear word in this movie. Would God be pleased if we used the kind of swear language our peers use (typified by the language the cast in Jaane Tu), just because its the in thing? Nope. His Word says, Do not join the crowd in doing evil (Ex 23:2). When we use swear words, it leaves a bad taste in our mouths and in the ears of our listeners. We read in the Bible that we must put away all obscene talk from our mouths. And we must do it now (Col 3:8). Each one of us are made in Gods image (Gen 1:28). Each one of us is fearfully and wonderfully made by Him (Psa 139). So the tag of Son of a b____ch does not fit anyone in this planet. When Genelia called her brother exactly that in Jaane Tu. she was disrespecting her parents as well. And the first commandment attached with a promise found in the Bible is the command of honoring your parents (Eph 6:2). Whats more? We are not to use the name of the One who endured for us great pain in Calvarys Cross in vain (cf. Exodus 20). Shall we join in singing the Old Sunday School Song, Be careful little mouth what you speak / There is a father up above, who is looking down below / So be careful little mouth what you speak!? The frequently-used word, S____t in this movie reminded me of one Bible writer for whom all was just that - S____t - when compared to the relationship he had with the Lord Jesus. Yes, I am referring to Paul here. He counted all rubbish so that he could gain a relationship with Christ (Php 3:8-9). That word in the original version of the Bible in the Greek language was actually human dung. So Paul came pretty close to using the word S___t - though he did not use slang language here or anywhere. And what he would say to the Jaane Tu generation is this: Compared to knowing Jesus anything in this planet - be it a million bucks, be it a BMW car, be it a beachside duplex house, all else - is rubbish (or dog dung as Eugene Peterson translated it!). Yes! Knowing Jesus is so much of an out-of-the-world, earth-shattering experience! Are you listening?

The movie Jaane Tu... Jaane Naa takes a fresh, fun, rain-washed and real look at the world of college relationships. It has the bubbly Genelia Dsouza and the fresh face of Imran Khan on the lead. Young people from Indias metros have rushed to see this movie and havent been disappointed at the end of it. The language used in the movie is the language the contemporary youth of India use with gay abandon. One word that is often on the lips of the chirpy Genelia, S___t. One blogger writes thus about this movie: I also hated the excessive use of the word S___t in this movie. Another concern in this movie is that Genelia calls her brother (played by Prathiek Babbar) as son of a b____ch.

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